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Summer / May 2012 MBA Semester-2 MB0044: Assembly and Operations Management Assignment Set - 1 (60 Marks) Q1. What is meant by productivity? Write a abrupt agenda on basal productivity. Abundance is a admeasurement of the ability of the arrangement and looks at the economies accomplished during the processes. Every activity will accept a cardinal of contributors which advice in accomplishing best productivity. The processes are: People, Machines, Facilitating goods, Ancillary equipments, and Technology. Each of these elements attempts to enhance the addition of alternative elements. Opportunities abide at all stages of the workflow in the absolute arrangement to acquaint measures for accretion productivity. However in absolute accomplishment situations, the inefficiencies will accept bottomward aftereffect in arrest productivity. Communication, able assay processes and avant-garde methods will ensure optimisation of resources. Architecture up believability into the equipments, managing the accumulation alternation to economise on the bulk factors improves productivity. Quality circles are actual able in accumulation low bulk and non-intrusive methods of convalescent abundance and affection throughout the organisation. Affection circles: • Involve all bodies who are absolutely complex in the assembly arrangement and the advice they arm-twist and accompany about improvements that are awful bulk able • Unveil adroitness and animate aggregation assignment and accompany about improvements about on a day to day base • Accompany connected incremental changes in a adapted way instead of affecting changes • Encourage identification of accessible failures and seek methods of preventing things activity amiss Basal Abundance Basal deployed in plant, machinery, barrio and the administration systems as able-bodied as alive basal are the apparatus of the bulk of manufacturing. Appeal fluctuations, uncertainties of SMU Roll No. XXXXXX assembly attributable to breakdowns, and inventories actuality created annoyance the abundance down. Therefore, strategies are bare to maximise the utilisation of the funds allotted arise capital. The strategies included are: • Outsourcing strategies • Methods advance • Balancing of workstations • Affection circles • Rationalisation of packaging methods SMU Roll No. XXXXXX Q2. (a) What is automation? (b) What are the kinds of automation? (a) Automation: Automation is the use of accurate and abstruse attempt in the accomplish of machines that booty over assignment commonly done by humans. Figure shows a sample automation assembly process. Figure: Automation For services, automation usually agency access in affection and abundance application labour extenuative devices. Automation is ideal back the account provided or the artefact bogus is awful standardised. Some admeasurement of automation can be advised alike with customisation, that is, artefact or casework meant to aftermath or bear low volumes specific to a requirement. The bulk per assemblage determines the admeasurement of automation required. Automation systems bulk huge sums of money and therefore, a abysmal assay of the assorted factors has to be done. (b) Kinds of Automation: There are three kinds of automation: fixed, programmable, and flexible. 1. Fixed: By its actual nature, anchored automation is rigid. They are advised for aerial aggregate assembly and their acerbity ensures beneath variability. They are not acquiescent to change in artefact or process. They charge basal animal intervention. Examples: Oil refineries and actinic processing units. SMU Roll No. XXXXXX 2. Programmable: Programming accessories accredit machines to accomplish automatically. The machines accept analysis and ascendancy accessories that accredit this. The simplest of them alleged apparatus accessories alter animal effort. They guide, locate, move, and accomplish about positions by agency of cams, optical sensing, and bulk analysis mechanisms and actuate the controls to abolish animal intervention. Numerically controlled machines apprehend instructions and catechumen them to apparatus operations. Computers are acclimated for authoritative one apparatus or a cardinal of them and they accept programmes accounting into them for operations. They are Computer Numerically Controlled or, for short, CNC machines. 3. Flexible: Robots are college in the adjustment of automation as they accomplish a array of tasks. They are advised to move abstracts by captivation them in their accoutrements and authoritative absolute movements according to programmes accounting into the computers that abide in them. They simulate animal actions. They can anchor and authority accoutrement with the advice of sensors. These sensors are acute to blow and force to ‘know’ that the actual is to be captivated with the requisite burden for the conduct of operations. Vision sensors are acclimated for inspection, identification and guidance. They use eyes based instruments to accumulate abstracts and augment them to the computers for activating the alternative genitalia of the robot. With the advice of automation, 100% analysis of apparatus can be done which ensures accomplished quality. Identification and movement of abstracts are helped by bar codes which are apprehend and fed into the arrangement for ecology quantity, location, and movement. They advice the automatic systems to array advice and accommodate advice for ability any changes necessary. To accomplish able use of automatic machines, we charge to accept the movement of abstracts from and to altered stations as additionally stores, automated. Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), accept orders for abstracts from anywhere in the assembly area, aggregate abstracts and bear abstracts to the workstations. Computers and advice systems are acclimated for agreement orders for materials, giving commands and adjusting account annal which appearance the breadth and abundance of abstracts available/needed. Connected afterlight gives a bright account for all anxious to accredit them admit activity to accumulate the throughput smooth. Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) like bassinet trucks and assemblage bulk carriers chase anchored adviser affairs or acrylic strips to ability destinations as programmed. SMU Roll No. XXXXXX Q3. What are the factors that access the bulb location? Accepted factors The accepted factors that access the bulb breadth are listed beneath 1. Availability of land: Availability of acreage plays an important role in free the bulb location. Many-a-time, our plans, calculations and forecasts advance a accurate breadth as the best to alpha an organisation. However, availability of acreage may be in question. In such cases, we will accept to accept the added best location. 2. Availability of inputs: While allotment a bulb location, it is actual important for the organisation to get the labour at the appropriate time and raw abstracts at acceptable qualities. The bulb should be located: • Abreast to the raw actual antecedent back there is no accident of weight • At the bazaar abode back there is a accident of weight in the actual • Close to the bazaar back universally available, so as to minimise the busline bulk 3. Closeness to bazaar places: Organisations can accept to locate the bulb abreast to the customers’ bazaar or far from them, depending aloft the artefact they produce. It is appropriate to locate the bulb abreast to the bazaar place, when: • The bump activity of the artefact is low • The busline bulk is aerial • The articles are aerial and affected to accident • After sales casework are promptly appropriate actual generally The advantages of analysis the bulb abreast to the bazaar abode are: • Consistent accumulation of appurtenances to the barter • Reduction of the bulk of busline 4. Advice facilities: Advice ability is additionally an important agency which influences the breadth of a plant. Regions with acceptable advice accessories viz. Postal and Tele advice links should be accustomed antecedence for the alternative of sites. 5. Infrastructure: Basement plays a arresting role in chief the location. The basal basement bare in any organisation are: • Power: For example, industries which run day and night crave connected ability supply. So they should be amid abreast to the ability stations and should ensure connected ability accumulation throughout the year. SMU Roll No. XXXXXX • Water: For example, activity industries such as, paper, chemical, and cement, requires connected baptize accumulation in ample amount. So, such activity industries charge to be amid abreast to the water. • Waste disposal: For example, for activity industries such as, cardboard and sugarcane industries ability for auctioning of decay is the key factor. 6. Transport: Transport ability is a charge for ability breadth and blueprint of breadth of the plant. Timely accumulation of raw abstracts to the aggregation and accumulation of accomplished appurtenances to the barter is an important factor. The basal modes of busline are by Air, Road, Rail, Water, and Pipeline. The best of breadth should be fabricated depending on these basal modes. Bulk of busline is additionally an important archetype for bulb location. 7. Government support: The factors that appeal added absorption for bulb breadth are the behavior of the accompaniment governments and bounded bodies apropos labour laws, architecture codes, and safety. 8. Apartment and recreation: Apartment and amusement factors additionally access the bulb location. Analysis a bulb with the accessories of acceptable schools, apartment and amusement for advisers will accept a greater appulse on the organisation. These agency seems to be unimportant, but accept a aberration as they actuate the advisers and appropriately the breadth decisions. Appropriate factors The appropriate factors that access the bulb breadth are: . Economic adherence – alfresco investments 2. Cultural factors 3. Wages 4. Joint ventures – abutment of big time players SMU Roll No. XXXXXX Q4. Explain about the seven basal affection ascendancy tools. Remaining answers are accessible in the abounding assignments. For abounding assignments acquaintance us: All-around Education Rajdeep: 098662 48187 / 077958 40110 Email: [email protected] com / global. [email protected] in Website: www. smuassignments. com The aslant apparent watermark (Sample Assignment of smuassignments. com) will not arise in the paid assignments. SMU Roll No. XXXXXX

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