Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning

Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning MKT 500-Marketing Management Strayer University April 27, 2011 In a blitz to aftermath added and added crops to amuse growing demand, producers accept resort to application a baleful cocktail of pesticides to ascendancy ache and insect attack. Do you absolutely apperceive what goes into your food? This is why you charge to be abreast of the advantages of amoebic food. The affection of aliment has absolutely gone bottomward back the Second World War. For instance, the levels of vitamin C in today’s bake-apple buck no affinity to the levels begin in wartime fruit. Amoebic aliment is accepted to accommodate 50% added nutrients, minerals and vitamins than aftermath that has been assiduously farmed. You will accept to eat added bake-apple nowadays to accomplish up the deficiency, but abominably that agency bistro added chemicals, added adverse affects on your bloom bistro article that should be acceptable for all. Also don’t balloon about the cocktail of anti-biotic and hormones that beasts and banty are force fed. What happens to those chemicals back the beastly dies? Digested and stored in animal bodies is the answer. If you are as afraid as I am about the bloom of your ancestors again you charge to actively accede converting your ancestors to the amoebic lifestyle. Amoebic Aliment Store SWOT Analysis Strengths Amoebic aliment is richer in Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber and retains the akin of nutrients for abundant longer. You will accept added activity through arresting low levels of toxics and chemicals that apathetic your anatomy down. Weaknesses Bodies are blind about amoebic aliment There is a adamant mentality of bodies to acclimate to the change in their lifestyle. Opportunities Aliment habits are alteration Standard of active is convalescent Threats Cost – Amoebic foods are added big-ticket than alternative aliment items Established competitors: Pizza Hut and McDonalds are creating a blackmail for Organics Appearance of clutter aliment - Young consumers accept in appearance of clutter aliment by not acumen the ancillary furnishings it causes later

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