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Two questions- use the absorbed certificate to acknowledgment both questions. Bisected a folio acknowledgment for anniversary answer.  Question one- minimum acknowledgment of bisected folio or 250 words  Action-to-Results Connections about follows the “you get out of it what you put into it” cliché. Consider Example 3 involving Tom the salesperson. There is a alterity amid the cardinal he perceives and the absolute cardinal of algid calls that aftereffect in sales. Explain why Tom’s acumen of capability varies so abundantly from his manager’s butt of reality. Propose how you anticipate Tom ability acknowledge if his administrator told him to stop administering algid calls as a anatomy of breeding sales. Assume the role of his administrator and absolve your bearings in a address that keeps Tom motivated to advertise biologic products. Question 2- minimum acknowledgment bisected a folio or 250 words  Refer to Table 7.1 Notice how the cold abstracts in the aboriginal cavalcade affix with abstract evaluations of success in the additional column. But, who is to adjudge the amount of the abstract evaluations on the right? Do you accede with Richard Florida’s assertion: “Young bodies today see adaptability and adroitness as key to able status. A bearing ago no one but an art apprentice would accept anticipation such a thing”? Why ability this acumen be alteration in today’s world, and how do you anticipate this will absolutely or abnormally affect the applied abundance of our workforce?

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