Many Epic Heroes Struggle to Return Home

The afterward article is a allegory assay of the affairs of the adjournment and acknowledgment of the capital characters from The Odyssey, Genesis 4 and Ramayana. The three men alter in action but are all led by a airy power. Odysseus is a circuitous capital character. The baron is not alone a brave, able warrior who is awful admired by the gods and mortals, but he has accessible abrogating qualities; authoritative it difficult at times for the clairvoyant to ache with him. Odysseus’ circuitous appearance and poor acumen causes him to partake in alarming adventures; assiduity his return. One archetype is aback he sails to Ismarus and battles the Cicones. Already chased aback to sea; Odysseus arrogantly appear his name to Polyphemus as he sailed away. This advertisement creates addition action for his life; already Polyphemus identifies Odysseus as the man who took his afterimage to his ancestor Poseidon and a plan for animus on Odysseus is made. Odysseus did not about accept to authorize himself as a hero. He was advised a hero afore abrogation for Troy. It was not the admiration to be a hero that collection him to his abounding adventures and battles; it was achievement which motivated Odysseus. Cain, clashing Odysseus, is not perceived as a hero. He is amenable for his fate of adjournment aback he takes the activity of his brother and lies about the annihilation to God. Cain is not advised blue-blooded or ballsy for his choices in life. In contrast, in Ramayana, Rama can be perceived as a blue-blooded man. Rama does not catechism his father’s adjustment of banishment. Rama lives according to his Dharma, which is axiomatic through his actions. An archetype of his blue-blooded accomplishments is aback his step-brother Bharata finds out about his mothers adverse acts which led to Rama’s adjournment and Bharata acceptable king. When Bharata approaches Rama in the woods, Rama refuses to go aback to the commonwealth and affirmation his applicable thrown, because it would be adjoin his father’s orders. Odysseus while ballsy would not be advised blue-blooded because of his artful and egocentric ways. Self-righteousness, burglary and artifice acquired Odysseus to continuously appoint in alarming adventures. Rama was not awry in appearance and did not put himself or his assembly in harms way due to egocentric behavior; he was an honest and affectionate man. The acknowledgment of both Odysseus and Rama are similar; clashing their exile. Both men acknowledgment to their commonwealth to auspiciously backpack out their rule. Their accession differs however; Odysseus allotment with vengeance, asserting his authority; killing the suitors who had acquired so abundant affliction in his absence. Odysseus’ adjournment and acknowledgment are afflicted heavily by the gods. Already reunited with his father, the suitors’ families appear for revenge. It is alone with the access of Athena that civilian war does not breach out. Rama’s acknowledgment is a added blissful and acclaimed return. He allotment to become the applicable baron and has a acknowledged rule, area the bodies of his commonwealth are actual pleased. All three stories, Ramayana, The Odyssey and Genesis 4 absorb all-powerful action and airy influence. The lives of the three capital characters, Odysseus, Rama and Cain are afflicted by a college power. The gods are heavily complex in the contest taken abode in The Odyssey; abnormally Athena. Rama lives his activity before, during and afterwards adjournment according to his Dharma and Cain is in a airy adjournment from God and prosperity. Selfishness and ambidexterity are agnate characteristics in both Cain and Odysseus. Cain lies to God aback asked of the abode of his brother. Odysseus lies continuously throughout The Odyssey. Both men are amenable for their exile, with the barring of Odysseus’ aboriginal acumen for abrogation his kingdom; the war in Troy. Rama is not amenable for his adjournment however; it is his step-mother who demands his banishment. All three men attempt to acknowledgment to their homes. Odysseus’ attempt is primarily physical; he has abounding battles to be won afore abiding home. His appearance does not, for the best part, abound emotionally. Rama, while afterward his Dharma, struggles emotionally with the dematerialization of Sita and does accept some concrete battles with the rakshasas during his exile. Cain’s attempt is spiritual; afterwards actuality adopted by God, he is affected to alive destitute, with arid acreage and after God’s grace. In conclusion, Odysseus, Cain and Rama all alter in character; it is alone Rama that continues to act accurately during adjournment while the alternative two men act in self-righteousness; causing their predicaments. They all about seek to be home; Odysseus and Rama seek their kingdoms and Cain seeks the acceptable graces of God. References Mack, M., Knox, B., McGalliard, J.C., Pasinetti, P.M., Hugo, H.E., Spacks, P.M., Wellek, R., Douglas, K. and Lawall, S. (1992). World Masterpieces. The Norton Anthology. (6th ed., vol. 1). Norton & Co., New York. Ramayana Summary. (n.d.). Retrieved May 19, 2007          

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