Steven Jones afresh alternate from a week-long hiking cruise out West. During the aftermost leg of the journey, Steven’s hiking cossack became lodged in an old branch, and he fell. The blow acquired a breach in the meniscus of his appropriate knee. The emergency allowance physician told him he would charge to see an orthopedic physician to get the meniscus repaired. Steven has high-deductible insurance. When he got home, he searched the Internet to acquisition orthopedic physicians in his community. The aboriginal one he begin was a 35-physician accumulation with a banderole reading, “Your basic affiliate best with us.” Searching the site, Steven begin advice on the partners, their research, and some educational materials—but little else.  The additional accumulation he begin was alleged Macomb Orthopedic Group; it was fabricated up of 10 physicians. The Web armpit independent a contour about anniversary physician as able-bodied as amount estimates for assorted procedures. The Web folio instructed him how to annals and complete the paperwork by downloading it from the site. It additionally explained how to abide his allowance advice so they could accumulation a accounting appraisal of costs for the procedure. Write a cardboard to abode the following: Describe in detail the accession action for anniversary of these physician groups.  Based on what you see here, what are the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary of these groups? Explain your reasoning.  The additional accumulation additionally discusses a abstraction alleged “package pricing.” Explain how this works, and accommodate its advantages and disadvantages.  What recommendations would you accomplish for these groups as far as their Web presence?

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