marketing strategies

Marketing Plan Milestone - 1: 3-4 pages excluding Appellation and Advertence Page You will charge to accept a aggregation that has or could accept a business botheration that needs to be solved. It can be a for-profit or nonprofit organization. Your final cardboard will amalgamate the Milestones, absorption acknowledgment received, and add to them. See the abounding description of the final cardboard in the advance syllabus. The Milestone 1 cardboard will analyze and call your called company, what business it is in, and set out the botheration that needs to be solved. This is a situational analysis. See the description on folio 246 of your textbook. Cardboard length: 3-4 pp. not including appellation folio and references.  All affidavit in this advance are to be in APA format, with a appellation page, active head, and references. APA is in 12- point Times New Roman, double-spaced throughout. See this advertence for added capacity on APA style. Check : A Preface to Business Management (textbook) by Peter and Donnelly Chapter 3: "Consumer Behavior" Chapter 4: "Business, Government, and Institutional Buying"

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