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  According the Fortune magazine article, “Was Your Easter Amber Made With Adolescent Labor,” by Brain O’Keefe, “For the accomplished 15 years, the amber industry has been grappling with a assiduous problem: adolescent activity in its accumulation chain. Amber is the capital additive in chocolate, and the majority of the world’s amber is developed in West Africa ….The above amber companies—from Mars to Nestlé to Hershey are heavily codicillary on these countries for their amber supply. Most of the amber is produced on baby farms by farmers active in acute poverty. That abjection generally leads to adolescent labor. In 2001, afterwards assiduous media letters about adolescent activity abuses and trafficking afflicted outrage, the amber industry apprenticed to end the practices, but advance has been slow. By some measures the botheration has absolutely been accepting worse, not better. Some 2.1 actor accouchement were affianced in abhorrent activity practices in amber agriculture in Ivory Coast and Ghana, according to a U.S. Department of Labor-funded analysis of adolescent activity in West Africa …. The absolute cardinal of accouchement begin to be accountable to adolescent activity was a 21% access over the antecedent analysis bristles years earlier.” Assume you are a above actor with Mars candies and accept consistently apparent almanac profits and are codicillary on that income.  However, afresh with abundant media reports, you are growing anxious about the alive altitude in the countries from which they acceptation their amber and appetite to altercate it with the clandestine owners of Mars. In a letter to Forrest and John Mars, brothers and listed as the wealthiest ancestors in the United States, altercate your apropos and abeyant solutions to this affair while still advancement acquaintance for your basal line.  Please abode your letter to: Forrest and John Mars Mars, Incorporated 6885 Elm Street McLean, Virginia 22101 FYI: Mars makes the following: Snickers, m&m’s, Twix, Skittles, Dove and Milky Way 

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