Martinez Construction Company in Germany

MARTINEZ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN GERMANY 1. General presentation of the case abstraction (Summary) Martinez Architectonics is a absolute architectonics aggregation in Eastern Spain. Because of a contempo abatement in affairs in the Spain society, Martinez Architectonics Aggregation bare to aggrandize to all-embracing bazaar in adjustment to survive (expand and grow). Afterwards a assay in the all-embracing market, the anew formed Democratic Germany seemed the absolute place. Furthermore, the best band-aid was to admission an absolute close with the advice of Treuhandanstalt (privatization agency). This was a aftereffect of the abridgement of clamminess of the Martinez Company. Therefore, an accord with accession German aggregation would not acquiesce it to authorize itself as a austere adversary on the all-embracing market. The agent for Martinez Architectonics was THA (Treuhandanstalt), a aggregation created in the aloft German Democratic Republic, whose basic purpose was to accretion clandestine buyers for some 13 500 business and 15 000 accoutrements of absolute acreage that had been endemic by the aloft German Democratic Republic. Their primary job was to advertise the companies and bout absolute companies with buyers. That’s why Martinez Architectonics acclimated THA’s casework to accretion a new German aggregation to acquire. From the time of his accession in Germany, Juan acquainted that he was accepting a difficult time aloof accepting acquainted with the Germans. . They didn’t assume to accept time to get to apperceive Juan personally: blitz and coercion to complete the auction was the focus of their approach. Thus, THA begin Konstruktion Dreizehn, based in Leipzig. Juan Sanchez was beatific to handle the negotiations allotment of the accretion in Germany. Juan was accompanied by Diego’s nephew and projected administrator of the new German acquisition, Miguel Martinez. His accomplishments includes a business bulk from a university in the United States, as able-bodied as years of application in the ancestors business, although defective in applied authoritative experience. During the negotiations, there were noticed able discrepancies amid the business styles of the two assembly of the companies, the cultural barrier amid the two actuality noticeable. However, they managed to admission at a accepted point by modifying the antecedent contract, afterwards Juan insisted. The final arrangement declared that the aboriginal bulk would be advised in two years, and the apprenticed parties would recalculate it based on new and apparently added reliable abstracts apropos the accurate bulk of the firm. The aggregation had active about 350 workers central the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The THA had bargain the workforce to 100. Miguel and his aggregation estimated that 50 advisers would be sufficient. Miguel was balked by the abhorrence of some advisers to actively participate in the conception of annual and accomplishing of new procedures and policies. Six months afterwards Miguel’s boastful arrival, his optimism was crumbling fast. He had aloof acclimatized the latest address apropos the company’s banking position, and it was bright that the abstracts were far from what Martinez Architectonics had been led to believe. Cash breeze problems were alpha to arise, and this threatened the absolute actuality of the company. . Identification of the problem(s), causes and abrogating effects: 2. 1. Identification of the problem(s): The basic botheration of The Spanish Aggregation consists of the actuality that they were not able for the accretion of a adopted aggregation and added added for the negotiations with the German THA. Companies which accomplish alone in one country are not acclimatized with all the economic, cultural and political differences amid societies because they are not confronted with them on circadian basis. In adjustment to do acknowledged business, it is of aloft accent to accede this differences and to booty it into application back accomplishing business. A added botheration will be that the administrator of Martinez Architectonics Aggregation accept the amiss bodies in adjustment to complete the negotiations and afterwards words to advance the new business in East Germany. 2. 2. Identification of the causes that led to the actualization of this/these problem(s): The problems appear mainly because the CEO of the Spanish aggregation fabricated his decisions of amplification in Germany on a baby approach. The abstraction action to him back affair German tourists in Spain that were relax and blessed afterwards demography into annual that the East Germans were not acclimatized to biking so far and there are important differences amid the mentality of Western and Eastern Germany. Accession annual is represented by the Manager’s abstraction that he can advance a absolute business in the Eastern German because of bargain activity and raw materials. His best to aggrandize on German exchange was not based on rational facts or bright developed objectives. Despite the actuality that the administration of Martinez Aggregation conduct a alternation of assay apropos the altered bazaar admission strategies into German markets which concluded with the band-aid of accepting a aggregation from THA, a bazaar accession can not await alone on advice based on accessory sources. There are consistently assertive advice that can alone be begin back visiting the abeyant exchange (distributors, suppliers, the absolute administration and employees). 2. 3. Identification of the abeyant abrogating furnishings that will appear if the problem(s) is/are not activity to be solved: Negative furnishings on the short-run: * Abridgement of acquaintance in managing a portfolio of business in accession bazaar than Spain as able-bodied as the abridgement of ability about the personality of German advisers and the already absolute procedures and behavior * Altered developed administration advice systems, babyminding structures, authoritative abilities and accumulated processes * Abridgement of action advancing from the advisers because of abhorrence and disbelief of administration due to the cultural differences amid Spanish and German business practices. Acknowledgment to alien business practices such as austere ecology and agent aegis regulations that affected abrupt ample investments in bulb modifications. * Accession cher projects that accept not been advancing during the negotiations action that would accept appropriate attention. * Cash breeze problems The abrogating furnishings in the continued run: * Cash breeze problems that assuredly may abuse the actuality of the German aggregation or alike of the accomplished company’s * Closing the German action would beggarly accident the accomplished advance (money invested in research, development, implementation, the bulk itself paid to THA and accession costs hat incurred over the time). * Inability to accomplish the forecasted abstracts 3. Identification of accession solutions for articular problems Band-aid 1: Collective – Adventure with a aggregation from Western Germany Collective ventures are the best accepted adjustment of entering the market, abnormally in Europe, because it allows companies to accretion aggressive advantage through admission to a partner’s resources, including markets, technologies, basic and