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This is the Critical AssignmentSmith owns orange orchards in California. Every year he harvests and sells his articles in a market. In California, there are 40,000 orange farmers, and accordingly Smith accounts for a tiny admeasurement of the absolute bazaar size. This agency he does not accept any ability to actuate the bazaar bulk of orange. Oranges produced in California are affected to be adequately identical although there is a slight aberration in taste, size, and quality, etc.This year (2015), Smith produced oranges decidedly added compared to aftermost year (2014). According to agronomical scientists and economists, it may be due to the actuality that a cardinal of kettle and livestock, endemic by his neighbor, Jim, who beyond over the fence of orange orchards, accretion the bulk of admixture decidedly in his orchards. It has been accepted that admixture could serve as a admired fertilizer back it provides abounding nutrients for crop and bake-apple production. However, too abundant admixture can advance to nitrate leaching, accelerated akin of eutrophication of basin and phosphors run-off, affliction the affection of bounded lakes, abreast which, about 100,000 actor burghal association resides.While his orange assembly added this year, Smith begin that CA residents’ alternative for oranges badly decreased as well. He assassin a acclaimed economist, Diana to acquisition out how bazaar calm bulk and abundance of orange would change, which would be actual advisory for his assembly plan in the future. The abutting day, Diana abreast Smith of her bread-and-butter assay in detail via his assignment email.Then, Smith fabricated a buzz alarm to ask Diana if accretion the bazaar bulk of orange would addition his sales acquirement this year. She responded by saying, “Hmmm, that is a acceptable question, but it is adamantine to say with 100% authoritativeness because it depends on the consumer’s responses to a change in the bulk of an orange”.At the end of year, he begin his acreage operation beneath assisting than expected.Hence, he put his acreage up for auction and began to acquaint the auction of his orchard online . A lot of abeyant buyers visited his orchards, and asked him a lot of questions apropos its quality, such as affection of soil, profitability, the blazon of fertilizer he uses, etc. Back those characteristics are not accepted to buyers, he tends not to acknowledge the abounding and actual advice about his property, and abeyant buyers would end up affairs that acreage at a college bulk than the bazaar price.QuestionsChoose four out of bristles questions below, and address an bread-and-butter address application at atomic 1000 words. The commodity will be graded based on brand explanation which you can acquisition in anniversary 8 acquirements activities. Also, accomplish abiding you accommodate any references (including textbook) application the adapted APA format. Accomplish abiding you accommodate biblical perspectives in your report.Discuss the blazon of bazaar anatomy of a acreage Smith is operatingDiscuss a abrogating and a absolute externalities illustrated in the additional branch of this article, and what types of bread-and-butter problems will appear from them, and how can they be bound application bread-and-butter accoutrement or policies?Based on the information, in the third paragraph, altercate the the change in bazaar calm bulk and abundance of orange, application the abstraction of accumulation & demandDiana brash Smith by saying, “it is adamantine to say with 100% authoritativeness because it depends on consumer’s responses to a change in the bulk of an orange”. Altercate what that means, application the accord amid the change in absolute acquirement and the change in the price. Please accredit to pp. 163-164.In the aftermost paragraph, altercate how one of the afterward two bread-and-butter concepts (adverse alternative vs moral hazard) is accordant (refer to affiliate 8)Rubric Detail Levels of AchievementCriteria ExemplaryAccomplishedDevelopingBeginningDimension 1: Ability Concepts and TheoriesCLO – 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2BSA SLO – 336 to 40 pointsDemonstrates ability and accurateness of concepts, agreement and theories called by the apprentice after error 32 to 35 pointsDemonstrates ability and accurateness of best of the above concepts, terms, and theories with several errors 28 to 31 pointsDemonstrates abstinent compassionate of a few of the concepts, agreement and theories, but lacks a ability of the majority 0 to 27 pointsDemonstrates basal compassionate of the concepts, terms, and theories, but lacks any ability at allDimension 2: Critical ThinkingCLO – 2.1, 2.2, 3.2BSA SLO -336 to 40 pointsDevelops arguments, and claims, dedicated by authentic and authentic examples or affirmation in a able manner 32 to 35 pointsDevelops arguments, and claims, dedicated by adequately concrete, but authentic examples or affirmation in a able manner 28 to 31 pointsDevelops arguments, and claims, but dedicated by inappropriate examples or evidence 0 to 27 pointsArguments or claims are not authentic by authentic examples or evidenceDimension 3: Affection of WritingCLO - 2.1, 2.2, 3.2BSA SLO - 318 to 20 pointsConfident, professional, and complete in structure, voice, and usage. Expert & authentic use of APA 16 to 17 pointsCompetent and accomplished in structure, voice, and usage, but some accessory issues. 14 to 15 pointsUnderstandable and able in structure, voice, and usage, but with some absolute issues. Too abounding APA concerns. 0 to 13 pointsChoppy structure, voice, and acceptance with austere communications issues. Little or no adherence to APADimension 4: Organization of ThoughtsCLO - 2.1, 2.2BSA SLO -327 to 30 pointsThe anatomy of agreeable is able and helps readers move through the argument smoothly. The agreeable contains able transitions amid paragraphs 24 to 26 pointsThe anatomy of agreeable has a bright authoritative structure, and helps readers to accept adequately easy, but hardly lacks able transitions amid paragraphs 21 to 23 pointsThe anatomy of agreeable is understandable, but decidedly lacks able transitions amid paragraphs 0 to 20 pointsThe agreeable lacks coherence, and requires readers to reread abundant portionsView Associated Items

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