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Masaood John Brown (MJB) is a Joint Venture aggregation amid Al Masaood of the United Arab Emirates and Agent Casework Bound based in Glasgow. MJB is a absolute account provider to owners and operators of automated gas turbines throughout the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent. In addition, through its partnerships with associate companies in Glasgow, Australia, India and Thailand, it's basic adjustment ability serves audience all beyond the world. MJB has an agent accomplishment abject that equates to over 1500 man years of OEM acquaintance in automated agent aliment solutions, an anniversary about-face of over $100M, and a abounding time agents of 162 personnel. MJB has been a attendance in the UAE for over 25 years, and has developed decidedly in staff, about-face and profits back it began. 1.1 History ; Heritage Like abounding of its competitors, MJB is a absolute adversary of General Electric, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Automated Gas Turbines. MJB acquired abundant of its proprietary ability of GE turbines from its heritage, back in the closing allotment of the 21st Century it was endemic by John Brown Engineering (JBE), who, like abounding others, bogus GE architecture turbines beneath license. Back JBE was the victim of several alternating takeovers by the Trafalgar Group, Kvaerner Energy, and again GE, it's assumption operations in Clydebank, Glasgow were bankrupt down. GE about were not fast abundant to abutting bottomward MJB in Dubai, who were able to go into affiliation with a ample US Gas Agent corporation; Chromalloy (who are now endemic by Sequa, allotment of the Carlisle Group). 1.2 Overview This address will be a analytical appraisal of MJB's strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and resources, and an appraisal of the alien ambiance in which it currently operates. The after-effects of the organisation will be evaluated in agreement of Financial, Process, bodies and customers. An assay of the key success factors for the industry will be presented forth with the opportunities and threats aural the alien bazaar in which MJB operates. The address will achieve with a alternation of cardinal recommendations and initiatives to added advance and abound the business. As such, MJB is advised a Baby business action in the UAE, due to the actuality that it operates aural the Jebel Ali freezone which was primarily bureaucracy to baby to this articulation of businesses. Secondly it is additionally physically amid aural the Oilfield Accumulation centre which is a assemblage bureaucracy aural this breadth accurately for Oil and Power accompanying SME companies. By EC definition, it would be classied as a average action (between 100-499) employees. Aural the UK it would be classified as a baby accomplishment company, as per the Bolton Committee definition. Furthermore, the aggregation carries all the afterward characteristics: 1. Has a almost baby allotment of the marketplace 2. Managed by Owners or part-owners although canal a formalised structure 3. It is an absolute company (Deakins ; Freel, 2006)  Products ; Services MJB's assumption breadth of ability is for aliment casework for General Electric's 'Frame' agile of automated gas turbines. These engines represent about 30% (MJB Bazaar Data, 2009) of all abundant automated gas turbines in operation beyond the world. There are a cardinal of articles and casework offered by the company, including auction of new and refurbished basic and accessible additional parts, acreage services, basic repairs, and complete refurbished gas agent packages. The characteristics of anniversary of the casework offered are as follows: 2.1 Basic Additional Parts Sales of items with aerial basic amount to the customer. These genitalia are about circuitous and with a bound accumulation chain. Reverse Engineering of these genitalia is a antecedent of cogent aggressive advantage. 2.2 Refurbished Additional Parts Sale of refurbished basic spares to audience as an advantage at a bargain amount to that of new, with the account of actuality accessible at abundant bargain advance time. Refurbished allotment sales can be lucrative, but are capricious in nature. 2.3 Accessible Additional Parts Routine article business of affairs accessible spares is best acknowledged back awash aural a Long Term Account Agreement (LTSA). Accessible additional genitalia are beneath acknowledged back awash apart due to MJB's suppliers accouterment absolute at lower amount to end users. For anecdotic the stages of Development, The "Greiner Curve" is a advantageous way of cerebration about the crises that organizations acquaintance as they grow. MJB may not accept acclimated this archetypal to its fullest but we accept that agnate initiatives aback may accept been acclimated to accouterment problems during the advance of the company. Greiner's Advance Archetypal describes phases that organizations go through as they grow. All kinds of organizations from architecture shops to manufacturers, architecture companies to able account firms acquaintance these. Anniversary advance appearance is fabricated up of a aeon of almost abiding growth, followed by a "crisis" back above authoritative change is bare if the aggregation is to backpack on growing. Through centralized analysis, we accept that MJB is currently in the advance through accord appearance (Phase 5) as they are aggressively gluttonous ally about the apple to accumulate their sales operations and turn-around times for account contracts. Although the arch appointment is based in Dubai, it still relies on ally to bear quick solutions to its alien customers. We additionally feel that it is extensive addition crisis point, area the appeal in advance is far outgrowing their accepted capacities. It is at this point area they will be appropriate to move into Appearance 6.

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