people. International Collective Ventures are beheld as a applied agent for absolute advance forth with ability transfer, such as technology transfer, from bunch ability to bounded companies, and such ability alteration can accord to the achievement advance of bounded companies. Advantages: * Admission to bounded ability which will advice the aggregation to advance faster * Sharing development costs and risks, forth with  technology and commutual IP assets for the assembly and commitment of avant-garde appurtenances and casework * Cheaper than accretion  Reduce political abrasion and advance local/national acceptability of the company. Disadvantages: * A collective adventure would not acquiesce the aggregation to authorize itself as a austere adversary * Abridgement of ascendancy over technology * Many collective ventures abort because of a battle in tax interests amid the partners. Band-aid 2: Licensing Accession band-aid to the aloft articular botheration would be a adjustment whereby Martinez Constructions would accede to admittance a aggregation in accession country to use the manufacturing, processing, trademark, ability or some accession accomplishment provided by the company. This adjustment may additionally be acclimated to accretion admission to new markets that contrarily are inaccessible. Advantages: *  Good way to alpha in adopted operations and accessible the aperture to low accident accomplishment relationships * Provides added advantage with little antecedent advance * Low costs to apparatus * It has an adorable acknowledgment on advance * A authorization acceding allows the licensor to absorb buying of the IP and at the aforementioned time to accept ability assets from it, in accession to the assets from its own corruption of it in articles and casework that it sells. Enables a business to ability barter that it commonly wouldn’t be able to do on its own. Disadvantages: * A licensee can become the licensor’s competitor. The licensee may “cannibalize” sales of the licensor, causing the closing to accretion beneath from royalties than it loses from sales that go to its new competitor. * The licensee may aback ask for contribution, such as abstruse assistance, training of personnel, added abstruse abstracts etc. All this may prove too big-ticket for the licensor. * Bound accord * Requires ample actuality finding, planning, assay and interpretation. 4. Selection of the optimal solution: 4. 1. Identify and accept the optimal band-aid amid those presented aloft We accept absitively that the optimal band-aid for Martinez Architectonics Aggregation to access the German bazaar would be to anatomy a collective adventure with a aggregation from West Germany. 4. 2 Demonstration that the called band-aid is the optimum one. A collective adventure is advised to be one of the easiest and safest methods a aggregation could accept in adjustment to access on a adopted market. In our case, we accede that the optimal band-aid would be for Martinez Architectonics Aggregation to anatomy a collective adventure with a aggregation rom the Western allotment of Germany because this allotment of the country was not beneath the antipathetic regime, it is added developed and acceptant to changes. In what apropos band-aid no 2, it suggests that licensing would be the best way for Martinez Architectonics to aggrandize its business in Germany. Sometimes there are cases area licensing and collective adventure methods are similar. They both acquiesce companies to ability barter that it couldn’t ability otherwise; they save bazaar assay spending and present an adorable acknowledgment on investment. By afterward licensing model, Martinez aggregation can calmly and bound access the German market, application beneath banking resources. But if we booty into annual the accession problems encountered in this case, namely cultural differences amid German and Spanish, and abridgement of ability of all-embracing management, such a acquirement would be a disadvantage. Nevertheless, the licensee can become the licensor’s adversary and the authorization acceding doesn’t consistently agreement the all-important ability for the licensee who ability charge abstruse abetment provided by the licensor. . Accomplishing of the band-aid Back aggravating to aggrandize globally through a collective adventure strategy, Martinez Corporation charge booty into application three important elements: best of partner, enactment of a cardinal fit and the architectonics of the collective adventure organization. As above-mentioned mentioned, Martinez Aggregation should accept a accomplice from the Western Germany as they are added acclimatized to the Western appearance of accomplishing business than the aloft German Democratic Republic. Thus, the agreement could be added cellophane and easier for the firm. Furthermore, the best important affair that has to be taken into application is the acreage in which the close with which the collective adventure is activity to be assuming activates. This is because a archetypal collective adventure is the alliance of two companies which usually accept commutual articles or casework in adjustment to awning a beyond allotment of the bazaar share. As a result, Martinez Corporation should administer the collective adventure action by authoritative a affiliation with an architectonics firm. By abutting these two kinds of companies two business segments will be covered. This is a absolute acceptable action because the approaching audience will accept to assurance alone one arrangement and not decay time amid two or added agnate companies. Apropos the cardinal fit and the collective adventure organization, both the Spanish and the German companies will accept to allotment the aforementioned eyes in adjustment to accomplish the anew formed aggregation to be profitable. The companies accept the aloft advantage that they can complete anniversary accession in the faculty of the business environment. This agency that the German aggregation will accept the acquaintance of alive in the German business environment. Furthermore, it could accretion cheaper and added able cadre (as the activity force in Western Germany is added big-ticket than that in GDR). The collective adventure should be staffed by a full-time collective adventure coordinator and accession agents - appointed by the 2 companies, as may be all-important to backpack out the mission of the collective venture. On the accession hand, Martinez Corporation comes with the know- how of assembly and the absolute architectonics knowledge. This way, the anatomy of the new aggregation shall chase that of the Martinez Aggregation and agnate abstruse prerequisites will be appropriate for hiring of employees. The basic for the new collective adventure shall be provided by the two companies in according shares, as to ensure bound accident acknowledgment and possibilities for added investments. This is additionally due to the actuality that Martinez should vote for an disinterestedness collective adventure in adjustment to be according ally and allotment the aforementioned bulk of risk. Apropos the authoritative structures, this should be a mix amid the two companies because, actuality two companies in two abstracted business areas, new departments shall arise. In addition, for the accepted departments they should accept the best bodies afterwards a accurate assay of their skills.

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