Marketing Plan of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges

This abstraction is fabricated to actuate the accepted bazaar bearings of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. ’s Academy of Accountancy for the accepted bookish year of 2011-2012. In here, DYCI is in allegory with its top battling schools alms Bachelor of Science in Accountancy aural Bulacan namely, Meycauayan Academy (MC) and La Consolacion University of the Philippines (LCUP). This abstraction additionally aims to actuate abeyant strategies to advance Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy’s both present banking and bookish standing. The aboriginal breadth of this abstraction shows the absolute accomplishments and the aggregation contour of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. and Academy of Accountancy and alternative accordant advice accompanying to the college. The abutting sections of this abstraction exhibits the socio-cultural, demographic, economic, technological, competition, legal, and political facts affecting and accompanying to apprenticeship accurately to the Academy of Accountancy. Likewise, Comparative Contour cast and Comparative S. W. O. T. Assay of DYCI, MC, and LCUP and a abstraction of Porter’s Bristles Forces of antagonism amid the three said battling schools alms BS Accountancy is provided. The Comparative Contour Cast exhibits Six (6) Key Success Factors and agnate weights for anniversary factor. The accumulation ante anniversary agency according to the backbone and weaknesses of the three advancing schools. Afterwards the ante were given, the accumulation gets the abounding boilerplate for anniversary academy by abacus the weight of the agency to the appraisement assigned to it and abacus the array for anniversary factor. While in the Comparative S. W. O. T. Analysis, a abstruse appraisal on the advancing schools was fabricated by chargeless the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for anniversary school. Marketing Mix Assay was additionally advised to differentiate the three institutions from anniversary other. This assay focuses on the aberration of anniversary academy in agreement of the 8P’s business namely, the product, price, place, promotion, people, process, concrete evidence, and personalization as they are alms a service-type of business. Accepting these three sets of comparison, the accumulation accustomed three objectives which accord to the three key after-effects areas - the sales, profits, and bazaar allotment of the Academy of Accountancy. These objectives are accurate by the business strategies, activity plan and controls that the accumulation accept set for the 8P’s of COA. Projected assets annual for the Bookish Year 2012-2013 was additionally provided in the aftermost breadth of this study. All of these studies were fabricated for the group’s ambition for Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy’s development and to accompany it to bazaar leadership. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND A. DR. YANGA’S COLLEGES, INC. HISTORY In 1950, Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) which was a clandestine non-sectarian academy was accustomed by the aloft owners, the backward Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Samson, Sr. Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) was purchased by the Yanga ancestors during 1974 and Dr. Ismael E. Yanga, Sr. became its aboriginal President. Secondary Academy was broadcast to accommodate tertiary courses in 1977. It offered antecedent courses such as Midwifery, Secretarial Education, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Commerce, Nursing, Seaman Training Advance and Abstruse Courses. The name of the academy was afflicted to Dr. Yanga’s Francisco Balagtas Colleges (DYFBC) during 1987. On August 12, 1993, an investiture commemoration was captivated aback the accepted President, Dr. Marciano D. Yanga was installed as the added President of the institution. In the antecedent years of operation the academy has alone a few hundred acceptance but as years anesthetized by, the Academy steadily grew in enrolment and gradually broadcast its curricular offerings. Now, the academy offers abounding added courses which are Education, Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Accountancy, Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering, Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Caregiver Course. The Administering absitively to attainable Pre-Elementary and Elementary Apprenticeship Departments aloof a brace of years ago due the accretion acceptance of the academy and its educational programs by the community. The academy became an basal allotment in the accumulation of abounding adolescent men and women of Bulacan, transforming and alteration into acknowledged practitioners in their assorted fields of interest. The name of the academy was afflicted for the added time in 2001 and became Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI). At present, Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. has developed into a circuitous of altered departments/colleges with a citizenry of over four thousand students. To date, the Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. is consistently advancing notable programs and affairs which are all geared appear the acknowledged accomplishment of its accepted mission. From 1974 up to the present, the academy had been an apparatus in accouterment an encompassing, relevant, affection and affordable affection apprenticeship not alone for the adolescence of Bocaue but additionally for abounding Bulakenos. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. s not aloof an academy but additionally an afflatus because it has helped in transforming their simple lives into acknowledged and alarming acceptance and whose dreams accept angry into alarming realities today. B. COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY HISTORY 1975 -The Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) was purchased by the backward Dr. Ismael E. Yanga Sr. , alleged as Dr. Yanga’s Francisco Balagtas Colleges (DYFBC). The academy offered Midwifery, Secretarial Education, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Nursing, Commerce aloft in Accounting and Banking & Finance, Seaman Training Course, Two-Year Junior Secretarial and Abstruse Courses. 977 -The backward Dr. Genera Frias became the Head of Secretarial Department. 1980 -Dr. Genera Frias became the Dean of Commerce. 1985 - Bachelor of Science in Commerce aloft in Accounting, Banking and Finance were accustomed abounding government recognition. 1992 -Dr. Genera Frias died and Dr. Donato S. Gallego became the Dean. 1994 -Additional majors for Bachelor of Science in Commerce were approved: Business and Cooperative Management. 1995 - Administering Accounting was accustomed as added aloft for BS in Commerce. 2004 -Mrs. Belen B. Castillo became the acting Academy Secretary of CBME. 004 - Ms. Mischelle delos Reyes became the Academy Appointment Assistant of CBME. 2005 -Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was accustomed Temporary Admittance to accomplish for its Aboriginal Year level. 2005 -Prof. Alberto C. Vagilidad became the Head in BS Accountancy. 2005 -Prof. Michael S. Yanga, MBA became the Dean of the Academy of Business and Administering Education. 2006 -Temporary Admittance for the Added Year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was issued. 2006 -Mrs. Virginia DC. Salvador became the Director for Affection Assurance in CBME. 2007 -Dr. Donato S. Gallego, Vice-President for Bookish Affairs, became the Dean of the Academy of Business & Administering Education. 2007 -Prof. Jenny Ann De Guzman became the Academy Secretary of CBME. 2007 -Temporary Admittance for the Third Year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was issued. 2008 -Bachelor of Science in Accountancy & Bachelor of Science in Business Administering beneath the Academy of Business and Administering Apprenticeship became two abstracted and audible colleges – Academy of Business Administering and Academy of Accountancy. As to Academy of Accountancy, Dr. Donato S. Gallego has become the Dean, Prof. Alberto C. Vagilidad becomes the Affairs Head and Mrs. Shirley Enero becomes the Secretary of the said College. 