Marketing Product Project Example

In 2013, benumbed on the backbone of Flap Flap's Kid's business, the Company anchored the 'rights to trade' for the children's abreast appearance brands. This was an important anniversary for the Flap Flap's Company; the Company was able to analyze opportunities for reorienting and bigger retail amplitude aural above retail arcade complexes in Dave City and advance the Company's contour in the bounded appearance retail arena. In the meantime, the approaching augurs able-bodied for Flap Flap's Kid's Company in Dave City. II. Ambition Bazaar Description Demographics They appetite their slipper to be originally fabricated and blockage actual continued at the nee place. Most of our consumers (children) like to go to the bank and comedy abnormally in summer Attitudes -half of our consumers (children) are naughty. Some visits to the park, beach, or arena area. Consumer Needs: They charge to accept a durable, nice, and appetite their accouchement to be adequate for the slipper they abrasion and feel safe. For example, the parents appetite their accouchement arena about cutting a abiding slipper that not calmly breach that can accomplish their accouchement in a adverse situation. Consumer Wants: -Durable slippers, acceptable location, adequate to wear, and affordable slippers. Expectations: They apprehend that the slipper to be abiding and adequate that they can relax and comedy or airing able-bodied afterwards hassle. They additionally apprehend that our appurtenances and casework are good, the presentation of the summer slipper. -The top three apprehension factors for acceptance are cast name, quantity, and affection admitting accouchement appetite a abiding slipper and cast familiarity. Geographic Our breadth for our Department is at NCSC Mall, SMS, Braze, and Gaining Mall. It is a actual acceptable breadth because abounding of our ambition markets go there. -urban, the admeasurement of the breadth is big and the citizenry is high. Lifestyle factors: Class A- They alive abreast malls or a Department Store branch. It can additionally be a "one-car away' for them. Class B- The shoppers are on their way aback they go to the esplanade or beach. -There are schools nearby. Acceptance like to go to the malls afterwards school.  There are association about Maintain that are mostly our ambition market. Ill. The Artefact a. Nature of the Artefact Flap Flaps looks like a adequately basal summer sandal: a elastic sole, two straps and wear. Artefact genitalia and Features Features: Bank sandals Summer collection Material: Elastic Color: Abounding Foot Abrasion Size: EURO: 30(XX) / 33(S) / 35(M) Reasons for Producing It is a actuality that abounding bodies like summer slippers added than any alternative abode shoes and bedchamber slippers. It is actual adequate to blooper into a bendable and adequate brace of summer slippers and which is usually a abundant way to end your day, and besides, it helps you to conductor in a adequate and adequate day. Cost of Materials: 2 Eclectics abbreviate Magnet with architecture Hallmark Scrapbook Women's slipper Men's slipper cost Expenses: Transportation (Maintain-Gaining South pH aback and forth) the amount of appurtenances does not accommodate operating costs Such as rent, authoritative salaries, and advertising) Produced slippers: 2 pieces Computation for antecedent affairs amount afterwards mark up: Total amount and costs over the cardinal of articles produced. 235. 50/2 = 117. 75 pH Computation for mark up price: 4. XX = 8. 004 19. XX = 79. 003 18. XX sox 1 35 x 1 55. 50 1 30. 00 1 35. 00 Total PH. 207. 5 14. 00 x 2 = 28 Total PH. 235. The markup amount is computed by adding the amount of produced items to the set mark up percentage. 117. 75 x 25% = 29. 4 is now the markup amount for the product. Final Setting of Amount Selling Price Mark up amount Amount of the Artefact V. Abode 117. 75 + 29. 5 147. 15 pH.

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