Maria Theresa of Prussian law

Starting in and about the year 1740 with the consummate of Maria Theresa as empress, began the accretion of the Prussian army. In the eighteenth aeon commenced the rein of the “Prince of Prussia”. By mid century, admitting alone accepting 3 actor citizenry it had the third arch army in Europe. It was planning to booty over Austria. According to the author, Ozment, the key to Prussia’s ascendancy and success was due to its adeptness to beat and body because of continued lived kings. Frederick I crowned himself the King of Prussia in 1701 and aboveboard challenged Austria. His son, Frederick William I brought aback Prussian virtues of discipline, accordance and piety. Between him and his son, the army quadrupled in size. An affiliation of adoration and amusing ameliorate adapted the country. This served to acquaint and brainwash the populace. Prussia attacked Austria three times, won the Silesian war, added its landmass by bisected and revenues by a third. Prussia after suffered a few defeats back attacked by alternative European countries in the action of Kolin and others. But the active Prussia alternate at Rossbach, anticipation to be their greatest victory. By war’s end, a ample bulk of the country was bankrupt and 1/10th of its prewar citizenry had perished. But Frederick aimed to body and rebuild. His administration was accounted aware absolutist because it was “hierarchical and strong-armed, yet optimistic and accelerating for the times”. The adjudicator enabled chargeless press, bread-and-butter development and the allocation of Prussian law. . Frederick believed that the ability of Prussia was in its army and he developed it. He additionally created a able centralized government and alike disqualified over the Prussian nobles who capital their estates, abettor and etc. He was additionally philosophically accumbent with John Locke, addition aware thinker and “father of liberalism”. Frederick additionally followed the archetypal that a adjudicator was accurate over individuals because he represented and activated adjustment in adjustment to accomplish alone freedoms possible.

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