2008 -Temporary Admittance for the Fourth Year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was issued. 2009 -Temporary Admittance for the Fifth Year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy was issued. 2009 -The Academy of Accountancy became a affiliate of Civic Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) and the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - DYCI Affiliate has established. 2010 -Prof. Evangeline Balboa became the new Affairs Head of Academy of Accountancy. 2010 -Ms. Maranelle Santos and Mr. Mark Dendrick Cortez of the aboriginal accumulation alum accept auspiciously accomplished the October 2010 CPA Lath Licensure Assay and became the aboriginal Male and Changeable CPAs of DYCI. 2011 -Prof. Michael S. Yanga, MBA became the Dean of the Academy of Accountancy. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY Adroitness Associates 1. Dr. Donato Gallego 2. Prof. Florinda Acuna 3. Atty. Bunrofil Altares 4. Prof. Rino Batangantang 5. Prof. Elenita Dela Cruz 6. Prof. Ferdinand Importado 7. Prof. Victoria Gonzales 8. Prof. Romeo Marcelo 9. Prof. Eleanor Ratay 10. Atty. Tricia Santos PROF. EVANGELINE A. BALBOA Program Coordinator HANNAH CHARMAINE ESTRELLA Apprentice Assistant MS. SHIRLEY C. ENERO Appointment Assistant MR. MICHAEL S. YANGA, MBA Dean C. RELEVANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE INSTITUTION OUR VISION Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI), a family-owned banal educational institution, shall authorize a advancing advantage by announcement bookish arete by its proactive attitude in instruction, assay and addendum services, and through connected development of its programs appear bounded and all-embracing recognition. We shall advance empowered professionals committed to abiding adequacy and basal annual for animal dignity. Under Providential Guidance, we shall accomplish a accessory and adapted atmosphere of belongingness apparent by attainable communication, assurance and integrity. OUR MISSION We embrace the afterward commitments to our admired stakeholders, our affidavit for being, to accomplish our eyes appear announcement bookish excellence. FOR OUR STUDENTS, we shall undertake bread-and-butter and extra-curricular activities appear their wholistic development and their affiliation in a activating association as anatomic associates of the activity force. FOR THE FAMILIES, we shall advance affiliation in abstraction the appearance of our acceptance through value-driiven programs. FOR OUR EMPLOYEES, we shall facilitate connected development through adapted trainings and ethics formation. We shall accommodate aloof and fair acceptance and accolade in an ambiance of alternate cooperation and teamwork. FOR THE INDUSTRY SECTOR, we shall advance awful competent, accomplished and ethical graduates in acknowledgment to its technical, able and ambitious needs. FOR THE STATE, we shall advocate the spirit of acceptable babyminding and aerial accepted of arete in our operations as basal accoutrement in nation building. We shall accomplish our casework attainable to all. INSTITUTIONAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Govern and administer with probity, strategic, vision, banking control, appliance of accident administering and able mentoring of achievement * Enhance the professionalism and adequacy of the adroitness consistently through the advance of allusive delivery, ethics accumulation and awful anatomic assay affairs * Facilitate the holistic development of acceptance through the acceptance of curricular programs attuned to accepted trends and accordant abstruse trainings and c-curricular activities * Enhance relations with the association through networking and linkages and advised addendum programs * Promote accurate administering or assets through hiring of able adroitness and staff, the use of ICT, avant-garde accessories and bearing of avant-garde teaching-learning accessories CORE VALUES The afterward are the three bulk ethics of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc: VERITAS (Truth) SAPIENTIA (Wisdom) CARITAS (Charity) FIDES (Fidelity) EXCELLENTIA (Excellence) PATRIA (Patriotism) VISION The Academy of Accountancy envisions itself in developing in its acceptance a adeptness of arete in the acreage of business, Entrepreneurship, Assay and Consultancy Services. MISSION The Academy of Accountancy (COA) commits itself to the afterward mission statements: 1. Develops curricular offerings acknowledging to manpower appeal for both bounded and all-embracing market. 2. Accessories a activity to accomplish Affection Apprenticeship through Affection Teaching and Affection Learning. 3. Design a activity o connected enrichment/revision of chic to ensure a aerial casual allotment of its graduates in the CPA Licensure Lath Examination. 4. Institutes a affairs for development of all accountancy acceptance absorption on religious, social, political and ethical consciousness. 5. Instill in the apperception of every alum the bulk of Honesty, Candor and Justice in the convenance of their profession. 6. Trains the acceptance in advancing Feasibility studies (FS) and Business Affairs (BP) to hone their potentials of their profession. 7. Develops a year-round Adroitness development affairs to enhance their teaching competencies, strategies and able leadership. COA’s PRODUCT of EXCELLENCE For the seven years of operation, DYCI COA has already produced CPAs. A affidavit that alike it is abecedarian in the industry, still, it can attempt with alternative schools bearing academy allotment of lath passers. The CPA Lath Licensure Assay Passers, who gave pride and annual to COA, are the following: October 2010| May 2011| October 2011| Mr. Mark Dendrick Cortez| Ms. Ma. Cecilia Estrella| Mr. Elizar Buenaventura| Ms. Maranelle Santos| | Ms. Jennifer del Rosario| MACROENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS A. SOCIO-CULTURAL * Educational Acceptance Some words from Dr. Jose Rizal fatigued the accent of apprenticeship to a person’s activity abnormally to the youth. Giving abundant accent to apprenticeship is not alone a albatross of the parents; it is already allotment of our culture. Generally, parents do everything, abnormally those families from the bordering sector, aloof to accelerate their accouchement to academy because they accept that the greatest affair they could anytime leave to their accouchement is education. This allotment of the Filipino adeptness is a big agency to the success or abundance of COA because in the Philippines, CPAs are beheld as acknowledged bodies and that is what best parents and acceptance are absent to be acknowledged someday. * Bread-and-butter Advance In the Philippines, aback you say CPAs, they are successful, affluent bodies and that is what anybody wants to be. Acceptance will booty up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in the acceptance that afterwards acceptance and casual the lath exam, they will be active a affluent activity and will never acquaintance abjection again. * Change in Cachet and Gaining a Acceptable Acceptability Amusing and bread-and-butter cachet is a big accord in the Philippines. The accessible gives added annual and annual to bodies who accomplished college, bodies who accept degrees, and bodies who are in the able standing. That is one acumen why parents strive adamantine to accession up professionals in their ancestors to accretion annual from alternative people. Because a acceptability is accustomed abundant accent in the Philippines, families do not appetite their name‘s to be put into shame. * Parents Acceptance Some bodies appetite their bequest to abide to every bearing in their family. For example, a ancestors of CPAs would commonly advance their accouchement to chase their footsteps against success. But there are additionally accouchement who agreeably booty up the aforementioned advance because they were advancing by the success of their parents as CPAs. Even t were experiencing abjection strive adamantine to accelerate their accouchement to academy with the acceptance that if their accouchement will finished, they would be active a bigger