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  PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS VERY VERY CAREFULLY  It can be said that the best way to apprentice about administration is from a manager.  For THIS paper: Interview a administrator of your best aural any industry and altercate with him/her the administration functions you accept abstruse about in this class. Your cardboard should not be aloof a account of questions and answers, but your assay of how the questions you asked, and the responses you received, chronicle to administration functions. · Length: minimum of 3 pages double-spaced (introduction/body/close is the accustomed format). · Guidelines:  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, book structure, etc. errors will abnormally affect your grade. ·  Possible Questions: (These are aloof a few suggestions; you do not charge to use any of them - there are hundreds of questions you could ask about managing!) o How did you become a administrator in this organization? o What do you accede your best important circadian task?  o Long-term, what is your best important task? o Are you complex in the cardinal administration process?  How? o How do you accomplish decisions? o How do you advance employees? o How do you actuate employees? o Do you accede yourself a leader?  Why? o What abilities do you best use as a manager? o What is the best difficult claiming you face as a manager? o What is the role of ascendancy in your position as manager? o How do you appearance teams in your organization? o What role does ability comedy in your position aural the organization? o What is the ability of your company? Please remember, I actually do not appetite a account of questions and answers for this paper.  It needs to be abundant added than that.  Analyze how the responses you accustomed chronicle to the administration functions you accept abstruse from our readings.  Tell me what you abstruse about administration from your interview. No backward affidavit will be accepted.

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