Market analysis C & J Clarks Ltd

Together the bazaar is account Just over EWE billion. The cossack industry accounts for 13. 7% (Been). (Source: Comment 2006)The cossack industry is breach up into 3 capital categories:-children's cossack which accounts for 23% (El . 4 billion pair) of the absolute marketer's cossack has a college bazaar allotment at 31 . 1% (1. 9 billion pairs) madwoman's absolute bazaar allotment which is at 45. % (2. 9 billion pairs)(Source - Office of National Statistics)3. 2 Clacks has four capital competitors. The better adversary is Style PL. Which has 650 stores, trading mainly as Breasts, Bacon's, Priceless and Shell's. Other cogent competitors are Grids Group, acclaimed for its Doc Martins Boots. Grids is abreast endemic and sells throughout the I-J in abounding above outlasted & Simpson Ltd. , which has over 400 outlets. They barter beneath the names of Peter Briggs, Stead & Simpson, Shoe Express and Lilly & Skinner andesine Zone, which has 370 locations in the I-J. Source: comment 2006)More afresh new competitors accept emerged decidedly some of the above Supermarket chains such as USDA, who accept their own accouterment and shoe range. Other appearance outlets accept additionally afresh adapted into the cossack industry, e. G. 'Arcadia' which now advertise its "own brand" shoes as able-bodied as accepted brands. 'Oasis', 'Next' and 'New Look' are additionally demography the aforementioned direction. The Internet has additionally added antagonism from alternative genitalia of the apple although this is not at present material. 3. 3 From my research, it has become axiomatic that appearance in the cossack industry is advancing important and consumers are acceptable added appearance acquainted back it comes to their feet. However trends change rapidly and it is difficult to anticipation area the bazaar is going. Predicting the trend accurately is the aberration amid success and failure. The majority of cossack sales in the UK are through retailers. A third of women accept to affairs shoes and accessories on actuation (source -Minted). Only a baby cardinal of bodies buy over the Internet. Parents tend to booty their accouchement to accustomed retailers to accept their anxiety appropriately abstinent (source: Minted). Parents assert on affairs the appropriate shoe for their children. In 2005 the boilerplate being spent about E. 60 per anniversary on shoes (source: Family spending). Thirty to forty nine year olds were spending on boilerplate E. 20 (IEEE per annum) a anniversary on shoes because they were affairs for their children. B. MACRO ENVIRONMENT. 4 There are a cardinal of political factors which appulse Clacks' business. The EX. has voted to appoint a two year administration of tariffs on alien appurtenances from China and Vietnam. Duties of 16. 5% and 10% appropriately will now be activated to shipments (Source: Independent 05/10/06). This will beggarly college importing amount for Clacks which could put up prices. The European Commission additionally imposes rules re amount acclimation and attention baby suppliers adjoin anti aggressive behavior from the ample operators. (Source: Principles and Practices of Marketing)3. 5 Social factors accept afflicted the cossack exchange such as dress codes. The 21st aeon is a aeon of fast alteration fashion; for archetype beneath 35 year olds accept to alter their shoes with the newest and best fashionable pairs, rather than acclimation their shoes or affairs shoes that will aftermost for years.. This is partly due to the abatement in amount of shoes afresh enabling adolescent bodies to be added fashionable. Such has been the absorption in appearance amidst adolescent and average age-old bodies that inadvertently, it has created activity in shoes (source: Minted Report 2007). 3. 6 There accept been a cardinal of abstruse changes which accept afflicted the market. There is now the adeptness to accumulation aftermath shoes from a aggregate of accustomed and constructed abstracts at low amount and to almost aerial affection standards. 3. 7 The use of the Internet has meant that barter accept a added best of area to ay their shoes from.

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