activity in the approaching and they will be abrogation article acceptable to their children. * All-around Competitiveness Filipinos are absolute accomplished and talented. Abounding Filipinos accept accurate it, but globally, Filipinos are accepted as calm helpers, caregivers, auto drivers and welders. That absoluteness is not bad, but still not so good. Now is the time for Filipinos to prove to alternative countries that they can excel not alone in skill-based jobs but additionally to abundant academy affectionate of professions such as judicial, authoritative administering and accounting professions because Filipinos absolutely do it. Filipinos allegation prove that they can attempt globally and can adeptness greater heights in the all-around industry. There is a alarm to every Filipino for nation transformation and bread-and-butter progress, and approaching CPAs will be a abundant allotment of this goal. This is the time to accretion added annual from alternative countries and to redeem the Philippines from crisis debts and atrophy appear civic and all-around competitiveness and progress. B. DEMOGRAPHIC As of June 31, 2011, GeoNames bounded database projected Bulacan citizenry to be about 3 million. There is an about according arrangement of men and women, 50. 2% and 49. 8% appropriately or a arrangement of 101 males and 100 females. 62. % represents Bulakenos whose ages ambit from 15 to 64, additionally alleged as the alive age group, 34. 1% are adolescent audience while the absolute 3. 8% are old dependents. In Bulacan, added females accompany academy akin of apprenticeship than males. The admeasurement of females amid bookish bulk holders is 57. 1%. This shows that COA gets a beyond bazaar allotment from the changeable sector. C. ECONOMIC Abjection is one big acumen why abounding families cannot acquiesce assay their accouchement to academy abnormally to colleges. Annal from Civic Statistic Coordination Lath appearance that there was a slight abridgement from 21. 1% in 2006 to 20. 9% in agreement of abjection incidences amid Filipino families. This agency that 2 out of 1,000 families were aerial out of abjection amid 2006 and 2009. This advance in the abjection accident amid Filipino families is a acceptable annual but still 99% belongs to the abjection level. This agency a lot added assignment and efforts from the government. The latest official abjection abstracts announce that a Filipino bare P978. 00 to accommodated his/her annual aliment call and P1,403. 00 to breach out of poverty. NSCB annal additionally appearance that a ancestors of bristles associates bare P4,869. 00 annual assets to accommodated their basal aliment call and P7,017. 00 to breach out of poverty. Seeing this information, one can achieve that parents accepting a adolescent spending an boilerplate of P60,000. 0 a year for his/her allowance, projects and allegation fees allegation acquire P9,869. 00 a month. The acceptance looks hardly ideal because a minimum allowance earner for archetype in Bulacan earns P404. 00 a day or P9,696. 00 a month. There is aloof a arrears of P173. 00 for a ancestors accepting a agent earning minimum allowance to accommodated the absolute allegation for the families’ aliment and the child’s education. But, the absoluteness is that, anniversary adolescent allegation spent added than P60,000. 00 a year to acquiesce affection education. Clothing, apartment and alternative assorted costs such as baptize and electricity bills should additionally be advised for a ancestors to alive activity out of abjection threshold. This absoluteness accident until today is a botheration that the government and all the Filipinos accept to assignment out because as continued as there is poverty, affection apprenticeship can never be accomplished by all the Filipino adolescence abnormally those from the bordering sector. One acumen of abjection is unemployment, if minimum allowance earners cannot accord their accouchement affection education, how abundant added those unemployed. NSBC address as of January 2011 shows that 7. 4% or 14 Actor bodies are currently unemployed 62. 7% of these are males and 37. 3 are females. About bisected of 48. 9% were in age 15-24 years or those who are still abased to their parents for their circadian active and 50. % or 502 actor Filipinos who can already be active are not employed. If this unemployment bulk can be apparent or alike be improved, abjection can be bargain aural the Philippines. D. TECHNOLOGICAL The abstruse advancements in the DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy are not widespread. This is because COA is alone new in the industry. The purpose of accounting is to accommodate advice acclimated in adaptation making. Accounting may be beheld as a arrangement (a process) that converts abstracts into advantageous information. The technology accessible today has fabricated a abundance of adeptness accessible to students, which offers abundant abeyant for the acceleration and appearance of learning. Information is presented in so abounding agency that any blazon learner, whether able or disabled, can acquisition and use the all-important material. This actuality relates not alone to the Internet, but to all the abounding abstruse improvements in learning, from acute boards to handheld dictionaries. The academy can use tutorials, techniques and software for the allowances of the students. The Computer Accounting affairs provides acceptance with training in chiral and computerized accounting systems. Acceptance are accomplished in the concepts of accounting principles, authoritative accounting, average accounting, payroll, taxation, and auditing. Hands-on acquaintance is acquired in the use of accounting systems software. Students additionally accept activated apprenticeship in Microsoft Appointment business applications with continued accent on Excel and Access. The mission of the Computer Accounting affairs is to accommodate a affection apprenticeship in computerized accounting that will accredit acceptance to accomplish in a career now and in the future. Moreover, appliance accounting software can advice acceptance advance high-order cerebral abilities because it encourages them to actively participate in applying access to real-life situations. TRAINING * ACELAB- Accounting Center for Cyberbanking Acquirements and Business Measurement is usually abiding with undergraduate and alum acceptance alive on fast-paced accounting tutorials. Many of Bentley’s top accounting majors assignment in the ACELAB, accouterment alone apprenticeship casework to abetment acceptance through the sometimes arduous areas of accounting. The objectives of the ACELAB are: * To accommodate technology into accepted and developing accounting courses * To anatomy partnerships with business and not-for-profit entities who can accommodate software and case abstracts for apprentice use * To advice acceptance become the "whole business person. " Aloof as a sampling of what goes on in the ACELAB, acceptance in the anterior accounting courses get hands-on acquaintance with bartering accounting software such as Peachtree. Establishing customers, entering sales, and recording entries acquiesce acceptance to accept how technology eases the breeze of advice up through the banking reports. Accounting acceptance use cyberbanking assay software such as FARS to advice advance well-thought out and accurate abstracts to circuitous advertisement issues. The ACELAB helps the apprentice in acceptable the "whole business person" by amalgam teaching abstracts with alternative departments to advance advice abilities and interdisciplinary cases so that acceptance apprentice how to advance and acquaint allusive accounting information. The AICPA Eyes Annual amplifies this by advertence that the accountant’s role is: * Communicating the absolute annual with accuracy and objectivity * Translating circuitous advice into analytic adeptness * Anticipating and creating opportunities * Designing pathways that transform eyes into absoluteness TECHNIQUE The all-embracing objectives and ambit of an assay do not change aback an assay is conducted in a computer advice systems (CIS) environment. The appliance of auditing procedures may, however, crave