Marketing Management, Eleventh Edition

Visual Consistency was the capital affection of Crispin’s announcement campaign. They gave abounding focus to the abutment background. In both their announcement campaigns they answer the craven apparel and the Coq Roq Band rather than starting the ad with it and catastrophe with announcement the Tender Crisp craven and craven fries. This fabricated the advance not too bartering and “uncool” as believed by the adolescent generation. Crispin did not accumulate the attack continuance actual long. They concentrated on creating a surprising, abbreviate yet bound attack as begin in www. subservientchicken. com area the aftermost figure was the alone adumbration of BK’s promotion. They alike went on announcement the created Coq Roq Band afore airing their ads on MTV and VH-1. The tagline articular by Crispin was “Have it your way. ” This tagline was acclimated for all the promotional activities developed for Burger King. This simple but adhesive tagline helped in word-of aperture publicity which is advised to be added acceptable and effective. Burger King was consistently positioned as the youth’s bistro style. The Brand accession was such that the adolescent bodies could analyze Burger King with themselves. It was positioned as aliment (fast food) meant for adolescent men. Simplicity was the axial affair of BK as they shied abroad from actuality too commercial. The advance included in-store signage to bulletin on cups with the tagline “Have it your way. ” This helped in bigger assimilation and compassionate of the bulletin by its ambition audience. Identifiable Affairs Point of Burger King is its customized burger account to customers. This is its different affairs point (USP). This agency giving a faculty of accent and character to barter as they feel able-bodied served. This gives an bend to Burger King over its competitors. Works Cited Page Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, Eleventh Edition, Pearson Education Publishers, Delhi, 2003

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