1700 words Using the Units 1-4 assignments and feedback, complete the Management Discussion and Assay (MD&A) for the company. Along with the MD&A, accommodate an Excel Portfolio of the Units 1-5 assignments.  The MD&A should accept the following:  •Provide a arbitrary of the accepted year’s activities.   •Discuss the company's adeptness to accommodated concise obligations and armamentarium operations and basic projects, and accord the after-effects of operations.   •Provide a banking arrangement assay that includes liquidity, profitability, and solvency.   •Discuss the federal tax obligations for the close if it is structured as an LLC and as a C Corporation.   •Discuss accepted centralized controls as accompanying to the above-mentioned assignment.   •Provide a advocacy for abutting year’s operations.   The activity deliverables are as follows:  •Update the analysis document's appellation folio with a new date.   •Update previously-completed sections based on your instructor's feedback.  ◦Ensure that this final adaptation of the certificate is abundantly abundant to absolutely accommodated the appointment requirements for anniversary allotment of the course.   •New agreeable for Week 5 is as follows:  ◦Complete the Management Discussion and Assay for the company.   •Be abiding to amend your table of capacity afore submission.   •Name the certificate "yourname_ACCT460_IP5.doc."

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