the accountant to accede techniques accepted as Computer Assisted Assay Techniques (CAATs). * CAATs- It uses the computer as an assay apparatus for acceptable the capability and adeptness of assay procedures. CAATs are computer programs and abstracts that the accountant uses as allotment of the assay procedures to activity abstracts of assay significance, independent in an entity’s advice systems. Computer Assisted Assay Techniques (CAATs) are important accoutrement for the accountant in assuming audits. CAATs may be acclimated in assuming assorted auditing procedures, including the following: Tests of capacity of affairs and balances, for example, the use of assay software for recalculating absorption or the abstraction of invoices over a assertive bulk from computer records; * Analytic procedures, for example, anecdotic inconsistencies or cogent fluctuations; * Tests of accepted controls, for archetype testing the accoutrement or agreement of the operating arrangement or acceptance procedures to the affairs libraries or by appliance cipher allegory software to assay that the adaptation of the affairs in use is the adaptation accustomed by administering ; * Sampling programs to abstract abstracts for assay testing; * Tests of appliance controls, for example, testing the activity of a programmed control; * Reperforming the calculations performed by the entity’s accounting systems. SOFTWARE/SYSTEM External, internal, and government auditors added use assay software to advance the adeptness and capability of audits. Incorporating technology such as ambiguous assay software into the classroom not alone exposes acceptance to "tools of the trade," but, added importantly, additionally facilitates apprentice acquirements of assay concepts and procedures. Accounting acceptance allegation get acknowledgment to abstruse accoutrement of the barter such as spreadsheets, accounting packages, database software, and online assay resources. Incorporating assay software into the chic helps complete this toolkit and prepares acceptance for the agreeable of the computer-based Compatible CPA exam. Assay software activities become added relevant, acceptance acceptance to accretion a bigger compassionate of the software and advised environment. * ACL (Access Control List) and IDEA (Interactive Abstracts Abstraction and Analysis)- are the best accepted bartering GAS packages. Both alien and centralized auditors use these bales for abstracts extraction, abstracts analysis, and artifice detection/prevention. Both ACL and IDEA accommodate a ample spectrum of abstracts assay and abstraction functions. Users can calmly sort, summarize, stratify, age, and annual abstracts statistics. Users can abstract annal by ambience abstracts filters. Both software bales additionally admittance the alternative and appraisal of samples appliance a cardinal of methods. Users can appraise files for duplicates, gaps, and able sequences. The bales acquiesce the allegory of assorted files, conception of new files, customization of reports, and affidavit of assay tasks in several altered ways. Users can additionally save commands in batches for again use. Both ACL and IDEA accept the adeptness to sample. The IDEA Workbook, however, covers alone accidental almanac sampling. On the alternative hand, the ACL Workbook has a abundant added all-encompassing advantage of sampling. While auditing classes may betrayal some acceptance to sampling, generally they do not calculate, select, and appraise samples appliance statistical methods (e. g. , MUS). Aback appliance statistical commands in ACL, the adviser should accent compassionate statistical terminology, alive which statistical applications are adapted for which assay objectives, and interpreting ACL appraisal reports. Sampling is one of the added avant-garde applications of assay software and takes some alliteration to master. McCollum and Salierno (2003) address that 51 percent of centralized auditors surveyed use software, including ACL and IDEA, to ascertain fraud. (1) The IDEA Workbook devotes an absolute affiliate to appliance IDEA to ascertain fraud, authoritative it accessible to absorb artifice into the curriculum. Breadth 3 of the IDEA Workbook has acceptance complete an assay and artifice assay for accounts payable. The IDEA Workbook explains how artifice is committed in accounts payable, outlines bare assay tests, and again requires acceptance to complete a alternation of contest advised to bare fraud. Admitting the ACL Workbook provides alone bound advertence to appliance ACL for artifice detection, ACL and IDEA both accommodate agnate artifice apprehension capabilities. Examples of tasks that can be activated in a artifice apprehension ambience accommodate stratifications, extractions, alike key detections, abutting of databases, and appliance of Benford's Law. E. COMPETITION With the growing demands for BSA graduates, schools which are alms the advance additionally increase. Thirteen schools about Bulacan are additionally alms Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) namely: * Meycauayan Academy * St. Mary’s Academy of Meycauayan * La Consolacion University of the Philippines (formerly accepted as University of Regina Carmeli) * Baliuag University * ABE All-embracing Academy of Business and Accountancy * Colegio de San Pascual Baylon (formerly St. Pascual Institution) * Academy of Mary Immaculate * Academy of St. Lawrenc * Fernandez of Arts and Technology * Polytechnic University of the Philippines * Saint Paul Academy of San Miguel * Sto. Rosario Sapang Palay Academy * Bulacan Accompaniment University Because of this, it can be assured that the antagonism amid these schools is absolute strong. BU, MC, and LCUP are the aloft competitors of DYCI in alms BSA because they are already accustomed and has produced abounding CPAs. While the Academy of Accountancy in DYCI is aloof starting, it is not yet established, that is why alternative schools abnormally the three mentioned can calmly access its bazaar share. Another university which is one of the toughest competitors of DYCI is BSU. It started its operation in alms BSA aloof this academy year. Aback BSU is a accessible university which additionally offers low allegation fee, this could eat a ample allotment of alternative school’s bazaar allotment because acceptance academy acceptance accept a academy which provides affection apprenticeship at an affordable price. The antagonism that the Academy of Accountancy is adverse is not alone for the schools which cede the aforementioned advance but additionally from alternative best in appeal courses like BS in Advice Technology and from abstruse courses offered by the Abstruse Apprenticeship and Abilities Development Authority (TESDA). Because of this, it can cut the absolute bazaar allotment of BSA in Bulacan and as a consequence, the bazaar allotment of Academy of Accountancy in DYCI will additionally be affected. Because of the abutting and bound competition, Academy of Accountancy is absolute in allegation of acceptable business strategies and activity plan to avert and aggrandize its bazaar share. The antagonism that the Academy is adverse allegation serve as a blackmail so that connected advance will happen. F. LEGAL-POLITICAL There are additionally acknowledged base on the operation of schools alms BSA. One is CHED Memorandum Acclimation (CMO No. 03 or the Revised Policies and Standards for Bachelor of Science in Accountancy). This is in accordance with the pertinent accoutrement of Republic Act (RA) No. 7722, accepted as the “Higher Apprenticeship Act of 1994”. Its purpose is to locally accept the All-embracing Apprenticeship Standards in Accounting Apprenticeship as assigned by the All-embracing Federation of Accountants with the aim of befitting standards in accounting apprenticeship in the country commensurable with the claim of the all-around workplace. It has sixty four (64) sections and sixteen (16) accessories accouterment the rules, regulations and accepted procedures for the operation of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy such as adequacy standards, adroitness and administration, curriculum, library, advisory standards, acceptance and assimilation standards, research, bond and affiliations, achievement for graduates standards, and others. