Manuel Scavenger Hunt Counseling Course

These answers can be amid on the Liberty University Website for MA  professional counseling  Refer to the accompaniment of VA for licensure answers in advertence to able counseling   The purpose of this appointment is to get you acquainted with the counseling affairs and the altered aspects of the apprentice manual. This appointment will act, in part, to acclimatize you with the agreeable you will collaborate with throughout this program. Along with acquirements about able organizations, including associates benefits, activities, casework to members, and accepted issues (Syllabus MLO: D and Module/Week 3 LO: 4). An important basic to the acclimatization to your counseling affairs is a alive ability of your apprentice manual. Click actuality to locate the counseling administration homepage. Scroll bottomward to “Program Information” and admission the handbook advantaged either “MA Able Counseling Online Affairs Handbook”  or “Marriage & Family Therapy Online Programs Handbook” depending on your program. Download, read, and again complete the afterward questions: 1. Is your affairs currently CACREP accredited? 2. What is the mission of the Administration of Counselor Education and Family Studies? 3. Before enrolling in one of Liberty University’s licensure programs, what 4 things charge you be acquainted of? 4. What are the appropriate intensives for the your program? 5. Who is the an adviser for you, as an online student? How does a apprentice acquaintance their advisor?  6. What are the purposes of the Absolute Exam? 7. What happens if you do not auspiciously complete the absolute assay afterwards 3 attempts? 8. What is the basal GPA appropriate for graduation from a licensure program? 9. How abounding courses are you accustomed to repeat? 10. What is the action for you, as an online student, to address a brand accustomed in a course? 11. What is the procedure/process for you, as an online student, to address a brand accustomed in a course? 12. What are the limitations of adroitness and apprentice interactions? 13. To auspiciously complete the counseling affairs at Liberty University and be acceptable for graduation, you charge be able authenticate accomplishment in what areas? 14. What are the behavior apropos email communication? Save your cardboard as a Microsoft Word certificate application your name and appointment appellation (e.g.: Doe_J_assignment_1). 

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