Mapping the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Presentation

Scenario: You currently assignment as the business administrator of your admired company/organization and administer the success of one of its articles or services. Your albatross is to adviser the stages of the Artefact Life Cycle (PLC) and acclimatize the business strategies as bare for your artefact to advance for as continued as possible. At anniversary stage, you appraise changes you charge to accomplish to the product, amount strategy, as able-bodied as antagonism and profit. Create a 10- to 20-slide (not counting awning accelerate or advertence slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker's addendum accoutrement the afterward criteria: Develop a accelerate ambience the affair and goals of the presentation. Define and altercate the PLC abstraction and its accent to business managers. Define and altercate what role appraisement action has in business and how business mangers adjudge what action to use. Describewhat company/organization and product/service you are using. Create one accelerate for anniversary of the four stages of the PLC anecdotic the date and analyzes the implications anniversary date may accept on amount strategy, product, competition, and accumulation for your called product/service. Use the product/service you called to allegorize anniversary date as it is discussed with aboriginal examples. Discuss the acumen abaft why the PLC is important to business managers and allotment examples of accessible implications if it is not monitored. Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources with one advancing from the arbiter or the University Library. Use in-text citations in the presentation slides and speaker's addendum to authenticate your research.  Format your presentation constant with APA guidelines. 

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