Med Term

Post with a description of two patients. Remember, you do not charge a complete appraisal of all anatomy systems, aloof the anatomy arrangement we are belief this week. Your column needs to be at atomic 250 words, and requires abounding references in APA architecture for any ability you use.

You accept two actual ill patients this week, and anniversary of them presents a actual complicated case. First, you accept a accommodating with an advancing botheration that has resisted diagnosis. He was en avenue to an appraisal with a neurologist, but on the way to the hospital aback fell into a blackout (a accompaniment of automatic asleep due to affliction or injury) and had to be brought in to your medical ability by ambulance.

You will use at atomic 10 medical agreement to call this patient, and to accredit to the aboriginal basal botheration the accommodating had in the aboriginal place. Use the afraid system medical chat elements chart and the medical, surgical, and analytic agreement chart on from your arbiter to get you started on the medical agreement you will need. You can accommodate specific drugs acclimated in acoustic ache as you account at atomic 3 tests and procedures used. Your additional accommodating this anniversary is additionally absolutely ill and is presenting a cardinal of problems. This accommodating is diabetic, and additionally has addition Endocrine Arrangement ataxia (of your choice). Consult the endocrine medical chat elementschart as you advance medical terms—include at atomic 10 that would be adapted in this case. You should consult medical, surgical, and analytic procedures in your arbiter as you baddest at atomic 3 tests and procedures for this patient. 

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