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS A. COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIX (CPM) The afterward are the key success factors that colleges and universities should possess: 1. Affordable Academy Fees – Academy fees should be reasonable and payable. It includes allegation fee, assorted fee, and alternative fees. 2. Cardinal Breadth – The abode of the academy should be aural adeptness and abutting to its abeyant ambition market. 3. Academy Accessories – The academy should be awful facilitated and accessory for learning. 4. Scholarship - The academy should acceptance scholarships to admirable students. 5. Adroitness –The academy should accommodate competent and awful able advisers that will accommodate acceptance with affection education. 6. Popularity/ Positioning/ Advance – An absorbing cachet of colleges and universities in the minds of its ambition bazaar should be established. Promotional strategies should be agitated out to accomplish the ambition bazaar acquainted of the product. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan Rating: 1 - Aloft weakness 2 - Minor weakness 3 - Minor backbone 4 - Aloft backbone Key Success Factors| | DYCI| MC| LCUP| | Weight| Rating| Score| Rating| Score| Rating| Score| 1. Affordable Academy Fees| 0. 25| 4| 1| 4| 1| 3| 0. 75| 2. Cardinal Location| 0. 15| 4| 0. 60| 4| 0. 60| 3| 0. 45| 3. Academy Facilities| 0. 0| 3| 0. 30| 3| 0. 30| 3| 0. 30| 4. Scholarship| 0. 20| 4| 0. 80| 3| 0. 60| 3| 0. 60| 5. Faculty| 0. 15| 3| 0. 45| 4| 0. 60| 4| 0. 60| 6. Positioning/Promotion/Popularity| 0. 20| 3| 0. 60| 3| 0. 60| 3| 0. 60| Absolute abounding score:| 1. 0| 3. 75| 3. 70| 3. 30| The Advancing Contour Cast (CPM) shows that the Academy of Accountancy of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI) got the accomplished absolute abounding annual of 3. 75 over its competitors who alone got a absolute abounding annual of 3. 70 for Meycauayan Academy (MC), and 3. 30 for La Consolacion University of the Philippines. The CPM summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary institution. Given the ratings and weight for anniversary key success factors, a cessation ascertains that the DYCI performs best compared to the two alternative schools. The table shows that with annual to academy fees, DYCI and MC activity abundant affordable fee compared to LCUP. DYCI’s and MC’s allegation fees are Php 420. 92 per assemblage and Php 552. 00 per assemblage appropriately which are almost lower compared to LCUP’s Php 687. 06 fee per unit. As commendations to the location, both DYCI and MC are cardinal aback it is forth the McArthur artery and both are abutting to its ambition market. On the contrary, LCUP’s breadth is not that advantageous aback the belt is isolated. As commendations to the facilities, the three schools got agnate array aback the adverse is insignificant. Regarding the scholarship, DYCI got the accomplished annual as it offers added scholarships like Bookish Scholarship, MSY Scholarship, Ancestors Council Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Apprentice Assistant Scholarship, and alternative Special Scholarships and discounts acceptance to admirable acceptance compared to the two schools. As commendations to the adroitness staff, MC and LCUP got the accomplished rank while DYCI got the added aerial rank. It is for the acumen that advisers in MC and LCUP are abundant added competent and awful able than advisers of DYCI. And lastly, if the positioning, advance and/or acceptance are to be considered, the three schools will rank appropriately aback MC and LCUP’s acceptance and accession is aerial because they are accustomed schools already while DYCI’s acceptance and advance is additionally aerial aback it has a able business activity authoritative the academy popular. B. Average Average Average Aerial Aerial Acceding Adeptness of Barter Animosity Amid Competitors Blackmail of Acting Articles Access of New Competitors Acceding Adeptness of Suppliers PORTER’S 5 FORCES OF COMPETITION Animosity amid Competitors The animosity amid competitors is high. Several colleges and universities in Bulacan activity BS Accountancy. The affair of antagonism is accounted to be aural the achievement of the schools’ BSA program, and the cost. The apprentice may conceivably accept schools that has a able-bodied accustomed BSA affairs and has apparent cast equity. In affiliation to that, an acceptance determines that DYCI’s capital competitors are MC and LCUP. Undoubtedly; MC and LCUP has boxy cast disinterestedness on affection apprenticeship aback both schools accept been in the industry for a continued time and accept accurate the aloft affection of its BSA affairs as arena on the aloft Civic Casual Allotment of its Lath Passers. In affiliation with the cost, antagonism is additionally high. Although DYCI offers affordable allegation fee, still there are others schools like accessible colleges or universities that offers abundant lower fees. Abeyant Development of Acting Articles The abeyant development of acting articles is high. Barter is assured aback academy offers array of courses to the acceptance that are in fact, in appeal nowadays. The apprentice may opt to accept abbreviate appellation courses that accord them the aforementioned befalling as what BS Accountancy provides. The apprentice may accept courses like BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS Nursing, BS Tourism, BS Marine Transportation and/or BS Advice Technology, as it will attainable their approaching careers abroad. Likewise, the apprentice may accept government’s bookish programs like TESDA which offers chargeless abstruse courses and breadth job is assured. Considering these alternatives, a cessation is fabricated that barter is easy. Abeyant Access of New Competitors The beyond the advance and alternative assets bare to access the industry, the bottom the possibilities that new competitors will access the market. In reality, establishing colleges and universities is cher as it requires huge advance of financial, human, abstruse and business resources. Considering this fact, the blackmail of new entrants is absolute minimal. However, absolute colleges or universities which haven’t yet offered BS Accountancy may be advised as abeyant new competitors. Those schools adeptness administer to activity the affairs in the approaching that would aftereffect to addition competition. Alternative factors that should be advised in chargeless the abeyant access of new competitors are to accept the economies of calibration and to authorize artefact differentiation. The economies of calibration ahead access of new competitors as it may advance them to bulk disadvantage. For instance, a new adversary may be amiss in the admeasurement of bazaar consistent to added costs and beneath accumulation clashing if it has a beyond cardinal of markets breadth the costs spent may be compensated by the accretion and the antithesis after-effects to added profit. Similarly, the artefact adverse deters access of new competitors. It states that already the cast angel is formed, again it is difficult for any alternative close to acquaint new cast into the bazaar unless it has low bulk and aloft quality. Considering those issues, threats of new competitors is said to be at the medium. Acceding Adeptness of Suppliers A close technically may allegation aerial prices for any act, performance, or annual it renders to customers. A close employing a artefact acclimatization is chiefly anxious with the affection of its own product. A close has a aerial adeptness in acceding aback it believes that as continued as its artefact has aerial standards and quality, barter would still buy and absorb the product. But in case of DYCI, acuteness of supplier’s adeptness is at average level. The academy cannot accept a aerial access in allegation fees because the ample percentages of its ambition bazaar are busted acceptance and it holds that in acclimation to advance its ambition market, the academy should ahead the needs and wants of costumers and amuse these added finer than competitors by authoritative the allegation fees added affordable as abundant as accessible for its accepted ambition bazaar analyze to alternative schools who accept absolute aerial allegation fees. Bargaining Adeptness of Barter Acceding adeptness of chump is the adeptness to access the ambience of prices. Barter exercise added adeptness aback they are large-volume buyers, the accent of artefact and casework of addition abroad or alternative firms. The acuteness of the acceding adeptness of barter of DYCI is medium. Alike there were increases on the allotment of aggregate of BS Accountancy acceptance every academy year, it’s still not actual to accomplish the customers’ adeptness high. Because of the amusing cachet of the customers, they don’t accept the banking adeptness or best to about-face to alternative schools who activity aerial affection apprenticeship with agnate aerial allegation fees. BS Accountancy advance costs about P17,867. 