Media Release #1

Instructions PLAGERISM WILL PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT PUNISHABLE BY THE FSU HONOR CODE...DO NOT COPY AN EXISTING MEDIA/NEWS RELEASE!...WE "WILL" BE ABLE TO TELL! A. Review the "Media Releases & Packets" presentation begin in the Week 2 module in "Modules". B. Select an emergency or adversity accident in history, e.g., Pompeii/Mt Vesuvius, Hurricane Camille, The Great Chicago Fire, Hindenburg, Chernobyl, etc. Write a Media/News Absolution for the adversity accident at any time aeon /significant accident of the disaster, e.g., 4 hours pre-landfall, 2 weeks later, etc. Use yourself as the PIO acquaintance and the adversity area as the agent of the release. You can arise the absolution from any organization/EOC you anticipate reasonable. NOTE: Remember, you are autograph from the angle of the Public Advice Officer (PIO) from an bureau "responding" to the disaster. You are not autograph as a account reporter. C. Prepare a media/news absolution in accounting anatomy application the advice begin in the "Writing - Media Releases & Packets" presentation (specifically slides 6-11) from Week 2. The absolution should be done as a Microsoft Word certificate and acquaint to the "Media Absolution #1" binder in the "Assignments" area of the advance Canvas website. Your absolution should appearance examples of anniversary abstraction covered in the advance to date. You will be graded on content, architecture (as covered in the Week 2 "Writing - Media Releases & Packets") presentation, capability of your bulletin as able-bodied as empathy, stakeholder strategies and what readers should do next.

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