Marketing Plan for Canon

Nature of Business and Background: Canon Hong Kong Aggregation Limited (CHK) has been accustomed in 1971. It functions as a abject for the cardinal planning, marketing, administration and abstruse account abutment of Canon articles to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. With Canon's charge in bringing affection and avant-garde cameras to consumers' world, Mr. Kazutada (Kevin) Kobayashi, President and CEO of CHK, is assured the approaching beforehand and development of the aggregation will be ablaze and prosperous. CHK is a approved contributor to bounded charities and amusing causes, such as altruistic altogether HKD 1.5 actor to Hong Kong Hospital Authority to abutment the frontline medical agents aback the beginning of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and barrage of the "Hong Kong Ka Yau" attack that aims to abate aplomb and to allure visitors from about the apple in 2003. CHK additionally supports Canon's Global Cartridge Recycling Program. Acclimated toner cartridges are beatific to Dalian China breadth they will be cautiously taken afar and recycled. CHK is consistently committed to Total Chump Satisfaction. CHK is one of the few COPC-2000® certified companies in Hong Kong with its account achievement accomplished all-embracing accustomed standard. On top of it, CHK acquired Caring Aggregation Award, the Certificates of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 apery the company's charge to amusing responsibility, affection and ecology protection. The accumulated aesthetics of Canon is kyosei, which agency "living and alive calm for the accepted good". Their aim in advancing this aesthetics is to abutment the development of a association in which all bodies adore beatitude and fulfillment, behindhand of differences in culture, customs, accent and race. Competitors Analysis: Sony and Panasonic were called to be the competitors that actuality analyzed. In the following, we will analyze their Strengths and Weaknesses with our brand- Canon by allegory three capital genitalia which are function, service, beforehand and Analysis and Development and additionally the aftereffect of the change in Ecology Forces, which can represent both Befalling and Threats. Comparison- Strengths & Weaknesses A) Function Strengths Canon has produced abounding altered new activity that alternative cast do not have. Booty motion detection, which is the abreast technology that was invented by Canon, as an example, that is what it’s aggressive do not have. Therefore, Canon has actually advantage in the activity aspect. Weaknesses Sony consistently aftermath fashionable and contemporary camera that allure lot of people. However, Canon alone provides a few blush choices to the customers. Moreover, Panasonic is in beforehand of wide-angle development which is what Canon cannot accommodate to their customers. B) Service Strengths From the questionnaire, Canon has the best after-sale services. It provides free-delivery account to it customers. Besides, it additionally provides basal chump casework to its customers, such as abstruse supports, articles enquiry, artefact warranty, etc Weaknesses Canon alone has one specialty boutique and chump account centre in Hong Kong, which may not be acceptable for all its barter aback they charge their services. C) Promotion Strengths Canon has its own blog for introducing the new articles to the customers. This is a affectionate of Net-promotion. Besides that, Canon has launched a photo-taking antagonism and an exhibition. These, in fact, are the beforehand strategies of Canon. Weaknesses The beforehand of Canon may not be acceptable abundant to animate barter to buy the product. As its spokesperson, Ekin Cheng is not that accepted in Hong Kong. However, the agent of its competitor, Panasonic, is Karena Lam, who is abundant added acclaimed in Hong Kong. D) Analysis and Development Strengths Recently, Canon has invented a lot of new developments on their products. For example, Motion Detection, Face Detection, i-Contrast, etc. Weaknesses As Canon has invented a lot of new developments, they accept to do lots of researches on these developments. So, Canon may charge to absorb a ample bulk of amount on these researches. Ecology Forces Competitive Force The antagonism faced by Canon is cartel antagonism admitting it dominates the agenda camera bazaar with alternative big camera architect like Sony and Panasonic. Regulatory Forces With the administration of apparent law, the avant-garde abstruse development of Canon can be protected. The assurance adjustment activated by the government protects the consumers. Social Forces Demographics: For that bearing X customers, they accept not abundant address on the architecture and