43 in absolute bulk of allegation fee and alternative fees for aboriginal year acceptance analyze with alternative schools with abundant lower fees such as BSU,PUP Sta. Maria, CSL, and others, but still the acceptance accept DYCI breadth acceptance aboriginal year acceptance accept the ample cardinal in the aggregate of COA enrollees because the academy has affection apprenticeship acceptance of its low allegation fees. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan Business Mix (8P’s)| DYCI| MC| LCUP| 1. Product| BS in Accountancy| BS in AccountancyBS in Accounting Technology| BS in AccountancyBS in Accounting Technology| 2. Price| Allegation Fee: Php 420. 2 per unit| Allegation Fee: Php 552 per unit| Allegation Fee: Php 687. 06 per assemblage | 3. Place| Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan| Meycauayan City, Bulacan| Malolos City, Bulacan| 4. Promotion| * Tarpaulin * Leaflets * Academy Attack * Word of Mouth * Campus website| * Tarpaulin * Brochure * Official Website * Word of Mouth| * Tarpaulin * Brochure * Official Website * Word of Mouth| 5. People| * Advisers are awful qualified. * Advisers are CPAs. | * Advisers are competent and awful qualified. * All Advisers are CPAs and accept masters’ bulk and/or doctoral degree. * Aloft subjects’ advisers are full-timer. * Advisers are competent and awful qualified. * All advisers are CPAs, MBAs and/or Lawyers. * Bisected of the advisers are full-timer. | 6. Process| 1. Ample out the Acceptance Anatomy at the Apprentice Personnel Casework Office. 2. Pay the access assay fee at the Academy Cashier. 3. Go aback to the Apprentice Personnel Casework Office, present the cancellation and booty the access assay and the access interview. 4. Submit the requirements placed in continued amber blanket to the corresponding Academy Offices. 5. Get a Certificate of Matriculation (COM) to the Academy Appointment Assistant and ample out the bare information. 6. Get a apprentice cardinal at the Registrar’s Office. 7. Submit the COM and pay at atomic 50% of the absolute acceptance fee to the Academy Cashier. | 1. Proceed to the Registrar’s Appointment for approval of the afterward requirements: Anatomy 138 (Report Card), Certificate of Acceptable Moral Character, two 1”x1” ID picture. 2. Booty the access assay at the Guidance and Testing Center. | 1. Submit the afterward requirements to the Registrar’s Office: Anatomy 138(Report Card), Original archetype and Photocopy of Birth Certificate, Certificate of Acceptable Moral Character, four 2”x2” ID picture. 2. Booty the University Access Examination. 3. Accept the annual with the Dean of Apprentice Affairs and Departments’ Dean. | 7. Physical Evidence| * Academy UniformMale: Violet polo and Atramentous pantsFemale: Violet Blouse and Charcoal Gray Slacks * Identification Agenda * Classrooms and alternative academy accessories * Academy Logo| * Academy UniformMale: White polo and atramentous pantsFemale: White continued sleeve and atramentous brim * Identification Agenda * Classrooms and alternative academy accessories * Academy Logo| * Academy Compatible * Identification Agenda * Classrooms and alternative academy accessories * University Logo| 8. Personalization| Provides assorted case studies and problems analytic to betrayal acceptance to the accurate attributes of a bearings and appraise applicative attempt and techniques. | * Competent and awful able advisers are fabricated accessible to bear affection education. * Apparatus Assimilation Program. | * Apparatus Computerized Accounting. * Apparatus Assimilation Program. Competent and awful able advisers are fabricated accessible to bear affection education. | Business Mix is the set of business accoutrement that the close uses to accompany its business objectives in the ambition market. In service, business mix refers to the 8P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Concrete Evidence, and Personalization. The table aloft displays the allegory of the business mix of the DYCI, MC, and LCUP. If the artefact is to be taken into account, MC and LCUP is added advantageous aback it accommodate options for the ambition market, that is to booty BS Accountancy or to booty BS Accounting Technology which becomes a disadvantage for the DYCI because it can alone activity BS Accountancy. Apparently, the bazaar will accept schools that will accommodate them choices. As to the price, the ambition bazaar may possibly accept schools which activity low allegation fee. In this case, DYCI has a abundant achievability of accepting the bazaar aback amid the three, DYCI offers abundant economical bulk for the ambition market. As commendations to the promotion, DYCI is advised to be the best advancing as arena in its promotional strategies such as Advertising, in the anatomy of tarpaulins and leaflets, Personal Selling through academy campaign, and Direct Business appliance the school’s official website. As commendations to the people, advisers in MC and LCUP are accounted to be added competent and awful qualified. With commendations to the process, acceptance applying in DYCI will go through several procedures afore acceptance into the college, while in MC and LCUP, it alone takes a few activity for the acceptance of students. Thus, the activity for acceptance is added acceptable in MC and LCUP. Concrete affirmation is the actual allotment of the service. It additionally serves as a agency of business communication. The concrete evidences acclimated by the schools are its uniform, identification card, classrooms and alternative accessories and the logo. Aftermost is the personalization of the schools. Personalization agency abacus casework that will accommodated the market’s accurate needs or preferences. Anniversary academy has altered personalization. In this case DYCI focuses on accouterment its acceptance with assorted case studies and problems analytic to adapt the acceptance for their approaching careers. On the alternative hand, MC differs itself from others by accouterment the acceptance with competent and awful able advisers that will accommodated the appeal for affection apprenticeship and additionally by implementing Assimilation Program. Likewise, LCUP provides the acceptance with competent and awful able professors; apparatus Assimilation Program; and use Computerized Accounting Arrangement for apprenticeship which makes it altered from others. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. Academy of Accountancy Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan | DYCI| MC| LCUP| Strengths| 1. Affordable allegation fee 2. Assorted scholarship programs 3. Cardinal Breadth 4. Awful Able advisers 5. Affection apprenticeship 6. Continuously accretion assets 7. Availability of apartment 8. Availability of accent and computer laboratories 9. Arduous advance claim (marketing plan, assay papers, case analysis) 10. Participation of acceptance in assorted extra-curricular activities and programs 11. Able student-faculty accord 12. Affiliated with NFJPIA 13. Analysis in ReviewCenters is included in the Curriculum| 1. Boxy Cast Disinterestedness 2. Competent and awful able advisers 3. Aloft Accountable Advisers are full-timers 4. Aerial affection apprenticeship 5. Availability and acceptable cardinal of Accounting and Accounting-Related Books in the Library 6. Triumph of acceptance to alien and inter-collegiate activities 7. Affiliated with NFJPIA 8. Cardinal Breadth 9. Accepting refresher capacity in the aftermost division of BSA Program| 1. Boxy Cast Disinterestedness 2. Competent and awful able advisers 3. University Cachet 4. Apparatus Computerized Accounting Arrangement for Apprenticeship 5. Affiliated with audible business and schools organizations 6. 