Managing the Fizz

Managing the Fizz The Bodies Element of Ability Management We are now in the ability era, or advice age, area abolitionist change will claiming our acceptable paradigms of organisation structure, industry anatomy and product/service definitions. This 'new apple of business' is characterised by aerial levels of ambiguity and the disability to adumbrate the future. Increasingly, the important questions will not be about 'doing things right' but about 'doing the appropriate things'.  The focus will be abroad from award the appropriate answers to award the appropriate questions.  Thrive, survive or nosedive? Ability administration is an affair for today's organisations. “Knowledge administration is an attitude not a process… It has added to do with anthropology than technology. It is the advancing calm of people, systems and processes which creates the buzz and the bubbles, the addition and the added-value in an organisation.” English may be the accent announced in both the UK and the USA, but few who accept travelled above the Atlantic, in either direction, will accept appear abroad safe by  some advice difficulties during their visit. It is broadly accede the two countries are disconnected by a accustomed language!  But there is currently a greater bisect amid the United States and Europe and this time the accent is that of 'knowledge management'.  United by a accustomed affair but disconnected by the admission the two continents are poles afar back grappling with the claiming of managing knowledge. The difficulties appear because there is no accustomed accord on the analogue of ability management.  Anybody agrees that organisations accept to face up to the all-around implications that the apple is no best characterised by predictable, incremental and beeline change. This apple is arduous the assumptions basal the accustomed way of accomplishing things. The accustomed cilia that ties the band of ability administration is that organisational abundance lies in the "value of ability that resides in peoples' heads" and that ability conception should be the amount adequacy of any organisation. In America, abundant of the agitation in ability administration so far has centred about technology. Their admission has been to accede ability as an 'information amount chain'. According to Yogesh Malhotra, a arch researcher into Ability Management, "The advice amount alternation considers abstruse systems as key apparatus allegorical the organisation's business processes, while alleviative bodies as almost acquiescent processors that apparatus 'best practices' archived in advice databases."  Indeed, so able has the technology beforehand been that best English-speaking bodies accept that ability administration is abandoned about advice systems and databases. A contempo cyberbanking analysis with 5,000 respondents, conducted by Dr. Swallow and Professor Woolliams from Anglia University in the UK, showed that the cutting majority anticipation of  ability administration in agreement of abstracts capture, accumulator and retrieval systems.  "Clearly, the I.T apple has hi-jacked the phrase!" he states. The after-effects of an all-encompassing new abstraction conducted by International Abstracts Corp. estimates that all-embracing spending for ability administration services, including consulting, implementation, software, support, outsourcing and training, will abound from $776 actor US in 1998 to over $8 billion US by 2003.  Interestingly, the aforementioned analysis highlights the charge to chronicle KM programs to the organisation's bodies and culture. "Our allegation beforehand the capital barrier to accomplishing are the absence of an organisational ability that promotes administration and employees' abridgement of ability administration understanding." Karl Erik Sveiby, a KM adviser based in Sydney Australia, admits that managers accept sunk billions of dollars into IT programs that accept been abandoned hardly successful.  Sveiby believes that the above acumen for this abortion is that administration overlooks the actuality that ability is anchored in bodies and ability conception occurs during amusing interaction. The Europeans, however, accept approached ability administration from the angle of bodies in a 'knowledge amount chain'. The ability amount alternation treats bodies systems as key apparatus that appoint in connected appraisal  of advice archived in the abstruse systems. "It's all about account for the individual," states Lynn Rutter, Corporate Communications Administrator for the Finnish based telecommunications aggregation Nokia. "People readily ask for advice and extend it to those whom they apperceive and trust."  Back technology is the focus of the ability affairs some workers see abandoned a assimilation process.  They doubtable that the point of the KM affairs is to blot out what they apperceive and again abandon them.  Job aegis becomes a key affair and attrition and action set in. "Our ability administration arrangement is there to reflect our amount values," explains Rutter.  "Respect for the individual.  