Mass Hysteria on Salem Witch Trial

What is accumulation hysteria? Accumulation agitation is aback best everybody develops a accepted abhorrence that generally spirals into a panic. The adverse adventure of the Salem Witch Balloon contains accumulation agitation aback in 1692. In my two accessories “Salem Witch Ability Trial” and “Mass Agitation in Upstate New York” accept agnate problems. In both accessories I will be answer how accumulation agitation played a key role in both of these issues. In the commodity “Salem Witch Ability Trial” it tells the history of the accumulation agitation abaft the accomplished Salem witch ability trials. The accumulation agitation occurred from 1692-1693 and advance to abounding bodies dying. There were one hundred and forty arrests, nineteen hangings, one bedrock crushing and several bodies dying in bastille while apprehension their trial. Everything that Salem had was to get rid of their witches in the city. In January 1962 two girls called Elizabeth and Abigail had fell out in abbey and alpha askew on the floor. The doctor was assertive that it was witchcraft. The pastor was asked “Who did this” and the two daughters said “Tituba the slave, Sarah Good a abandoned woman and Sarah Osborn. ” Tituba acknowledge that she was a witch and was adjustment to aching girls. Tituba additionally told that were added witches in the boondocks of Salem. The two girls alpha pointing bodies that could be witches who would absorb months chained in jail. Over a hundred of Salem's arresting bodies would be confined and accept witches would appointment the girls and ache them. Overall, nineteen bodies were hanged, one apprenticed to afterlife and four others died in bastille apprehension trial. What I apprentice from the accessories that the bodies was afraid of witchcraft. After Rev. Parris daughters were hurt, they alpha to annihilate bodies that were declared to be a witch. Over hundred bodies were actuality dead during this time because of witchcraft. The accumulation agitation in this commodity was the abhorrence of accepting witches in Salem. With that actuality the accumulation agitation a lot of bodies died.

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