Mba Exam Papers in Operation and Production Management

SUB: OPERATION MANAGEMENT How would operations action for a account industry be altered if any from that for a accomplishment industry? (It’s an archetype & explains) Consider the afterward two mutually absolute projects. The net banknote flows are accustomed below: NET CASH FLOWS years PROJECT A FROM PROJECT B 0 - Rs. 1,00,000 - Rs. 1,00,000/- 1 + Rs. 30,000 + Rs. 15,000/- 2 + Rs. 35,000 + Rs. 7,500/- 3 + Rs. 40,000 + Rs. 20,000/- 4 + Rs. 45,000 + Rs. 22,500/- 5 + Rs. 25,000/- 6 + Rs. 27,500/- 7 + Rs. 30,000/- 8 + Rs. 32,500/- If the adapted amount of acknowledgment is 10% which activity should be chosen? What are the levels of accession in forecasting for a accomplishment organization? How should this bureaucracy of forecasts be affiliated and used? How would forecasting be advantageous for operations in a BPO (Business processes outsourcing) unit? What factors may be important for this industry? Discuss. A acceptable assignment abstraction should be followed by acceptable administration for accepting acceptable results. Explain with an example. What is job evaluation? Can it be alternatively acclimated as a job ranking? How does one ensure that job appraisement evaluates the job and not the man? Explain with examples? What is the appulse of technology on jobs? What are the similarities amid job amplification & job rotation? Discuss the accent of training in the agreeable of job redesign? Explain with examples? What is internet connectivity? How is it important into canicule business would with account to abstracts claim planning & purchasing? Explain with examples? Would a activity administration alignment be altered from an alignment for approved accomplishment in what ways? Examples. How activity appraisement altered from activity appraisal? Explain with examples. SUBJECT: Assembly Management What are the altered types of production/operation system? Where would anniversary one of them be applicable? Give applied examples. What is adaptability in the operations function? Can it be one of the cardinal weapons? Explain your response. What is the acumen amid accounting accumulation & bread-and-butter profit? How is such a acumen affiliated with the abstraction of befalling cost? What is the aberration amid the Scanlon & Rucker plans? Productivity advance is not a one-shot activity Do you accede with this statement? Discuss Is accumulation alternation administration a philosophy? Discuss What is the aim of assembly planning? What is forecasting? Elements of forecasting & Methods of forecasting?

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