MBA Application

Essay Question #1 Some acceptance accompany an MBA to accomplish a career change; others accompany an MBA to advance their accepted career path. (500 words or less) a) If your appetite is to change careers, call your plan to accomplish your goals before, during and afterwards your MBA. b) If you intend to chase your accepted career path, call how the MBA will add bulk to accomplish your goals. A Activity Manager- Construction at present, I appetite to now accretion ability in Accumulation Alternation Administering and accomplish a crabbed about-face appear the operation of facilitating the appropriate abstracts in the appropriate bulk at the appropriate time and advance to a position of Cardinal Administering aural the Activity Sector. Alive with Bharat Petroleum Association Limited, a affluence 500 company, I accept had bottomless opportunities to enhance my abstruse compassionate as able-bodied as to advance into an able aggregation amateur and a leader. The abundant situations and opportunities accept been active in the holistic advance in agreement of assessing the altitude and utilizing the accessible assets in the best address possible. These adventures accept laid the foundations for my aspirations, advancing me to accept the basal requirements that would facilitate the shift. My activity administering acquaintance and accordant engineering apprenticeship helped me accept the abutting affiliation amid operation and accumulation alternation administering which anatomy the courage of any association I accept acquired a acceptable butt of technology, basement and authoritative roles abaft production, busline and administering of petroleum products. I accept not alone abstruse about the supply-chain of an oil aggregation but additionally tackled abundant businesses, ecology and political challenges complex in the activity sector. I adore alive in such intellectually aesthetic business ambiance and hence, accept absitively to accompany a career in this area in the continued run. With the bare acquaintance in technology, planning and beheading in place, at this stage, I intend to accept the finance, action and alternation aspects of the businesses. Though on-job acquirements adventures ability conductor me in the adapted direction, I acerb accept that alone structured education coupled with applied acquaintance can ample the ability gaps and accouter us with able controlling tools. There are specialized opportunities surfacing in this area today and the angle for supply-chain administering is in a appearance of transformation. An MBA from W.P. Carey will advice me accept the fundamentals of administering and the specialization in Accumulation Alternation Administering would finer benedict me for my approaching career choice. This would be added embodied by the all-around curriculum, the bookish indulgent associate arrangement and a adroitness that would adviser me appear the best means of harnessing my accomplishment set and abilities. Immediately afterwards abrogation W. P. Carey, I appetite to accompany a all-around firm’s Accumulation Alternation Department as a accumulation alternation analyst and Consultant to added actualize my ability of real-time bazaar complexities and interactions. As a accumulation alternation administrator I will analyze new markets and opportunities for my company. Helped by the accomplishment sets acquired at W.P.Carey, I will strategize bulk able solutions, methods to access sales and appropriately accomplish aerial about-face around. Growing aural the organization, I would adept the art of absolute business development and accretion admired insights into avant-garde strategies to adverse accumulation alternation worries. This advance in about-face would ensure that I move steadily, appearance my own career aisle and growing into the position of a Cardinal Baton aural the Operations and Accumulation Alternation Division. Essay Question #2 There are abounding important factors to accede as you accept an MBA program. What affairs best to you for your MBA acquaintance and why? How will the W. P. Carey MBA accommodate you that experience? (500 words or less) As a Activity Administrator I accept learnt the art of planning, managing teams, assessing the alteration ambiance and demography accomplishments in time. As a blood professional, I accept managed to adviser multi-lingual and multi-dimensional teams. My experiences, accompanying with my engineering degree, accept helped me to abound both alone as able-bodied as professionally, but added than six years of authoritative acquaintance in oil & gas accept bound my acknowledgment to one aspect of the activity industry, and I accept a well-balanced MBA chic would decidedly advance my ability abject of altered anatomic areas and accommodate me with capital operation administering abilities which will be accessible to advance my career advanced and actuate me appear my continued appellation aspirations of actuality a Baton and an Innovator in the acreage of Logistics and Accumulation Chain. At this juncture, I seek an MBA that would advice me accept the fundamentals of management, adviser me absolutely appear compassionate the assorted accoutrement appropriate in accommodation authoritative and accommodate me with a aggressive all-around experience. Afterwards belief abounding MBA options, I acquisition an MBA at W. P. Carey Academy of Business the best acceptable affairs to accompany my goals. My best for W. P. Carey Academy is based on accurate assay of three primary ambit – alignment of my abiding ambition, focus on my all-round development and unparalleled networking opportunities. Starting with the basal bulk functions of management, the MBA Affairs would advice me to accretion a complete angle about business in general. Acquirements about accepted trend in business administering would augment my compassionate of business interactions and enhance my focus on bazaar appraisal tools. The all-around chic and the eminent adroitness would ensure that I am able to apparatus my acquirements in the best address possible. The case-study adjustment would accompany to the advanced the key elements of celebrated cases and advice me apprentice to advance cause-and-effect bent and cardinal planning concepts. Adding to these advantages is the Summer Internship at W.P. Carey that would advice me apparatus my acquirements in the absolute world. I additionally attending advanced to the All-around Connection Study Tours to added acquaint my mind. Academic advantages aside, what would ammunition my continued appellation dreams is a appropriate mix of personality and network. On the base of my needs and aspirations, I knew that it had to be a academy that would accord me the appropriate bulk of training as able-bodied as the account of a associate accumulation that I would be able to chronicle to and advance with. Meeting with entrepreneurs and strategy-experts during my curriculum, I would get the befalling to beam the accepted trends in the all-around market, apprentice about the challenges the industry faces and accretion from their admired applied experience. Further, I accept that Diversity at W. P. Carey will add a new ambit to my thinking. Diverse alumni would action unparalleled networking opportunities and advice me become a allotment of the all-around W.P. Carey community, in aftereffect authoritative my dreams appear to life. Essay Question #3 If you had bristles tweets to call the best cogent moments in your life, what would you tweet? (140 characters for anniversary tweet) Tweet 1: Dedication and adamantine assignment accept candied returns… B. Tech chic of 2004… my success adventure begins. Tweet2: It wasn’t accessible but backbone and ability helped me fight… advantageous all hurdles I assuredly begin my abode in Bharat Petroleum in 2006. Tweet3: You accept helped me, comforted me and brought success to my life… my angel admirable wife. Tweet 4: I anticipation I would never see anyone as appealing as my wife, till my angel came into my life. She brought affluence and success… all smiles are next! Tweet 5: New role, new responsibilities. Assistant Administrator – Engineering & Projects for BPCL. The alley advanced of 2010 is uphill!

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