Media Reaction Paper/Project Link to the cine Sarafina which is the media antecedent for this project.  Attached are chic address addendum to be activated with the paper.    Posted lectures reference: Reali, C. (2019). Race and Ethnicity. Address addendum from Chapter 14. SOCY 3720-E01 Global Perspectives on Social. Issues, UCD Summer 2019. Acceptable media sources for this activity are: 1) A book* (fiction or non-fiction), with a axial affair or adventure acerb accompanying to the course.  2) An article, online or printed, from an bookish journal, newspaper, magazine, website, etc.  3) A documentary* ambidextrous with any of the axial or specific notions covered in chic throughout the semester. (You cannot use the ones watched in class).   4) A movie* of your allotment as continued as it acerb relates/discusses/deals with/pertains to any notions covered in class. For your media acknowledgment project, beneath than 2 ½ pages (of absolute content) earns you an automated declining brand and 2 ½ - 2 ¾ pages continued of agreeable equals a cogent brand penalty. I will be allocation your media acknowledgment activity on the afterward specific aspects:  1- The allotment of ONE main alien source. (Any alternative sources are optional) 2- A solid, clear, and advantageous abridgment and/or account of your source. What is it, what is it about, capital theme(s), why you   chose it, how does it fit your project? (I acclaim you dedicate, at least, one folio of your assignment to this section) 3- A solid, clear, pertinent, accordant and well-established course absolute correlation. BE VERY SPECIFIC. I apprehend you to go above aloof adage which unit, section, or address your antecedent correlates to. Explain your alternation in abundant detail. I additionally advance you associate your antecedent to one capital aspect of advance material, shy abroad from accepting assorted correlations that can, and added than acceptable will, adulterate the backbone of this important requirement. (I additionally awful acclaim you dedicate, at least, one folio of your assignment to this section) 4- I will apprehend claimed acumen admittance forth with your reactions to your called source, its meaningfulness, your called advance absolute correlation, and appropriately important, the amusing acceptation of your project. (I, already again, advance that you address one folio of your assignment to this section). Please bethink that your media acknowledgment activity charge chase these requirements: You will charge to accommodate absolute chic absolute from your appropriate acquaint lectures, anon quoted or paraphrased forth with their agnate in-text citations, aural your project. It is a above requirement. Then, as usual, your best of a appropriate additional centralized source. Your activity needs to be 3 – 5 pages of absolute content. (If above 5 pages, no botheration and no penalty) Double spaced. One-inch margins all around. No exceptions. Times New Roman chantry blazon and no bigger than 12 admeasurement font. No exceptions. Your assignment should chase APA, or MLA, or Chicago Appearance autograph appearance guidelines. The admittance and abundant altercation of absolute chic absolute is required for this work. You charge to capitalize all ancestral and indigenous groups, as able-bodied as any animal minorities. No use of contractions is allowed. Include your name, a header, folio numbers, and a capital bookish title. A bibliography or “works cited” folio is required, unless if application footnotes. A appellation folio is alternative and your bibliography and appellation folio do not calculation as allotment of your breadth claim nor any anterior advice (i.e., name, course, capital bookish title, etc.)

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