Using the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services “Hospital Compare” website at, locate the abstracts for two hospitals of absorption to you. You may accept the two that are abutting to your accepted area (or home area if deployed), but any accessories may be chosen. Run the hospital comparison, and again anxiously abstraction anniversary allocation of the analysis and ratings abstracts for the two facilities.  Then: 1.  Analyze the quality, safety, outcomes, and achievement abstracts for anniversary of the two hospitals that you selected. What stands out in the abstracts of anniversary hospital from a authoritative and additionally a customer viewpoint? 2.  What are the articular strengths and articular weaknesses of anniversary ability in agreement of their affection data? 3.  If you were the approaching bloom affliction administrator of these facilities, how could your apropos for anniversary facility’s abstracts be addressed? Be specific in your explanations. Required Readings: Duffy, G. L., Peiffer, S., & Story, P. (2019). How able-bodied is your healthcare affection management system performing? The Journal for Affection and Participation, 42(1), 12-18. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library. Maritz, R., Scheel-Sailer, A., Schmitt, K., & Prodinger, B. (2018). Overview of affection administration models for inpatient healthcare settings. A scoping review. International Journal for Affection in Bloom Care: Journal of the International Society for Affection in Bloom Care, 404-410. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library. Myszewski, J. M., & Sinha, M. N. (2018). A archetypal for barometer capability of affection administration practices in bloom care. Leadership in Bloom Services, 31(3), 310-325. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library. View: Samitt, C. (2019, August 14). 2019 agenda affection summit: Advancing bloom affliction [Video file]. Retrieved from Chapters 1 and 4, pp. 3-16 and pp. 33-62 in: Spath, P., & Kelly, D. L. (2017). Applying affection administration in healthcare: A systems approach (4th ed.). Chicago, IL: Bloom Administration Press. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library. 3-5 Pages

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