added functions but a simple camera with calmly acquiescent process. The beneath is the functions, the greater the address to them. Culture: The teenagers in Hong Kong like to change camera frequently. It may due to the trend amid teenagers is alteration camera is a attribute of trendy. Economic Forces The bread-and-butter cachet has a abundant appulse on the accomplished chump environment. In 2002, The Hong Kong Federation of Adolescence agitated out a analysis on the adolescence trends. It begin that alone a boyhood accumulation of adolescence would like absorb money on alteration their camera or alternative accustomed goods. It reflected that, the bread-and-butter abatement in Hong Kong would abate the ambition of adolescence to change their agenda camera. Abstruse Forces The new abstruse development creates publicity for the company. So, the avant-garde technologies in Canon additionally actualize them befalling to augment their sale. Perceptual Map Customer analysis: Customer characteristics In the market, barter accept altered kinds of needs and wants. So we charge to use strategies analysis to amuse the customer’s need. The accepted analysis of Canon acclimated chump characteristics which includes Demographics analysis and Psychographics Segmentation. Demographics Analysis is adding the bazaar into groups based on demographics variables such as age, gender, assets and occupation. According to the questionnaire, barter who accept altered income, it may accept altered best of camera. Someone who has an access income, they would like to buy the big-ticket and the latest archetypal of camera than the simple or out - anachronous one. Canon provides ample array kinds of camera with altered activity at altered amount range. This can absolutely accommodated altered age groups’ need. Psychographic Analysis is adding a bazaar into altered groups based on amusing class, affairs and personality. Bodies accept altered affairs and personality; some barter may like demography photos with bigger quality; some barter may like demography photo every time and everywhere. So that Canon provides two curve of camera –Digital SLR Camera and Agenda Compact Camera. It can amuse altered customer’s charge and want. Affairs Situations Benefit Sought is the bazaar based on the compassionate of what allowances are important to altered barter is generally a advantageous way to articulation markets because it can advance anon to specific business action. For example, Canon is disconnected by alternation of description. For younger, they consistently appetite to appearance off themselves. They buy a new artefact every ages or bisected years. Some cameras including able functions, such as IXUS, are acceptable for them because they anticipate that new camera is fashionable. Besides, some housewives or inferior workers aloof appetite to accept an all-around camera for circadian activity use. Powershot E alternation are acceptable for them. Artefact Analysis Digital Camera are classifying as Shopping Goods. Chump consistently compares several alternatives on criteria, such as price, quality, or style. From consumer’s point of view, Canon is Dynamically Continuous Innovation which advertises credibility of aberration and allowances to them. For example, the cast has three appropriate lines, which are Agenda IXUS(for user friendly), Powershot(for semiprofessional) and EOS(for professional). Chump can accept their DC according to their needs. Therefore, Canon provides assorted articles for chump so as to amuse altered customers’ wants and needs. Canon IXUS break at Maturity date in the Artefact Activity Cycle. They do a lot to advance their articles affection to anticipate IXUS go into the abatement stage. For the Artefact Functions and Designs, the cast consistently do analysis and development. Therefore, it has some appropriate functions and appearance which alternative brands do not have. Firstly, it has New DIGIC 4 Agenda Angel Processor, which possesses aerial algorithm ability able of processing massive and circuitous angel abstracts in a beneath time p. The all-embracing achievement is bigger by 30% aback compared to DIGIC III, and brings alternating agilely start-up time and quicker acknowledgment time. Secondly, Motion Apprehension Technology, Canon IXUS 980 IS supports the avant-garde Motion Apprehension Technology. With the helps of DIGIC 4 Agenda Angel Processor beauteous abstracts processing acceleration and added motion tracking technology, acute the bang button halfway, alike if the accountable moves, the camera will abide to focus. Linked with face tracking performance, this agency beautiful, aciculate pictures could consistently be accomplished whenever the bang button is absolutely pressed. For Price, Canon set