50% of the advisers are full-timers 7. Aerial affection apprenticeship 8. Triumph of acceptance to alien and inter-collegiate activities 9. Has abstracted business administration 10. Accepting refresher capacity in the aftermost division of BSA Program| Weaknesses| 1. Beneath abounding time adroitness associates 2. Unavailability and bereft cardinal of adapted Accounting and Accounting-Related Books and analysis abstracts in the Academy Library 3. Absence of Computerized Accounting Arrangement for Apprenticeship 4. Bereft co-curricular Accountancy-related activities such as seminars and workshops 5. Bereft apartment for Accountancy 6. Untrained participants for Accounting Quiz Bowls and alternative intercollegiate activities 7. Abridgement of advice abilities development affairs 8. Absence of refresher capacity in the chic of BSA Program| 1. Poor Business Activity 1. Absence of Computerized Accounting Arrangement for Apprenticeship 2. Abridgement of advice abilities development affairs 3. Analysis in ReviewCenters is not included in the Curriculum| 1. Non-Strategic Breadth 2. Bereft cardinal of adapted Accounting and Accounting-Related Books in the Library 3. Bereft co- curricular Accountancy-related activities such as seminars and workshops 4. Abridgement of advice abilities development affairs 4. Analysis in ReviewCenters is not included in the Curriculum| Opportunities| 1. Abeyant advance accreditation 2. Appliance for University Cachet 3. Abeyant affiliations to audible business and academy organizations 4. Abeyant enrollees from DYCI H. S. Administration and adjacent 5. Abeyant enrollees from adjacent aerial schools accepting Accounting capacity as Electives 6. Industry Appeal for BSA graduates 7. Abeyant alms of BS Accounting Technology| 1. Abeyant affiliations to audible business and academy organizations 2. On activity accreditation for IQUAME 3. Abeyant enrollees from MC H. S. Administration 4. Abeyant advisers from MC Alum Academy Administration 5. Industry Appeal for BSA graduates| 1. Industry Appeal for BSA graduates 2. Abeyant enrollees from LCUP H. S. Administration 3. Abeyant advisers from LCUP Alum Academy Department| Threats| 1. Establishment of new institutional schools 2. Abutting antagonism with alternative colleges and universities in and out of Bulacan alms BS Accountancy 3. Firm antagonism with TESDA, abstruse and alternative in appeal courses like BSBA, BSIT, BSHRM and others. 4. Pursuance of K12 educational arrangement in the Philippines| 1. Establishment of new institutional schools 2. Breadth of Battling Schools are abreast the campus 3. Close antagonism with TESDA, abstruse and alternative in appeal courses like BSBA, BSIT, BSHRM and others. 4. Pursuance of K12 educational arrangement in the Philippines| 1. Establishment of new institutional schools 2. BSA alms by Bulacan Accompaniment University 3. Close antagonism with TESDA, abstruse and alternative in appeal courses like BSBA, BSIT, BSHRM and others. 4. Pursuance of K12 educational arrangement in the Philippines| Strengths Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. College of Accountancy’s aloft strengths are assorted affordable allegation fee, scholarship programs and cardinal breadth compared with best of the alternative colleges and universities in and out of Bulacan. Acceptance of accepting affordable allegation fee, the academy still caters a affection apprenticeship for the acceptance because alike admitting the Academy of Accountancy of DYCI was alone accustomed on 2005 compared with others, the academy has already produced CPA Lath Assay Passers for 2 afterwards years. The acceptance are actuality accomplished to accomplish and breach advance requirements such as business plans, assay affidavit and admeasure of case studies for the acceptance to advance their analytic abilities and to apprentice altered techniques and access to breach business and banking problems. Most of the advisers of DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy are masters in their own fields, accounting advisers are all CPAs and best of the accounting advisers were graduates and part-timers of aristocratic and accepted universities like University of the East, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and others, breadth in, what these advisers abstruse from the alum schools are actuality aggregate with the students. The academy has able student-faculty relationship, breadth in the advisers are consistently affective the acceptance to accord their best all the time and to addition their aplomb and focus themselves in studies. The academy offers abounding scholarship programs to accord affairs to admirable but beneath advantageous acceptance for them to access and accomplishment academy and advice the acceptance in transforming their simple lives into acknowledged and alarming acceptance and to accomplish their dreams alarming realities. The academy has cardinal breadth because it is forth Mc Arthur Artery and it is accessible to go and acquisition its breadth for those who appetite to analyze and it is abreast from altered municipalities and cities of Bulacan like Bocaue, Sta. Maria, Marilao, Meycauayan, Balagtas, Guiguinto, Malolos, and others. BS Accountancy acceptance of DYCI are additionally actively accommodating in the seminars, talks and alternative extra-curricular activities, through these, the acceptance will undertake appear wholistic development and affiliation in activating association as anatomic associates of the activity force, additionally the acceptance would accretion adeptness about the absolute apple of accounting, the opportunities they can grab afterwards admission and casual the CPA Lath Assay and all the allowances and advantages they could get. DYCI has additionally strengths with comes to accessories such as a big and accessory Library, Audio-Visual rooms, covered court, several abundance rooms, aliment court, apprentice lounge which is a Wi-Fi zone, medical and dental clinic, science, accent and affection computer laboratories, and availability of air-conditioned apartment from alternative colleges and H. S department. Weaknesses Acceptance of the assorted able credibility that DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy has, it still has imperfections and weaknesses that are bare to be advance and pay attention. Aboriginal is that best of the advisers are alone part-timers that can accident the advantages that the academy and acceptance can get from accepting abounding time professors. This affects the schedules of the acceptance aback part-timers are alone accessible to accept chic during weekends and backward hours which is about not that activated for the students, appropriately it after-effects an alternate schedules for best of the students. Due of accepting added part-timer professors, participants for Accounting Quiz Bowls and alternative inter-collegiate activities were not accepting abode in the accounting competitions because they don’t accept abounding time advisers be their trainer, what they alone accept are part-timers who accept specific agenda for their capacity and they will not go to DYCI if they don’t accept classes. Clashing alternative colleges and universities which are allocation time for the analysis and training of their participants by the appointed abounding time professors. The band-aid for these two weaknesses is hiring added abounding time advisers by appliance the Backbone Cardinal 6 of DYCI which is accepting connected accretion assets due to accretion citizenry of Accountancy Acceptance every year. Abridgement of advice abilities development affairs is addition anemic point of the college. Alike admitting accountants are appointment bodies or consistently adverse accounting abstracts such as ledgers and journals, advice and speaking abilities are still important for accountancy students. A abstraction about the advice abilities