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Create a PowerPoint presentation that showcases your adeptness to acquaint a story. Introduction This portfolio assignment activity will accord you convenance with able autograph expectations, as able-bodied as affective and persuading others by cogent a story. Create a abrupt accelerate presentation, with graphics, and finer your articulation presenting, that analyzes the accoutrement and strategies that leaders can use to body assurance and collaboration, and explains why you accept storytelling is one able apparatus for you to use to advance your team. The Creating a Presentation in the MBA Program Assets and the Guidelines for Able PowerPoint Presentations [PDF] certificate will advice you with this presentation. The Ariel Accumulation explains that a adventure needs to chase a basal four-step architecture that acclaim leads the admirers into the story, through the story, and abutting the story: The Ariel Group. (2011). Executive essentials: Storytelling [PDF]. Available from Use this format, based on folio 9 of the Ariel accumulation resource, to actualize six slides (including awning folio and references): Slide 1. Awning accelerate with appellation and your name, and a bright for absorption (be abiding to acclaim bright artisan in the advertence slide). Slide 2. Introduce the accountable amount or business content, much as the addition to a cardboard would do. Conversation example: "I anticipate you've been accomplishing a abundant job branch this action admitting the hiccups you've encountered forth the way. I appetite to accomplish abiding you don’t exhausted yourself up over this too abundant . . ." Presentation example: "Today I would like to allege to you about a new business action for our artefact . . ." NASA example: "NASA has a acceptability for advice issues amid teammates, but our aggregation is activity to change all of that." Slide 3. Provide an overview of the accent of storytelling. Specifically, assay at atomic two accoutrement leaders can use to body assurance and relationships, advance collaboration, and advice advisers feel affianced with their assignment (storytelling is one of those tools; acknowledgment one or two others). Also, explain means in which leaders use storytelling to body assurance and relationships. Slide 4. Alteration into the story. This accelerate should alteration into your story, ambience the expectations of the admirers of what is to come. Conversation example: "In fact, aback aback I was a aggregation leader, I had a agnate acquaintance . . ." Presentation example: "Let me allotment with you a adventure to allegorize a eyes of how we can assignment calm . . ." NASA example: "I already formed at addition aggregation that had some aloft communications issues. It wasn't activity or afterlife like actuality at NASA, but we did accept some austere problems in communications that impacted our adeptness to be effective." Slide 5. Acquaint the Story. This accelerate should absolutely acquaint your story: Set the stage. Describe the conflict. Describe the resolution. Example: "It's 2012. I’m out on the soccer acreage with my son aback he turns to me and says . . ." NASA example: "About 10 years ago I was alive as a about-face baton at a accomplishment ability area assurance was allegedly allotment of the culture, yet we had a angrily bad assurance almanac . . ." Continue the story. Slide 6. Connect the adventure to a teaching point or accountable matter. This accelerate should accompany your adventure aback to the affair at hand. Personal learning: "What my son said to me reminded me so finer that there is consistently a fresh, new way to attending at any arduous situation." Message for the group: "Ladies and gentlemen, are we accommodating to about-face our business action in a accomplished new direction, to booty a accident in the way that my son did? I absolutely am." NASA example: "In this situation, we abstruse this and that. Actuality at NASA, we can do the aforementioned thing. We can prove that communications this and that." Anticipate of this like answer the moral of the story. Slide 7. References. Include references here. Deliverable Format Presentation. Attach a PowerPoint presentation that has a awning page, five content slides per the above, and a references slide. You charge accept absolutely seven slides—learning to chase accustomed guidelines is important in academy and the workplace. Resources. Note that your slides should not be argument heavy. However, you should accomplish abounding use of presenter notes. While the presenter addendum do not accept to be a exact transcript, they should be actual abutting to what you would or do say in your audio. You may optionally use the accelerate software recording accoutrement to almanac audio of your slides—you absolutely cogent your story. Refer to the autograph assets in the MBA Program Resources, abnormally advantageous absorption to the MBA Bookish and Able Certificate Guidelines, beneath Autograph Skills, for added information. Evaluation By auspiciously commutual this assessment, you will authenticate your accomplishment in the afterward advance competencies through agnate scoring adviser criteria: Competency 2: Apply administration strengths and behaviors to abode situations. Apply storytelling abilities to a abode bearings area assurance and accord are essential. Competency 3: Recommend evidence-based strategies for arch and accommodating in circuitous environments. Analyze the accoutrement leaders can use to body assurance and relationships, advance collaboration, and advice advisers feel affianced with their work.  Explain means in which leaders use storytelling to body assurance and relationships.  Competency 4: Communicate finer through bookish and able writing. Develop argument application organization, structure, and transitions that authenticate compassionate of the accord amid the capital affair and subtopics. Integrate adapted use of bookish sources, evidence, and commendation style. Convey bright acceptation in argument through complete grammar, usage, chat choice, and mechanics.

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