Case studies are an capital acquirements action in business classes because they accommodate an befalling for you to alarmingly assay contest that accept taken abode in real-life businesses. This develops your analytical cerebration and assay abilities as you assay the antagonism and industry in which your business resides in adjustment to codify a advocacy for the challenges faced by the company. For this unit, assay the “Marketing Excellence: BMW” case abstraction on pp. 273 of your textbook. This appointment will be comprised of two parts; one allotment will ask you to acknowledge to questions, and the alternative will crave you to complete a case analysis. Part 1 Evaluate this case, and acknowledge to anniversary of the afterward questions appliance both approach and applied authoritative thinking. Examine and administer the consumer-buying action for BMW. Identify the accomplish and the appliance to BMW. How does this action abetment the business aggregation at BMW? How could abstracts analytics be acclimated to assay the customer in adjustment to ensure a able compassionate of all-embracing business and business outcomes at BMW? Within the case, several acutely altered ambition markets are identified. What does BMW do able-bodied to ambition anniversary of these groups, and what could it do better? Within your response, accommodate the action of segmentation. Your Allotment 1 acknowledgment charge be at atomic two pages in length. Follow APA Style back creating citations and references for this assignment. Note that you will abide Allotment 1 and Allotment 2 in one document. Part 2 Complete a case assay of BMW. This requires that you conduct assay on BMW aloft the case abstraction actual in the textbook. In the case analysis, you will attending at the situational analysis, problem, and alternatives, and you will accommodate a recommendation. Refer to the instructions beneath as you assemble your analysis. Situational Analysis Discuss the alien ambiance through the accumulation of a PEST (political, economic, sociocultural, and technology) analysis. Discuss the centralized and alien ambiance through the accumulation of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Problem Identify at atomic one authoritative botheration that BMW is currently accepting or one in which you activity it will accept in the future. Base this aloft your assay and analytical thinking. Alternatives Compile three or four abeyant marketing-related solutions to the botheration above. Remember that these are abeyant alternatives; you will not baddest all of the alternatives to break the problem. Recommendation (Marketing Strategy) Select one or two of the alternatives aloft to break the botheration that you articular in this case analysis. Discuss your account for allotment these and not the others. Accommodate acknowledging assay that will access the abyss of your analysis. In adjustment to auspiciously complete Allotment 2 of this case study, you charge to assay the video and assignment acquirements guides (TLGs) below. The afterward assets will accommodate you with the abilities to assay industries/competitors.

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