Managerial Economics

  Please acknowledgment the afterward questions about the actual in Chapters 2 and 3: Which amount is about larger, accounting profits or bread-and-butter profits?  When are accounting profits according to bread-and-butter profits? Please accredit to the Cadbury income account in Table 3.1.  Suppose the abrasion and acquittal costs are based on the prices for barrio and alternative accessories purchased several years ago, and the annualized befalling amount for these basic assets is about 80% college in the accepted market.  What is the firm's bread-and-butter profit? The authors explain in Chapter 2 that subsidies are the adverse of taxes.  Recently, the Trump administering appear that US soybean farmers will accept subsidies to account the tariffs imposed by China on soybeans alien from the US.  Prior to the artifice of tariffs by the US and China, soybeans were affairs for about $11 per bassinet in the US.  The 25% assessment imposed on US soybean imports to China bargain US soybean prices by about 12.5% (because tariffs or taxes are aggregate by buyers and sellers and only allotment of the US soybean crop is exported to China).  To account this impact, the US federal government will pay US soybean farmers $1.65 per bassinet on one-half of their 2018 production.  Does this subsidy absolutely account the assessment appulse for US soybean farmers?

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