1)   Cultural differences, while difficult to beam and measure, are acutely actual important. Failure to acknowledge and annual for them can advance to awkward blunders, ache relationships, and annoyance bottomward business performance. While some organizations are able to accomplish cultural assortment a antecedent of advantage, others do not.  Identify a contempo bearings in the account in which an alignment bootless to accede the assorted cultural norms of stakeholders. Where did they abort and what would you acclaim based on your readings, research, and Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions?   2)   Using the guidelines provided in this week's affiliate (and alternative assets as needed), actualize a step-by-step IT aegis action for administration user accounts/rights for a apprentice who is abrogation anon (drops, is expelled, and so on). You will charge to accede specialized apprentice scenarios, such as a apprentice who works as an abettor to a adroitness affiliate or as a lab abettor in a computer lab and may accept admission to assets best acceptance do not.

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