Maternity Nursing Care

1. You are a assistant alive in a activity and commitment assemblage in a babyish boondocks abreast a Native American reservation. Charity, your patient, is about to accord bearing to her sixth child. Her ancestors does not accept bloom insurance. Normally she would accord bearing at home; however, her claret burden is high. Her ancestors is accomplishing a ball to alarm abroad the angry alcohol that brought about this medical condition. She is in a lot of affliction but refuses an epidural. She believes that affliction is article that should be tolerated. There are additionally about 20 ancestors associates present to watch the birth, including all of her children. After the babyish is born, she hand-expresses colostrum from her breasts and disposes of it. Additional ancestors associates access with all sorts of aliment to bless the bearing of the baby. (Learning Objectives 5 and 6)A. What are the cultural ancestry with Charity and her babyish that are specific to her Native American culture?B. How would you accommodate culturally acute nursing affliction to Charity and her baby?

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