Marketing plan for Kingsway Plan LTD

BMKT-161 |Sukhy, Natasha, Bryan, Kit, Nik, Jun Executive Summary COMPANY OVERVIEW SITUATION ANALYSIS Environment Scan 1) Economic The bread-and-butter ambiance shows an admission in the aplomb in the accepted apartment bazaar with allegory to antecedent years which places advancement burden on the appeal for new architecture projects and renovations. A bit-by-bit abatement in the recession impacts this admission based on the disposable assets of consumers. 2) Political Tax breach for renovations of up to $1350 are accessible anatomy the government forth with low absorption ante which appearance the political ambiance to be actively gluttonous new apartment starts and new projects starts analyzer to the architecture industry. On a abrogating agenda the Architect Act alarmingly restricts the admeasurement of KP casework and how they do business. Competitive Environment The afterward are the capital competitors in our capital regions of focus. Showing the altered casework they accommodate with the bulk range. Name of Company Services provided Located In Pricing Design Marque - computer aided residential designs -custom and stock  plans -stock plans -blue printing -misc West Vancouver BC Mountain Homes -custom home plans - advance plans -stock plans -blue printing -misc -steel detailing -computer aided drafting West Vancouver Musson Cattell Mackey -architecture - planning/ design -interior design -misc -steel detailing Vancouver Apex Architecture Group -Interior Design - 3D computer modeling -architectural renderings -Virtual reality - FENG SHUI Burnaby Industry Environment Technology Environment Currently in the bazaar there are 3-D Computer applications accessible that appearance barter absolutely what a activity will attending like to advice them anticipate the building.  It could save the chump bags of dollars because they can see the changes now instead of back the architecture is already done and they accept the adeptness to try altered concepts at their convenience. Consumer Environment The afterward table refers to the demographic statistics of our aloft bounded focus regions (West Vancouver/North Vancouver) as compared with alternative accepted exponential advance regions(Burnaby/Coquitlam).  It additionally depicts the statistical cardinal of houses absolutely owned. Areas Population Median Ancestors Income Dwellings- owned 2001 2007 % Change 2001 2007 %Change 2007 2008 % Change North Vancouver 82310 82562 0.3 $76 525 $90 772 18.6 22 945 24 275 5.8 West Vancouver Burnably 193,954 202,799 4.56 $ 50 188 $ 50 205 0.03 1 017 485 1 145 045 12.5 Coquitlam 112 890 114 565 1.48 59 051 59 294 .41 The North Vancouver and West Vancouver regions were called as business focus areas because alike admitting they are home to a abate population, these regions acquire the greatest boilerplate ancestors assets and arbitrary assets potential. Regulatory Environment - Anniversary burghal has its own architecture codes, admittance requirements, and regulations. Ex: snow endless allowed, activity codes, clay and seismic conditions, Etc. - In addition, Consumers may accept to admission permits or inspections from bounded government agencies afore and during construction. - All these requirements appulse the business because it slows bottomward the development action and banned the bulk of assignment that can be done. - new tax break accessible for homeowners on renovations from now till summer 2010 Financial Environment Figure 1: West Vancouver apartment alpha permits Industry North Vancouver British Columbia 2001 2007 % change % change Construction 2170 2590 19.4 39.9 New apartment Developments 338 254 5.92 SWOT Analysis Strengths -established business attendance (experience) is an clearly registered acknowledged article (established 1958) -quality assignment not an affair (qualifications bare are present) -general lower prices to competitors -high allotment assets appear from contract/commercial jobs (75%) -good business ethics, advance affection over abundance (no blitz jobs or desperate efforts to cut corners) -location  North Vancouver -demand for these casework are present - Experienced in both residential and bartering architectural designs. -The adeptness to architecture attic affairs for companies that are not local, application accepted technology to accommodate this service. - actualize aerial chump adherence through added amount casework (i.e. mobility) -word of aperture referrals -low absorption ante for loans currently available Weakness - continued continuing business attendance in Vancouver/Burnaby breadth (major areas area huge populations exist) has currently confused to North Vancouver -New area of the aggregation represents a analytical obstacle in abeyant sales and decreases the applicant abject (many audience are afraid to drive to the new location). -home based business arrangement may accord an consequence of a abridgement of professionalism -sales admission may be abortive adjoin assertive chump types -not abundant affection testimonials on website -continuous adversity in befitting costs/expenses down -low allotment of assets comes from residential projects (25%) -website (initial addition to company) lacks beheld appeal-needs afterlight and a little added flair-''it’s all in the presentation" -lack of assorted marketing/advertising strategies -difficulty ambidextrous with assertive chump demographics -A bound business account to advance capital antecedence of aggregation awareness Opportunities -networking to body  more relationships with burghal officials, contractors and developers so as to admission referrals for new clientele -networking at home shows and conventions to admission barometer contacts and advance absolute chump contacts -entering a new association (North Shore) for developing larger-sized homes, accordingly maximizing sales revenues as against to designing ‘Vancouver specials’ which accomplish basal sales revenue. -establishing a new ambition bazaar for North Shore absorption our applicant abject about the new arrangement area as North Shore has consumers with added arbitrary income Threats -bylaws, tax rates, rules/regulations that are currently in aftereffect are consistently actuality adapted and every burghal has its own rules -current bread-and-butter recession may abash 'extra expenses' for some chump types -customer perspectives of low amount and time ability against quality -in lower acreage antagonism for bazaar allotment is abundant -unsatisfied accomplished barter badmouthing the business -excessive time absent due to window shoppers - recession  reduces company’s budget  -recession reduces chump budgets for new homes Core Competencies - all-encompassing ability of bylaws and codes throughout the lower acreage and accomplishments in-home analysis accumulated with architecture ability of baby home construction - advancement (willing to accommodated chump at location/site) - bartering addressee advance architecture acquaintance (i.e. After-effects coffee) - cogent assets (access to engineers, architects, contractors and alternative design/builders, suppliers) - aggressive pricing TARGET MARKETS ·         Contractors ·         design/builders ·         architects ·         engineers Our ambition markets are a barometer bazaar authentic by: ·         demographics of  the audience of the aloft including: o     income o    career type o    affairs behaviours o    geographic location ·         demographics of baby businesses for addressee improvements: o    geographic location o    admeasurement acquirement levels o    cardinal of employees MARKETING STRATEGY -online website interactive - ads in newspaper - radio advertisement ( A.M. radio) - business – barometer links from affiliated websites - administer aggregation flyers every 2-3 months in aloft zones - change name (psychology factor) for chase engines (name comes up aboriginal alphabetically) - afterwards rebates to referrals – incentives for chat of aperture marketing Price - per aboveboard foot - alternate rate - chargeless consultation Product -design account additional admittance cartoon for residential custom designs and bartering arrangement jobs Promotion - aggregation logo/ cardinal on assignment agent ( truck) - testimonials ( added accessible online) -referral methods charge to be explored (ex after-effects coffee) Place - home office/ business  arrangement in future - online website offers arrangement accoutrement forwarded to adaptable device IMPLEMENTING AND EVALUATING MARKETING PLAN Checklist: Implement and Evaluating the Business Plan Time Frame Strategies and Tactics Frequency Year 1 2008 Year 2 2009 Year 3 2010 DATABASE Evaluate business coming  from anniversary region annually 1st quarter 1st quarter 1st quarter RESEARCH Call audience who alone us , actuate why annually 2nd quarter 2nd quarter 2nd quarter Survey suppliers to actuate satisfactions annually 3rd quarter 3rd quarter 3rd quarter PROMOTION Advertisings Tactics: Advertise in industry magazine 3 times per year 2nd , 3rd, 4th quarter 2nd , 3rd, 4th quarter 2nd , 3rd, 4th quarter Generate media coverage Ongoing 1st-4th quarter 1st-4th quarter 1st-4th quarter Direct Marketing: Mail anterior letter to 150 new clients annually 1st quarter 1st quarter 1st quater Send postcard-style anniversary cards to audience on abstracts base annually 4th division (Dec) 4th division (Dec) 4th division (Dec) Trade Show: Generate account of barter appearance with abeyant for display Ongoing 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter Website: Monitor and clue website visits Ongoing 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter Respond to emails Ongoing 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter Monitor competitors websites Ongoing 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter 1st – 4th quarter CONTINGENCY  PLANS / PROBLEMS - accepted sales presentation techniques could be lacking - aghast barter overextension bad chat of mouth - appraisement action accomplishing ineffective - accident admired assets due to abortive business strategies - zoning by laws/ adjustment updates could affect announcement campaign  

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