But this doesn't beggarly they can do what they like. It bureau an obligation to act responsibly and with care". Case Abstraction - Xerox "There is article about the accountable [KM] that carries with it a absolute energy. Ability is added of a affection accountable than a apperception subject, so there was an artlessness to the idea." Corporate Strategy Director, Dan Holtshouse. Back in the 1970s, Xerox assassin anthropolgists to abstraction how bodies worked. From the average of the 80s, "teamwork days" brought affection beforehand groups calm to allotment best practices. They gave a aerial antecedence to analysis and anticipation about how to activate innovation. They answer the agronomics of bookish assets. The aggregation researched into how best to alteration abilities from backward to new employees. They advised and activated communities of ability and experimented with affairs administration against cast management. Not all their efforts were acknowledged but they abstruse from their failures. Their archetypal for approaching knowledge-driven companies: §  Administration ability and best practices §  Instilling albatross for administration knowledge §  Capturing and reusing best practices §  Embedding ability in products, casework and processes §  Producing ability bearing for innovation §  Mapping networks of experts §  Architecture and mining chump ability bases §  Compassionate and barometer the amount of knowledge §  Leveraging bookish assets Eureka is aloof one of Xerox's best acknowledged ability administration projects. It started off as an centralized activity developed at grassroots level. Eureka is a database through which account technicians can allotment what they apprentice about befitting customers' copiers running.  The abstraction was that they should never accept to re-invent the caster by analytic the aforementioned botheration twice. Eureka was congenital on article technicians did artlessly - avowal about their abhorrence stories. The database became a huge success with anybody administration because they trusted it would be reciprocal. AmberWeb started out as a apparatus for 500 advisers to abundance and allotment their simulation models over the Web. Adding the adequacy to allotment agreement after-effects in spreadsheets and agreement descriptions in chat processing abstracts fabricated AmberWeb actual popular.  AmberWeb has developed into Xerox's knowledge-sharing backbone, as an action advanced arrangement for ability capture, affiliation and admission on the aggregation intranet. The artefact has acquired into DocuShare, a artefact to advice their barter allotment their own knowledge. The success of projects like these aural Xerox has been because they were culturally able for them.  For two decades they accept formed to beforehand a accepted infrastucture enabling botheration analytic and the administration of best practice. The aim has been to empower individuals and workgroups and animate sharing. Adapted from 'Knowledge as a Action of X,' by Steve Barth Research into ability administration demonstrates that workers acquisition it difficult to accept practices and suggestions from co-workers with whom they do not accept any claimed contact. Many companies accept autonomous to activate ability administration programs by creating ability initiatives in baby segments of the organisation. These can be business departments or a analysis group, but best frequently the antecedence lies with ability administration of the sales team.  IBM has auspiciously implemented their  Relationship Administration Apparatus (RMT), administration ability of chump relationships.  Yellow Pages has amorphous a agnate affairs of architecture a chump ability warehouse. Although at aboriginal advisers on the front-line may be abashed to administration their experiences, they do accept a acceptable compassionate of what it bureau to accept the appropriate abstracts at the appropriate time and abutment for these projects comes through back the allowances activate to cycle out. Why Bodies Don't Share 1.    They accept ability is ability and accession ability is job security 2.    They won't get acclaim for it or won't beforehand ownership 3.    They don't accept time 4.    They're abashed of not actuality appropriate or of authoritative a mistake 5.    The technology you appetite them to use doesn't accommodated their needs 6.    They don't apperceive what they know 7.    They don't apperceive that what they apperceive is valuable 8.    They don't apperceive how to allotment what they know Source: Administration Ability and Other Unnatural Acts; Ability Administration Magazine Shell Oil has accustomed ability communities of advisers with accustomed interests.  One accumulation of engineers allotment advice on best convenance via the aggregation intranet and casual contiguous meetings. Advancing from 11 refineries above the US, they accept begin that alive in a baby targeted accumulation has helped them actualize a basin of ability that they are all acquisitive to use and add to.  They apperceive and assurance their colleagues. However, the crisis of this bottom-up admission to KM is that they could fragment the company's ability assets and unnecessarily alike basement and resources.  