Marketing Plan (Innisfree)

Innisfree is a accustomed cast that shares the allowances of attributes from the aboriginal island of Jeju acceptance for active adorableness and pursues an eco-friendly blooming activity to bottle the antithesis of nature. Innisfree’s snail mask, which is our new product, is this business plan’s character. Snail Affectation is actual accepted and its bazaar advance is abiding because snail affectation is actual advantageous to assure and adjustment the skin. Our ambition bazaar is the average chic and the alcove of barter are both changeable and male. Also, age administration is about 21 to 50 years old. Besides, the antagonism of the business is appear from altered countries such as Etude house, Attributes republic in Korea, Shu uemura Shiseido in Japan and Lancôme, Estee lauder in America. Therefore, the antagonism of business is acutely competitive. The SWOT analysis Strength:  Our product’s blueprint is different – clashing alternative brands. Use 3 years for analysis and development this snail mask. The capacity of our snail affectation are in aerial quality. Our branch has abounding all-embracing machines – we can accept accumulation production. Weaknesses: The affairs amount is aerial as the assembly amount is high. The amalgamation of our snail affectation is not attractive. We cannot bandy a lot of money and assets of this artefact as our aggregation has abounding alternative skincare products. Opportunities: Rising of South Korean appearance – Hong Kong bodies are afflicted by the Korean dramas, pop music and idols. Increase the aplomb of affairs Korean skincare articles – acceptable accessible reputation Men now pay absorption on their images and alpha to assure their bark by application skincare products. Hong Kong women’s purchasing ability on skincare articles is high. Threats: The ascent amount of bill amount (RMB) – the accomplishment amount become college and college as our branch is set in mainland. The acclimate action of Hong Kong is not as dry as South Korea. Bodies may not use our snail affectation frequently. The trend of the medical adorableness analysis is ascent – the acceptable masks are not adorable enough. Target of sales revenue& bazaar share First of all, the snail affectation is priced at $30 HK dollars anniversary and advancing to advertise 300,000.Therefore; we accepted to acquire 1.5 actor for sales revenue. It is because the snail affectation is new product, we do not apprehend too abundant in sales revenue. Also, we apprehend that the snail affectation accept 5% in the bazaar share. Describing the answer product First, Moisturizing, bark whitening and renewing the bark beef are the 3 above factors that Hong Kong bodies mostly concerned. Our snail affectation has 80% of Snail Secretion Filtrate. This additive can advice to access the animation of bark finer and abate the damaged skin. Also, amid all snail masks from alternative brands in the market, our artefact contains the accomplished absorption of Snail Secretion Filtrate. And we add almond oil and aloe vera in adjustment to access the damp of the mask, add milk for bark whitening. Second, Hong Kong bodies like artefact in aerial affection and effective. Although our snail mask’s affairs amount is a bit college than alternative brands, we can ensure that our capacity are accustomed and appear from France so that the affection is safe and good. Moreover, for the cardboard mask, it is distinctively formulated with 3D technology. It provides absolute wearability to the affectation and acquiesce the analysis aspect bound bore into the skin. Third, Hong Kong bodies are actual advisable of allotment masks. Our aggregation is a acclaimed Korean skincare aggregation and has acceptable reputation. And we additionally accept branches in Hong Kong. In adjustment to accretion customers’ trust, they can retrieve their money if the artefact has any problems. Lastly, the needs of men advancement their bark are rising. Therefore, our product’s different blueprint can be fit both men’s and women’s skin. It is acceptable and couples can advance their bark calm by application our mask. The ambition chump in HK After our deliberations, we absitively that the snail affectation alone launched in Hong Kong. One of the acumen is Hong Kong is afflicted by the South Korean appearance deeply, decidedly corrective products. Bodies in Hong Kong accept a requirement of aerial affection bark affliction artefact .They accept aplomb of the Korea cast and accessible to body cast angel and loyalty. Furthermore, no amount macho or female, they advance their bark by application bark affliction products. So we accept the ambition chump in Hong Kong as the artefact is almost accessible to access the bazaar and advice aggregation to acquire profit. On the contrary, we do not accept the ambition chump in China. It is because we achievement the snail can aboriginal try the temperature of a abate market. Promotion tools Advertising Endorser Invite Korean accepted idols - Kang Gary and Song ji hyo. They comedy as Monday brace of active man which is the accepted TV affairs in Korea and Hong Kong. As our artefact is acceptable for both macho and female, our advance firstly focus on couples’ bazaar of Hong Kong. Their couple’s images are acceptable for announcement our product. We will ask them to appear to Hong Kong to advance the snail mask. Mtr Base and Bus stop Set a affiche at the ablaze box of mtr base and bus stop. Transportation can calmly acquaintance with ambition market, because there are able flows of bodies at anniversary accessible carriage confluence, The anticipation of contacting ambition chump will be increase. Facebook Because facebook is the best accepted amusing website in the world, the cardinal of users accounted for 16% of the world, at Hong Kong it has 3.65 actor users. We will authorize the admirers folio on facebook, additionally the aboriginal 100 users who bang like to our folio can get a balloon artefact of affectation free. They can get it from our boutique in Mong Kok . It can access the adventitious of contacting ambition chump and chargeless balloon artefact can accomplish users accord us a feedback. TV advertising It is the best able abstraction of advertising, because TV is accepted in this 21st century, TV is in everywhere. Although application TV adverting is expensive, it can acquaintance with ambition chump effectively. We will ask our announcement advocate to blur an advertisment for our products. Additionally it charge be high frequency of assuming at night, it can focus on the couples’ market Youtube channel Youtube is the best accepted video-share website in the world. Every video starts arena on youtube, you charge watch a baby advertisement first, but the time alone accept fifteen seconds. We can accomplish a abbreviate advertisment and still including our announcement endorser. Others We will organise some artery advance in alternative to allure bodies who do not use Facebook regularly. And we will appoint some models to administer some balloon artefact to the banal who fit our ambition group. Budget for promotion The absolute account is $700000 HKD. Advertising Endorser---------$300000HKD (it has a abatement already, because we are the bounded aggregation of Korea) Mtr Base and Bus stop-------------$100000HKD Facebook-----------$10000HKD (including the sample, the salaries of technology team) TV advertising---------------$200000HKD Youtube-----------$70000HKD For others -----------$20000HKD (including accepting any accident) Action Plan Find Korean Agents Aggregation to altercate the arrangement of those two accepted idols and align the agenda of their job. The abode of balloon artefact administration will set up at city like Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, it attracts added customers. Contact with KMB and MTR, altercate the arrangement and the adjustment of our poster. Contact with TVB and Youtube HK to altercate the assuming time of our advertisement.

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