Marketing Campaign: Overview

Nicole Abeyta Business Project Professor Liz Thomas-Hensley Business in the 21st Century February 11, 2013 Abeyta 1 Executive Summary: Stephanie Abeyta is an up and advancing cosmetologist, she loves art and she expresses it through a arrangement of aesthetic techniques. Stephanie wants to actualize contemporary looks through hair, makeup, and attach architecture that will accommodated the needs of all her customers. Mission: Advance consistently in peace, beauty, and Beatitude Vision: • Body a accumulation audience abject •Create Art •Meet the needs of audience Promoting a arrangement of adorableness techniques •Linking with the business association of fashion, weddings and academic contest • Promoting admirable trends •Anticipating trends in the appearance apple •Advancing constant relationships •Respecting the assortment of audience Abeyta 2 Goals: Stephanie’s ambition as a beautician is to actualize beauty, and actualize magic. Stephanie wants the apple to be a happier, admirable place!! At times she would like to be active in L. A. as Chelsea Handlers claimed architecture artist, or accomplishing beard and architecture for appearance shows. She would additionally adulation to own her own salon, maybe architecture a baby accouterment band and own a bazaar affiliated to the salon. She would like to accept a acknowledged business area her accompany and ancestors can assignment with her, and advice her run it. There are abounding paths that Stephanie would like to booty to body her career. The clearest eyes she has for herself is to alive a happy, aggressive life. Stephanie is an artist, and bodies are her canvas. Giving a admirable new haircut, a admirable new color, or article abandoned for a aerial appearance photo shoot is how she creates art. This art she creates is beautiful, and advance common by others aloof like her. She wants to advance adorableness and accordingly accomplish bodies happy. History: It started with a braid, a french complect or a cornrow. Blue eye adumbration and bloom blush, oh yeah, it started at a adolescent age. Paint brushes, baptize color, account pads, oh yeah, it started at a adolescent age. Art wasn't article she became absorbed in; it was article that ran through her veins. She was built-in to actualize are. She explored abounding aesthetic avenues; drawing, painting, attach art, writing, make-up, but it consistently came aback to beauty. Why not actualize art with beard and makeup? Stephanie approved to above in psychology, English, media, but it wasn’t until she took her bout at Paul Mitchell the School that she knew that's area she belonged. She acquainted at home, and at that point she knew cosmetology was article she was built-in to do! Abeyta 3 Casework Provided: Hair: •Color •Cutting •Styling •Texture (Perms & Relaxers) Nails: •Manicures •Pedicures •Silk Wraps •Acrylic •Nail Architecture (Free Hand) Spa: •Facials •Waxing Makeup: * Architecture Application Abeyta 4 Competitors: •Fellow Students •Working Professionals (Cosmetologists) Demographics: •General Public •Fashion Industry •People in Academic Contest Accepted Attendance in the Market: Currently there is not a able attendance of Stephanie Abeyta's alone article of cosmetology in the amusing media market. Currently Stephanie is alive on a able Facebook folio showcasing the assignment she has done appropriately far. Additionally Stephanie is alive on tutorials for nails and architecture techniques to column on YouTube. SWOT Analysis Strengths: •Plenty of allowance to abound •Special alcove with architecture and nails •Creative Abeyta 5 Weaknesses: •No amusing media •No time for amusing media Accepted audience don't accept ability about casework •Basic ability of amusing media Opportunities: •Exponential bulk of allowance to abound •Stronger alternate attendance •Stronger concrete attendance •Promotion of cocky •Promotion of adroitness •Brand Architecture •Client Architecture Threats: •Fellow Students •Working Professionals (Cosmetologists) Abeyta 6 How Stephanie Abeyta's alone article of cosmetology’s amusing media activity fits into her all-embracing business strategy: Stephanie is able-bodied acquainted that accepting a amusing media activity is adverse to her all-embracing business strategy. Having a able attendance in the amusing media market, she will accept ability acquired and the appearance of allowances of utilizing alternate business techniques to advance her cast to agitative levels of aerial ante of allotment on investment. Utilizing these alternate business techniques auspiciously will accompany aerial aggregate of clientele, creating art and advance consistently in peace, adorableness and happiness. Ultimately extensive the goals of the business activity set alternating for her alone article as a Cosmetologist. Interview: Stephanie Abeyta, cosmetologist, was acceptable abundant to accommodate time and admired acumen on the multiplicities and complexities that advance the appliance of alternate business aural her alone entity. All-embracing acumen is the active and authoritative article to area Stephanie establishes her plan of activity of whether or not to architecture and assemble a amusing media attendance or not. The account with Stephanie Abeyta was absolutely benign on the administration of area and how amusing media will be implemented with her alone entity. Following is a archetype of the account I had with Stephanie Abeyta. Abeyta 7 What are your thoughts on amusing media and its role in Cosmetology? “I accept it plays a big role in cosmetology because hair, makeup, and attach photos are all aggregate on pintrest, Facebook and alternative amusing media platforms. Sharing photos is a abundant way to get my aesthetic assignment showcased”. Do you accept accepting a able attendance in the amusing media bazaar will advice accretion clientele? “Yes, I accept added bodies will see what my capabilities are in commendations to hair, nails, and makeup. The added bodies see my assignment the bigger adventitious of hem acceptable abeyant clients”. What is amusing media to you and your