of accounting graduates advantaged “An Assay of the Business Advice Abilities Bare by Entry-Level Accountants” was performed by David S. Christensen and David Rees of Southern Utah University which accompaniment that “Recent surveys of administration of accounting graduates affirm that advice abilities are important in advancing acceptance to assignment as accountants (Lee and Blaszcynski 1999, Lau and Rans 1993). Lee and Blaszcynski surveyed Fortune 500 admiral apropos abilities bare by entry-level accountants. Seventy-one respondents acquainted that accounting adeptness was best important, with advice abilities second. Similarly, in a analysis of accounting alumni, Lau and Rans appear that advice abilities were ranked added important to career success than interpersonal skills, bookish ability, abstruse accounting knowledge, and accepted business knowledge. ” The chic of the academy alone includes English capacity about autograph and absence of accent and advice subject. Despite the actuality that the acceptance were accustomed the adventitious to angle in avant-garde of the chic through advertisement or case abstraction defense, still, the training for advice is not enough. The acceptance still acquisition speaking and autograph in English absolutely difficult. The acknowledgment for this botheration is implementing advice abilities development affairs by appliance the Backbone Cardinal 8 which is accepting a accent laboratory. Addition weakness of DYCI’s Academy of Accountancy is abridgement of computerized accounting systems for apprenticeship compared with alternative institutions who offers computerized accounting and BS Accounting Technology. DYCI has computer laboratories with adapted and affection set of computers, accordingly the academy of Accountancy can alter its chic for I. T accountable to be added accompanying with accounting and to be added productive. The academy can apparatus this by appliance their big assets or funds. Alike admitting the academy has a big and accessory Academy Library, still, it does not accept accessible and acceptable cardinal of adapted Accounting and Accounting-Related Books analysis materials. This is a absolute important breadth because Accountancy acceptance do not aloof accretion adeptness from their advisers but additionally from account altered Accounting books that could advice them to added accept accounting acquaint and additionally availability of analysis abstracts is cogent not alone for 5th year apprentice but for all akin to accept avant-garde readings. The academy could access this by allurement chargeless books from NFJPIA or by affairs latest affection books for accounting, accounting-related books and analysis books. The academy can accompany the accordant seminars that will be organized by the NFJPIA and the JPIA admiral of Academy of Accountancy could abiding workshops breadth in the acceptance could accretion adeptness and benefits. Accepting not abundant classrooms endemic by the academy is addition weakness of COA. The academy alone has apartment as its clearly endemic classrooms. It is not applicable for the 200 additional acceptance which can be acquainted abnormally during composition classes and assay aeon which academy finds it difficult and time-consuming to attending for a abandoned allowance to do the composition chic aback it is out of the schedule. This botheration can be apparent by authoritative a able-bodied administration of classrooms of alternative courses and alike the H. S. administration to aerate the use and adaptation of all the classrooms which is Backbone cardinal 7 of DYCI. Opportunities The Academy of Accountancy has ample abundance of opportunities that will accomplish the citizenry of Accountancy bigger and will added advance the affection apprenticeship that the academy is offering. The appliance for accepting University Cachet of DYCI and the advance accreditation could accommodate advantages for the school. It can accompany added job opportunities because a acclaimed university gives a bit of an bend over the others in the job market. As administration accept this acumen of the acceptance accepting the accomplished bulk of adeptness and abilities from the accepted courses or schools which beggarly that acceptance are added competent to get the job done. Administration would additionally anticipate that acceptance are able to handle the burden because they came from a awful advancing university. Furthermore, abounding bodies accept aerial commendations for accepted courses and universities and this sets the acceptance afar from alternative applicants. Added is accepting a aerial affection education. A advance or academy that is accepted agency they accept met the standards that the Commissioners of Academy Apprenticeship has set. A academy could never be accepted with a poor apprenticeship arrangement and if they don’t accept the bare accessories to enhance a student’s mind. Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia University accept the accompaniment of the art accessories and accept the best apprenticeship system. You can additionally acquisition the finest adroitness associates in their school. These universities are one of the top accepted schools throughout the apple and it is no admiration why acceptance dream of entering their academy area because of the bulk of knowledge, training and abilities that you can apprentice from them. Accreditation will aftereffect to easier affiliations to audible business and academy organizations not alone actuality in Bulacan but civic and alike worldwide, through these affiliations the acceptability of the academy will accession and could accompany competitiveness for the school. There is a aerial anticipation that aerial academy graduates from DYCI would booty their tertiary akin in the aforementioned academy because they are already adequate with the ambiance and they will not be defective acclimation and additionally the actuality of accepting 40% abatement in allegation fees and the top 10 of accepting 100% abatement for the aerial academy alumni will assertive the acceptance to be added activated and to abstraction academy at DYCI. Aerial academy alum from adjacent schools will accommodate abeyant because there are abounding acceptance who do not appetite to abstraction in far schools. The academy can accomplish plans, strategies and activity to get the abeyant enrollees from aerial schools accepting Accounting capacity as Electives to accord them the adeptness about the allowances and opportunities they could access afterwards admission Accountancy and afterwards casual the CPA Lath Examination. The arch befalling of accepting Accountancy courses is that it is in appeal in the industry. As is about the case, business and engineering majors, additional those earning degrees in abstruse fields, including computer science, are best in appeal at the bachelor's bulk level," writes the Civic Association of Colleges and Administration (NACE) in its "2011 Job Outlook". While some studies breach bottomward which degrees are best accepted nationwide, NACE's abstraction is altered in that it acclamation administration and asks them to anticipation their hiring intentions. The Cardinal 1 in appeal advance is Accountancy and abutting is Finance. The allocation of the address is apparent below. In-Demand Bulk #1 - Accounting Alive how to apprehend and antithesis a banking spreadsheet could appear in accessible aback business yourself to companies. When asked for your skill-set, you'll be able to acknowledge confidently that you are accomplished in the latest accounting theories and practices and apperceive how to use the best accepted software. In-Demand Career Prospects: Employment opportunities for accountants will acceleration 22 percent through 2018, according to the U. S. Administration of Labor. Closely accompanying careers accommodate account analysts and accommodation officers. Accompanying Careers and Boilerplate Salaries:* Accommodation Officer: $65,900 Accountant: $68,960 Account Analyst: $70,660 In-Demand Bulk #2 - Finance Appetite to affect high-level business employers? Compassionate the markets and how businesses raise

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