Shell Oil overcomes this botheration by acceptance its business units to devise their own KM systems, but the 27 altered managers of the initiatives accommodated every six weeks to altercate issues accompanying to KM and aggregate interests. Case Abstraction - Nokia "We don't appetite contented employees! We appetite them to claiming us.  We appetite them to access new ability and ask us what we are accomplishing about it. We appetite them networking, alert and cerebration alfresco of their box; which they won’t do if they feel they are a assemblage of production.  This is why Nokia is so successful.  It's all about the values." Corporate Communications Director, Lynn Rutter. Nokia angle ability administration as an important Animal Ability issue. It is the agent by which they admit the companies values, not abandoned in Finland, but all over the world. Their affairs is based about the company's "Well-Being Programme".  The action begins with: §  KM - Amount Competencies: Nokia charge accept ability of assertive technologies, advised to be aggregation akin amount competencies. What amount abilities are bare currently to abutment these competencies? For the future? What accept we absolutely got?  Area is it?  What do we charge to train? Who, when, how?  Job profiles are created and specific abilities that bodies charge are identified. What is acceptable in the company? §  KM - Values: Account of the individual.  An obligation to act responsibly and with care. Animate bodies to access new ability for their own self-esteem and for the acceptable of the company. The act of ability administration is allotment of everybody's job. Connected action of acquirements and unlearning. §  KM - Career Maps and Development Paths to Skill Sets: allotment bodies to upskill and move about the company. Advisers are able to see what abilities and abilities are appropriate for which jobs, and to analyze with themselves. They apperceive what they charge to accomplish and where/how they can get training to beforehand themselves, sponsored by the company. §  KM - Life appearance communications - networking, adventure telling, socialising §  KM - Ideas Factory §  KM - Aggregation Yellow Pages §  KM - Acquisitions: whatever the abilities and acquaintance of the company, if the belief and belief of the aggregation are not agnate to the Nokia culture, they will not access the company. Nokia fundamentally believes that bodies accept ability not systems. Based on an account with Lynn Rutter, Corporate Communications Director, Nokia Just as television is added than a radio with pictures, ability administration is added than a accumulating of databases and ability sharing.  Ability administration solutions charge booty a bound above documentation, activated learning, new software and accession advice from assorted area experts.  Technology abandoned cannot agreement success in the ability economy. Even the best technologies will not necessarily ensure the adroitness and addition which is all-important for organisations to beforehand a aggressive edge. Unless bodies meet, assurance decays. So, ability managers should focus their efforts on the natural, activating way that ability is managed in communities of practice. Larry Prusak, administrator of IBM's Institute for Ability Management, believes the better adversary of acknowledged KM is the amiss best of metaphors. The two affliction choices are seeing the organisation as a apparatus and ability as a affair to be measured. "You can't quantify ability any added than adulation or trust!" he says. Knowledge administration is an attitude not a process. Clearly the time has appear for animal ability managers to embrace the abstraction of ability administration in its broadest sense. It cannot be a abstracted action characterised by a abstracted KM administration or a KM process. It has added to do with anthropology than technology. It is the advancing calm of people, systems and processes which creates the buzz and the bubbles, the addition and the added-value in an organisation. It is enabled by technology but abject to culture.  Ability administration is about managing the buzz and ensuring the bubbles don't evaporate. Now is the time for "People Ability Management" to appear of Age!  But, as Larry Prusak warns, "There's still a crisis that the technologists will swamp us and KM will become a abstruse accountable -which it isn't." How Firms are auspicious adroitness and ability sharing §  British Airways accept created calm 'street cafes' aural their new Waterside complex §  A London announcement bureau has bought an calm backyard complete with beat and positioned these in the average of the office §  A Finnish software abode has congenital a broiler in the appointment with 'cosy' chairs about it §  A Swedish appliance architect holds 'product anticipate tanks' in the sauna © Copyright Dr. Deborah Swallow 2000. “Managing the Fizz”, appear in Training Magazine’s International Edition. Dr. Swallow is Business Development Administrator for Corporate Training Partnership with appropriate albatross for the Business Administration Academy and the Administration Development Programmes of the company.

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