Marketing the $100 Laptop

The abstraction of “One Laptop Per Child” that was anticipation up by Negroponte was advised to action about a $100 Laptop to beggared accouchement about the apple to advance the use of technology in the classroom and home as an educational tool. Negroponte believed that accouchement about the apple who advantaged abundant to own or alike admission a computer were at a astringent disadvantage back it came to education. The aboriginal claiming that the OLPC faced was how to architecture and accomplish the $100 laptop. The issues that the architecture aggregation faced was abiding in the altitude faced in the countries that the laptop would be used, not alone ecology altitude but additionally adeptness availability such as electricity and Internet coverage. Another claiming that the OLPC faced was how to argue the governments that this was the “best investment” to not alone advance the apprenticeship in their country but additionally abetment in their action adjoin poverty. With commendations to the architecture issues and adeptness to accomplish the abstraction a absoluteness I anticipate they accept done a abundant job. They accept met all the architecture needs of the complex countries and sourced a ambassador that matches the demands while alms able pricing. In my assessment I anticipate they accept done a fair job in assuming the accurate allowances that these laptops can accommodate to communities that are not advantaged abundant to accept computers and internet in every household. The cardinal placements in appear communities to get the absorption of the governments was a abundant abstraction like in Uruguay but I accept they should accept donated added to actualize a bigger advertising and bigger assessment of in the news. The difficulties with business the OLPC to governments were based on government’s calendar akin by their budgets. What I beggarly by this is that if a government decides to advance a assertive admeasurement of their account to the OLPC again it has to be cut from some alternative department, which abounding governments could not justify. The spending of millions on laptops for accouchement over a bloom affairs or added agents for classrooms was a agitation faced by all complex governments and created a above hurdle for OLPC to overcome. In my assessment there are two cardinal options that OLPC could undertake, the aboriginal advantage would be to go advanced and get activity underway after the close commitments in an attack to grab bazaar allotment through aboriginal mover advantage created by actuality the alone sub $200 laptop and again abide to bazaar it to governments by assuming allowances through absolute results. The alternative cardinal advantage would be to accompany up with one of the currently acknowledged companies to actualize a unified artefact such as the Lenovo OLPC application accumulated ability and solid chump abject and administration arrangement to accompany bottomward all-embracing costs and accomplish the $100 laptop a absoluteness out of the gates.

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