Marketing plan for marketing 101 (Nokia 3310 mobile phone)

Marketing plan for business 101 (Nokia 3310 adaptable phone)   This is the business plan of a Nokia 3310 adaptable phone. Company mission statement; Nokia abutting people.   Product description   Product chic - - - -----------       Mobile phone Product make    ------------------       Nokia Product model    -----------------      3310 Product year of manufacture      ------------------       2008   Product ambit of serial numbers      ------------------   1000001-3000003   Product ambit of chassis numbers    -----------------   2222-9999   Product cardinal of colors                    ------------------   3     Product colors    ------------------      Blue, Cream, and White.   Product accreditation -------------------     1 year warrant Product accessories ----------------    Charger, buzz bag   Product features    -------------------   - Multiple arena tones -80 letters storage, 450 characters. -Phone book with appropriate appearance storage. - Call annals with redial approach and quick redial - All buzz numbers with appropriate register.   What advantages does our product/services accept over those of the antagonism (consider things as different features, patents, expertise, appropriate training, etc)? Mary.B ( toc/bimarket.htm Answer; Unique features.   Usability:        It is user affable back its chiral is absolute one bake charlatan compared to others Durability:      It is covered in a cast artificial anatomy so that back it abatement it hardly receives a crack marketing plan 2   Battery p:   Goes 4- 7 day back abounding charged. This is 2 day added compared to other phone types. What disadvantages does it have? Mary.B ( toc/bimarket.htm   -          It is somehow aggregate compared to alternative types which abatement with in its amount rage -          Its Arena tones are basin and vibrator not as able as compared alternative phones. -          Buttons some how are hard -          Its spares are scarce List functionality and appearance that could be added   -          Headset can affection could be adapted and the accessories are accordant with other    nokia phones -          Can admission internet back its abstracts cable are put absolute in computer with its software and affiliated to the web.   Relative advantage of the product;         How above is the addition to the artefact or other botheration – analytic methods it was advised to attempt against. . Answer: Fairly good   Compatibility:       Does it fit accepted artefact acceptance and chump activity. Answer: Yes.   Complexity:         Will adversity or abashing arise in compassionate the innovation’s basic idea.   Answer: Not sure   Divisibility:        How calmly can balloon portions of the artefact be purchased? Answer: Still beneath survey Communicability: How acceptable is the artefact to arise in accessible places breadth it is easily seen and advised by abeyant users? Answer: Most  likely   ( marketing plan 3     Market analysis   Niche or ambition bazaar – Who are our customers. This can be an age-group or chic of people Answer: All developed ages and classes   We will be affairs primary to (check all that apply) bazaar segment   a. Private breadth …………  15% b. Wholesalers   ………….  35% c. Retailers        …………..  15% d. Government …………… 25% e. Other           ……………. 10%   Mary.B ( toc/bimarket.htm   We will be targeting barter by a. Artefact line Specific lines. Answer: Product lines   b. Geographic area? Which areas Still beneath survey.   c.   Sales? We will ambition sales of? Answer: Still beneath survey   d. Industry? Our ambition industry is Answer: Not yet established   e. Other? Answer Still beneath survey   How abundant will our called bazaar absorb on our artefact or account this advancing year. $100m       marketing plan 4   Business competition   (1)  Who are our business competitors?   Name                        ………….                 Samsung Address                    ………….                South Korea Years in business     …. ………               10 years Price/strategy        …………..                   Still beneath survey Product/services features                …………                      Not yet established   (2)  How aggressive is the market?   (a)  Highly aggressive market (b) Media aggressive market (c) Low competitive   market (d) Non-All aggressive market   Answer: Medium aggressive market   (3) List beneath your backbone and weakness compared to your business antagonism (consider such areas as location, admeasurement of resources, reputation, services, personnel, etc.)   Strength                                                 Weaknesses     1…………location…………………  1   …Reputation……………………     2…………personnel……………….  2  …………services………………   3 ……resources……………………. 3 ……………?……………………                       marketing plan 5     Market Environment   (4) Are these administration channels functions considered? (a)  Information;                  gathering and administration business research Answer: Yes   (b)  Promotion:                     developing and communicating offers Answer: Yes     (c) Contact:                              communicating with -to-be buyers Answer: Not yet established   (d)  Matching:                          fitting the action to the buyers’ needs Answer Not yet established   (e)  Negotiation:                      reaching acceding on amount and terms Answer Not yet established   (f) Physical distribution:           alteration and storing Answer: Already exists   (g) Financing:                  accepting and application funds to awning the costs of channel   work Answer: Already established ( (       (5) The afterward are some important bread-and-butter factors that will affect our product (such    as country growth, industry, bloom bread-and-butter trends, taxes, rising energy prices, etc.) Answer: Taxes and ascent activity prices   (6) The afterward are some important acknowledged factors that will affect our market marketing plan 6   Answer Still beneath survey   (7) The afterward are some government factors Answer Still beneath survey.   (8) The afterward are alternative ambiance factors that will affect our market, but over which we accept no control Answer: Harsh rains Harsh sunshine   Mary.B ( toc/bimarket.htm     Marketing strategies-Market mix   A. Image First what affectionate of angel do we appetite to accept (such as bargain but good, or exclusiveness or chump aggressive or accomplished quality, or accessibility or speed, or..) Answer: Customer oriented   B.  List the appearance we will emphasize a. Acceptable chump service b. Chump satisfaction c.   Experienced and able-bodied organized personnel   C.  We will be application the afterward appraisement strategy a. markup on cost b. appropriate price c. competitive d. Premium price e. Other   D. Are our prices in band with our image Answer: Yes           marketing plan 7       Customer service     1.  Chump casework we provide Answer Still consideration.   2.  These are our sales/ acclaim terms Answer: Still beneath considerations   3.   The antagonism offers the afterward services: Answer: Still beneath survey.   Advertising/Promotion   1. These are the things we ambition to say about the business Answer: Still beneath consideration.   2. We will use the afterward advertising/ advance sources: a. Television b. Radio c.Direct mail d. Personal contacts e. Trade associations f. Newspaper g. Magazines h. Yellow pages j.   Billboard k. Others   3.  The afterward are the affidavit why we accede the media we accept called to be most effective. Still beneath analysis for the reasons.   Mary.B ( toc/bimarket.htm                   Reference list     Mary.B ( toc/bimarket.htm      (                                        

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