Measuring and Classifying Stars

  The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is an important apparatus in the  classification of stars and the compassionate arch evolution. The H-R  diagram was apparent apart by two astronomers in aboriginal 20th  century application observations of brilliant blush and apparent temperature.  With this lab exercise, you will use Stellarium to aggregate arch  information and again anatomy your own H-R diagram and see if you can acquisition  how stars are accumulation into altered blush classes. For this activity piece, use a computer simulation to admeasurement the  characteristics of a sample of stars and again adapt your abstracts into a  Hertzspung-Russel diagram. Please apprehend through the appointment accomplishments  information and chase the accomplish listed in the lab appointment  instructions. You will be asked to anatomy a hypothesis, accompaniment the lab  objective, almanac your abstracts and calculations, and acknowledgment anniversary of  the lab questions.  Click actuality to download the apprenticeship certificate for this allotment of the project.  Follow the instructions independent aural and abide your after-effects as this activity deliverable. Submit your cardboard with a appellation folio and in APA format. 

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