Managers motivate workers

Frederick Hertzberg came up with a two agency approach of action additionally referred to as the Hygiene theory. According to Hertzberg, there are factors in the assignment abode that account job accomplishment and these he alleged them motivators. On the alternative hand, there are factors whose absence causes job dissatisfaction. The factors that account accomplishment are a complete adverse to those that account dissatisfaction. For instance admitting acceptance causes satisfaction, administration leads to dissatisfaction. According to Hertzberg, managers actuate their workers in the afterward ways:- recognition, growth, accomplishment job interest,  responsibility and advancement. These factors would accomplish workers feel motivated in the assignment place. On the alternative duke factors such as salary, security, aggregation policy, assignment altitude and administration abatement beneath hygiene factors. Their attendance or abridgement of it does not necessarily actuate the advisers rather causes dissatisfaction. (Michael, 2000) Responsibility: - Back workers feel amenable for their work, they feel motivated. They charge to be in blow to their work. The best way managers can actuate their workers accordingly is by giving them added ascendancy and freedom over their jobs. Advisers with acceptable achievement should additionally be accustomed added responsibilities as a way of convalescent their action levels. Work itself: - Advisers feel motivated back they feel that the assignment they do is cogent and relevant. Managers should try to accomplish use of what the advisers accept done so that they can be able to see that whatever they are accomplishing is meaningful. Growth: - People admiration to assignment added back the assignment is arduous as able-bodied as interesting. Managers accordingly care to accomplish the jobs absorbing and additionally challenging. The accepted aftereffect of this is that the about-face amount of advisers shall reduce. Failure to do this will account demotivation on the allotment of the employees. (Harris, Desimone, 1994) Advancement: - Workers can be motivated through trainings and development. They feel motivated back article is done that improves their careers. Managers can additionally use Hertzberg’s two agency approach in the afterward means to actuate their workers: Make workers specialize in accomplishing specific tasks. This would accomplish them become experts in their corresponding fields. Make workers to be added answerable in all that they do Come up with new and added arduous tasks Allow workers to accomplish accomplished assignment units to do as against to piecemeal work. With this, they feel motivated back the aftereffect of the assignment is associated with them.(Alkhafaji,2003) I do not accede with the actuality that the hygienes are alone associated with job annoyance and not motivation. Look at remuneration/salary. Does it beggarly that one would not be motivated if his/her bacon is increased? My acknowledgment tends to be a “yes”. It can be both a hygiene and motivational factor. The acumen of a agency actuality either a hygiene or motivator is not true. My additional catch is that back a artisan is accustomed someone’s albatross that would actuate such a worker. In my opinion, this would accompany about acrimony amidst the employees. The role of a manager a)      Manager as planner: - Managers comedy the role of planning the firm’s activities. They actuate what is to be done, who is to do what how and back this is to be done. b)      Control: - Managers are the ones who ascendancy the activities of the alignment so that they are performed as planned with the aim of acclimation any deviations from the norm. c)      Facilitator/ Coordinator: - Managers accommodate the assignment of advisers so that anniversary artisan performs his duties and that annihilation is duplicated. REFERENCES 1.      David M Harris, Randy L Desimone; Human Resource Development, Dryden columnist publishers,1994 2.      Abbas F Alkhafaji, Strategic Management: Formulation accomplishing and Ascendancy in a Dynamic Environment, Haworth press, 2003 3. Michael L, Understanding Business Environment; Routledge, 2000  

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