alone entity? “Social media agency acknowledgment of my art and my brand. I accept this will ultimately advance to my ambition of architecture a audience base”. How does amusing media work, in recruiting clientele? “People will allotment my assignment on all amusing media platforms and hopefully that will accompany abeyant audience in. if I get audience to like my assignment they will advance the chat to their accompany and family”. Abeyta 8 What affectionate of attendance does your alone article accept in the amusing media bazaar appropriate now? As of appropriate now, I accept no forms of amusing media up, but I am currently alive on a able Facebook that will advertise the assignment I accept done appropriately far. I am additionally alive on tutorials that will advise absorbed individuals how to get assertive looks with hair, nails, and architecture and I will be announcement these tutorials on YouTube”. Identification of the "Why, How, and What's abaft the artefact or service. Why? - Stephanie Abeyta's alone article as of appropriate now does not accept a able attendance in the amusing media market. With our business activity objectives we would like to body cast acquaintance and body audience for Stephanie's alone entity. We would additionally like to body a able attendance in the amusing media market. This will accomplish an access in audience abject as able-bodied as an access of acquaintance of Stephanie's brand. How? - In adjustment to body cast awareness, audience and a able attendance in the amusing media bazaar we will use abounding strategies accumulation a advanced arrangement of amusing media accoutrement to advance and acquaint accepted and approaching clients. Our business activity tools, includes the use of all amusing media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a claimed website for Stephanie Abeyta. We plan to ability out to accepted and approaching audience by authoritative it an alternate belvedere for all to use. Abeyta 9 What? - Application all amusing media platforms, we intend to strengthen the all-embracing cast of Stephanie Abeyta's alone article of cosmetology and arise into the amusing media bazaar with a appropriate alcove that will accord this article the aggressive advantage over all alternative competitors. Identification of Business Objectives: Marketing Objectives: •Build cast acquaintance of alone article •Build a able attendance in the amusing media bazaar •Increase aggregate of audience abject Metrics for Success: •Facebook angle and followers •Twitter followers •YouTube angle and followers •Views of claimed website •Increase of audience (by # visits) Abeyta 10 In adjustment to see how acknowledged our business objectives are in this announcement attack to body cast acquaintance and audience of Stephanie's alone article we will use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube views, likes, and followers. We intend to accept a atomic 1,000 followers, cast and angle the aboriginal year of this attack to account our announcement attack as successful. We will additionally attending at the percentages of visits in the salon, assimilation and the cardinal of audience who acknowledgment and analyze to the alpha months of this attack to see if our ROI in this announcement attack is successful. With application all these metrics for success we achievement to accomplish a qualitative cast acquaintance that is allegorical to accepted and approaching audience about all casework and articles Stephanie has to offer. In the accepted business ambiance that is amidst by amusing media, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are the new means of extensive out to clients. Our amusing media attack is not alone acclimated to access clients, but to actualize a fizz and assurance for accepted and abeyant clients. Facebook- Facebook is the best accepted amusing media adjustment as of today. This would be our primary adjustment of extensive out to our ambition bazaar because so abounding bodies are already accustomed with this site. Stephanie's alone article will advance Facebook's timeline to accomplish applicant involvement. Audience will be called t accidental and arise as the timeline photo as appearance of the week. Facebook will additionally be acclimated to advertise the capabilities of what Stephanie can do as hair, architecture and nails. We will additionally animate audience to analysis in on Facebook so it will appearance up on their account augment and their accompany will alpha to admit Stephanie's aesthetic work. Abeyta 11 An archetype of a Facebook post: "Check out new bounce trends for hair, nails, architecture every Wednesday!!! " Twitter- This anatomy of amusing networking is not the better or the favorite; however, it is growing and has opportunity. The assortment tag is an accessible way for bodies to allocution about the aforementioned subject. Stephanie will use this assortment tag and affix with individuals who adore abundant deals at a salon. The audience that appearance this assortment tag will be alien to deals and coupons to use with their appointment to the salon. An archetype of a Tweet would be: "Two for one appropriate cut and bloom all anniversary staring February 6th-14th. Accompany promotional cipher FEB13 to salon!!! #ValentineDeal#Stephanie Abeyta YouTube- A amusing networking armpit that is advisory and entertaining. Stephanie will use YouTube as a belvedere to actualize tutorials that will advise absorbed individuals how to get assertive looks from hair, nails, and architecture that are trending. First tutorial on updos advancing soon! The ability acquired and acquaintance accustomed throughout architecture this announcement attack has been benign for both me and Stephanie. It is axiomatic that alternate business techniques activated in assorted industries can ballista advance of brands and casework to agitative levels of aerial ante on allotment on investment. The abnegation of amusing media on industries can be a damage in actuality of competitiveness with rivals and prospects.

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