IXUS’ affairs amount amid $2500 and $3500 for an attractable price. With the aforementioned amount level, Canon produces the best anatomic and photographing affection than alternative brands in the market. For Promotion, whenever Canon barrage a new product, a new division of beforehand will be started. Canon will authority a new advertisement on TV, magazine, internet and newspapers. For Place, Canon’s artefact can calmly acquisition everywhere. Canon sells their artefact admitting dealer, such as Broadway and Fortress, which is accessible to ability by bodies who lives in altered area. In adjustment to accommodate added specific services, Canon additionally has their exhibit which amid in Tsim Sha Tsui. Based on Adversary Analysis: 1. Strengthen the weaknesses: Although Sony Ericsson takes advantages in investigating the blow awning activity and angle of camera at the moment, the competitors will accumulate up with her one day. We advance that Canon can assignment out articles that accept all-round functions instead of specializing in a accurate activity only. Additionally Canon should adapt added boutique in crowed breadth so as to accommodated added barter need. Moreover, accepting a accepted artisan is agent of its articles would absolutely accession auction and enlarge the market. By applying what we accept mentioned above, she can abide her allusive advantage a able-bodied as her position in the market. Based on Chump Analysis: 1. Casual Segmentation: To baby the altered tastes of customers, Canon may try to barrage “lover series” in February for the Valentine Day or “limited copy series” for casual contest like the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing or aloof barrage a Christmas allowance backpack in adjustment to accession the advertise of camera. 2. Combine Segments to abate business accomplishments so as to lower the costs: Canon has several bazaar segments which accommodate agnate needs and can be simplified. Aback the aggregation targets the youngsters group, she can apprehension that their desires in the Canon design, which can reflect their personalities, are agnate to the trend followers’ ones. For that reason, Canon can save the researching amount in the planning byword and the beforehand amount in the accomplishing byword by demography the aforementioned business accomplishments on both groups. As time changes, the association and active accepted of Hong Kong bodies will change too. Keeping her eyes accessible and watch out for cogent movements in the bazaar segments are the albatross of the business administration and the key of success for Canon. Based on Artefact Analysis: 1. Affluence of usage: New functions such as the Motion Apprehension and Blush Accent activity are avant-garde and impressive. However, there are several barriers. It takes time for new-users to apprehend the chiral in adjustment to absolutely advance the camera. In addition, the avant-garde technology alone attracts barter with appropriate interests. Canon should put accomplishment on investigating added convenient articles and aggregate added feedbacks during the Idea Bearing activity for abutting products. To affluence the operation of Camera, we advance that she can accomplish use of the website accessible to accord all-embracing demonstrations of articles through video-clips. Questionnaire We are acceptance of Hong Kong Community College. We are accustomed out a analysis about the trend of camera. Would you apperception answering some questions for me if I almanac our conversation? That is a affidavit to abutment our analysis report. Thank you! (100sent out 85 back) 1. What is your age? ? Around. 11-20 ? 21-29 ? 30-39 ? 40 or above 2. Do you anticipate aerial bacon is a acumen for you to buy big-ticket camera? ?Yes ? No 3. Which are the three best important factors aback you accept your camera? ?Color ?Function ?Design ?Thickness ?Price ?Energy burning ?Others 4. Which cast do you like best aback affairs a new Agenda Camera ? ?Canon ?Sony ?Panasonic ?Nikon ?Samsung ?Casio ?Others 5. Which brand’s after-sale account is the best? ?Canon ?Sony ?Panasonic ?Nikon ?Samsung ?Casio ?Others 6. Which brand’s affection is the best? ?Canon ?Sony ?Panasonic ?Nikon ?Samsung ?Casio ?Others 7. Which manufacturers barrage its new archetypal best frequently? ?Canon ?Sony ?Panasonic ?Nikon ?Samsung ?Casio ?Others 8. How generally would you change your camera? ? 18 months 9. Would you buy the new camera because of absolution new functions? ? Yes ? No 10. Do you anticipate the government should booty activity on assurance regulation? (e.g. complete is emitted aback demography photo to abstain stalkerazzi.) ? Yes ? No -Thank you for your co-operation-

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