maths algebra

Step 1:  Your posts in the altercation breadth should display accurate anticipation and analytic acumen and accommodate affirmation for your position. Anniversary column should be at atomic one well-developed branch (approximately 100 words or more). Use actual spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Note you will  not be able to see your classmates replies until you accomplish your post.   Step 2:  Read and acknowledgment to the posts of at atomic two alternative acceptance for anniversary discussion. Your replies should action new embodied account or anxious questions. Discussion Questions (please acknowledgment both):  (1)Give an archetype of a polynomial action that has no absolute zeros. Explain how you came up with your function.   (2) Select one of the afterward statements. Tell whether the account is True or False. Then accord a able-bodied anticipation out acumen for your acknowledgment which includes an archetype of a action which supports your reasoning. Statement 1: The blueprint of a rational action cannot accept both a vertical asymptote and a accumbent asymptote. Statement 2: It is not accessible to draw a rational functions which does not accept a y-intercept. Statement 3: The blueprint of a rational action may accept added than one accumbent asymptote. Statement 4: The blueprint of a rational action can never cantankerous its vertical asymptote.

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