Does the concoction hit the game-winning home run? Many of the advantages of parametric equations become accessible back activated to analytic real-world problems. Although ellipsoidal equations in x and y accord an all-embracing account of an object's path, they do not acknowledge the position of an article at a specific time. This is area your abilities in Analytical Trigonometry appear in. A accepted appliance of parametric equations is analytic problems involving projectile motion. If an article is befuddled with a acceleration of v anxiety per additional at an bend of θ with the horizontal, again its flight can be modeled by, x = (v cos θ ) t  and y = v (sin θ ) t - 16 t^2 + h where t is in abnormal and h is the object's antecedent acme in anxiety aloft the ground. x is the accumbent position and y is the vertical position, and - 16 t^2 represents force affairs on the object. Depending on the units complex in the problem, use g = 32 ft/ s^2 or g 9.8 m/ s^2.   Assume that the brawl is hit with an antecedent acceleration of 140 anxiety per additional at an bend of  45°to the horizontal, authoritative acquaintance 3 anxiety aloft the ground. Find the parametric equations to archetypal the aisle of the baseball. Where is the brawl afterwards 2 seconds? How continued is the brawl in the air? Is it a home run?  show assignment and explain your reasoning  Due afterwards 21 hours 

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