Media Studies – Podcasting and Radio

Ben Hammersley of the Guardian aboriginal discussed the appearance of podcasting technology alone two years ago (Hammersley, 2004). Yet this anew created communications approach has developed from actuality a baby alcove market  - with alone six thousand hits on Google in 2004 according to Terdimann (2004) as compared to today’s balance of forty-one actor (Google, 2006). Podcasting has afflicted radio with amazing speed, removing about all barriers to admission in agency that Internet radio was never able to on its own. This cardboard will altercate how and why podcasting is the radio of the approaching because of its convenience, acquaintance and affluence of access. Podcasting Defined In simple terms, podcasting is a agenda music book that is presented to the end user aural an RSS feed, area RSS is a alignment of altered augment formats acclimated to amend and broadcast web content. Users subscribe to an RSS to accept to audio files, are automatically adapted anniversary time a new book is uploaded, and can accept to the podcasts on any MP3 player. What makes podcasting abnormal is the automated afterlight allocation of the system: instead of accepting to acknowledgment to a accurate website to see if the agreeable has been updated, the users’ subscribed-to feeds automatically bear the agreeable on-demand. A Brief History of Radio as Related to Podcasting Initially, radio was acclimated in the backward 19th aeon for users afar by cartography to communicate. However, alternative bodies started ‘overhearing’ these radio transmissions and boring it became a agency with which to allocution to a above populace, apparent by BBC’s start-up three decades later. It didn’t booty continued for radio admirers to apprehend radio’s abeyant ambit as apparent by comments fabricated in 1930: “The radio would be the finest accessible advice accoutrement in accessible life, a all-inclusive arrangement of pipes. That is to say, it would be if it knew how to accept as able-bodied as to transmit, how to let the adviser allege as able-bodied as hear, how to accompany him into a accord not isolating him (Bretcht, 1993). Interestingly, these comments assume to call podcasting to a tee, as anyone can address advice application this technology, with no college ascendancy ecology its use. A agnate advance arrangement is apparent aback reviewing the appearance of Internet radio as well, with the 1995 conception of Real Audio software, acceptance radio stations to accelerate transmissions through the Internet instead of through other, added acceptable processes (Priestman, 2001). While this was a huge advance in technology and admission to mediums ahead controlled by cartography and cost, it still fabricated Internet radio abased on positioning: you had to be in advanced of a computer to accept (Wall, 2004). This abridgement of portability has somewhat been trumped by new WiFi radio options in the UK (Rose, 2005), but that altercation is above the ambit of this paper. Podcastings’ Origins Portable music accessories aboriginal appeared in the backward 90’s (Van Buskirk, 2005) but it wasn’t until Apple’s 2001 absolution of the iPod that podcasting became a domiciliary name. At that time, no alternative bartering adventure had auspiciously awash accurately accessible songs online and again facilitated appointment them assimilate a agenda media device. Podcasting Success Factors We charge go aback in time to 1996 to actuate aloof why MP3 players such as the iPod and podcasting in accepted took off at such an alarming rate. It was at this time aback The Telecommunications Act of 1996 afflicted American radio always by acceptance companies to own added than four radio stations in a specific bazaar and added than forty nationwide, both of which were antecedent limiters (Mann, 2005). This accustomed Clear Channel, one of the added abominable radio base consolidators, to absorb able-bodied over one thousand stations beyond the U.S. application their allegiant content-weak arrangement of accouterment lots of accurately targeted music to a accurately targeted customer and the accession of alike added bartering time. It seems evident, then, that radio admirers were able-bodied abreast for an on-demand music account with beneath (or no) commercials after the WalMart of radio banishment alert decisions. How Has, and Will, Podcasting Afflicted Radio? In a sense, podcasting has afflicted radio into a new average entirely. Now anyone, anywhere, with no above-mentioned radio, media or telecommunications ability can actualize a podcast for admirers about the apple to enjoy, acknowledge to and collaborate with. Plus, it has provided admission to accessible abstracts in agency that radio couldn’t previously, as with Vice-Presidential applicant John Edwards’ kitchen table talks or President Bush’s account radio addresses (see Future applications of podcasting technology are alone bound by the accessibility of MP3 players and the adeptness of the users. The abutting footfall of all-access, user-driven radio is to accept the abate hand-held accessories download podcasts (technology which is aloof become accessible now) through wireless technology. This will assignment in bike with accepted movement appear Wi-Max networks (where absolute cities accept wireless admission availability instead of alone called ‘hotspots’), enabling users to save the costs of downloading agreeable through their cellular buzz providers or accepted fatport company. In fact, the Nokia N91 was to be appear beforehand this year with this aforementioned technology on lath (Rose, 2005). Yet as MacFarland declared in 1997: “The acknowledgment will lie not so abundant in abstruse improvements to audio reproduction as in improvements to the artefact the admirers is gluttonous – programming that is acknowledging to the listener’s needs. Conventional radio stations accept already best up on this trend such as the Boston-based “Jack FM” which boasts an iPod-like accidental playlist complete with an “I don’t care” attitude as apparent by the DJ’s common mentions of the company’s tag line: Playing What We Want. Although podcasting may not reconnect acceptable radio admirers with their radio roots (such as CBC has done in Canada with Radio One), it may add added absorption on the allotment of listeners, absorbed on acquirements added about new media and music not ahead accessible to them. Some media experts may feel that podcasting is the end of radio as we apperceive it, but rather it should be looked at as new way, method, technology and accessible to affix carefully with an admirers adamantine to pin bottomward and alike harder to acquaint with. Works Cited B, Brecht. "The Radio as an Accoutrement of Communication’." Radiotexte. Ed. Neil Strauss . New York: Semiotext(e), 1993. "SEARCH: Podcasting." Google. Google. 30 Nov 2006 <>. Hammersley, B. "Audible revolution." Guardian Unlimited: Technology. 12 Feb 2004. Media Guardian. 30 Nov 2006 <,3605,1145689,00.html>. Mann, Charles. "The Ressurection of Indie Radio." Wired Magazine 13.03Mar 2005 30 Nov 2005. Priestman, Chris. Web Radio: Production for Internet Streaming. London: Focal Press, 2001. Rose, Frank. "Battle for the Soul of the MP3 Phone’." Wired Magazine 13.11Nov 2005 30 Nov 2006. Terdiman, Daniel. "You, Too, Can Be a Podcaster." Wired News 31 Dec 2004 30 Nov 2006. Wall, T. "The Political Economy of Internet Radio." The Radio Journal 2(2004): 27-44. Van Buskirk, Eliot. "Introducing the World’s Aboriginal MP3 Player." MP3 Insider. 21 Jan 2005. CNET Reviews. 30 Nov 2006 <>.      

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