Matthew Arnold Comments on Philistinism in England and America

In his essay, "Philistinism in England and America," Matthew Arnold examines the age-old account of Plato in the ambience of a twentieth century, advocate society. As he agrees with about all of what Plato had to say, he additionally admits that he is outdated, and that some of his article cannot be activated to us, active in an automated superpower such as the United States. Still, though, Arnold defends the age-old philosopher. Education as a avenue to brainy and concrete appropriateness is consistently a acceptable idea, whether it is in avant-garde America or Age-old Greece. I disagree with this, and it is actuality that I charge challenge the writings of Plato, as able-bodied as the article by Arnold, for he is absolutely a able advocate of the age-old ideals. In Plato"s mind, the amount of an apprenticeship is to bright one"s apperception of admixed thought, accompany it to a college batten than at the start, and attain a assertive akin of righteousness. This may accept been a acceptable abstraction 2300 years ago, but today, I see it as actual attached and impractical. In his time, alone the affluent aristocrats went to school. It"s purpose was not for the acceptance to apprentice abilities or account that would advice them after in life, but to aggrandize their minds, appropriately authoritative them into 'better people. " There was no charge for them to apprentice any job skills. Back then, if you came from a affluent family, you were rich. Animate at simple jobs was for the peasants and slaves. Today, activity is different. Our association is absolutely clashing that of the age-old Greeks. We accept no degree arrangement attached the abundance and bulge of any citizen, we accept no bullwork to handle all the chiral labor, our army is appropriately abate and abundant beneath honored, and adoration is a allotment of one"s clandestine life, not a assertive accessible force as it was to the Age-old Greeks. Best bodies today accept a regular, day to day job, whether it be in an office, store, factory, or anywhere else. We accept to acquire our abundance by working, not inheritance. That is why best bodies go to academy today. I am accessory NYU so that I can get a job after in life. I abstraction allure and engineering, in the hopes that I can become a actinic engineer. According to Plato, this is wrong, and I"m allurement my mind. At this point in my life, I should be account history and literature, acceptable my mind, and not annoying about developing a skill. To me, that is an unrealistic goal. As I get older, I appetite to accept a job that pays well, so that I can abutment a family, and be chargeless to do whatever I appetite in my additional time. I don"t appetite to accept to accord with restrictions in my activity acquired by a abridgement of money. If I lived and was accomplished in the way that Plato suggests, my activity would apparently about-face out abnormally from that, and that is why I animosity his ideas. In the fourth aeon BC, back Plato was animate and writing, association was different. His writings on apprenticeship chronicle to that time, back avant-garde commercialism was over two thousand years away. He had no abstraction what activity would be like today, so it is antic to abject one"s activity on what he said so continued ago. Arnold refuses to accept this. He does say that Plato"s account are outdated, but adds that the base for his thoughts could still be activated today, for the advancement of association and the bodies that alive in it. If that"s the way he feels, I"m accomplished with it, but for me, acquirements a accomplishment that will accomplish me some money back I"m earlier is added important than antibacterial my mind.

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