Internet and advice technologies accept afflicted our lives acutely during the aftermost two decades. It has a above appulse on all business mix variables as able-bodied as education, and abounding alternative industries. Given this in mind, baddest one of the capacity listed below, and address your paper. The capacity listed are carefully kept broad. You charge to attenuated it bottomward to a accurate breadth and actualize a added focused affair for yourself. Your cardboard should be 5-7 pages continued (1.5 band agreement and 12 chantry size).  You should apprehend at atomic bristles affection accessories for this activity (three of the bristles charge be bookish account articles). You should absorb these accessories into the text, accept abbreviate citations in the argument and add abounding references at the end of the cardboard in alphabetical adjustment (Please apprehend added guidelines on Assignment 1 on Sakai “Assignments” folder). Work in sections rather than autograph a continued essay. Your “introduction” should lay out what you will awning in the cardboard and you should end with a “conclusions” section. In between, you should acquaint sub-topics (sections) as you acquisition appropriate. Choose one of the afterward topics: The      role of technology in education Marketing strategies aimed at adaptable devices How      do businesses use technology in their business efforts The      growth of cyberbanking business and appulse on acceptable marketing The      evolution of Internet technology and its appulse on marketing

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