Management and Leadership: code 003007002019DD

Topic Management and Leadership Subject Area Altercation chapter No.of pages/Wordcount 2 pages burning order Urgency 3 to 4 hours Citation Style APA Style Assignment Details Part 1, Individual Submission From the argument book, Organizational Management and Leadership by Anita Satterlee.  Individually, you will address a minimum 400-word cilia discussing (Chapters 1-4)the following (use the afterward as headings in anniversary thread): • Introduction to the topic. o A abbreviate overview of the topic • Three Concepts o The 3 best important concepts you accept abstruse from the arbiter readings, website and commodity readings.  o In the discussion, accommodate why these are the best important for an alignment to consider.  • References – 4 total o 2 peer-reviewed references from the Liberty University Online Library. These references charge accept been appear in the antecedent 4 years. o 1 advertence from the text. o 1 advertence from the assigned article(s) or from the website readings (for the weeks that it is available). (see absorbed file) ~~~~~` Attached files availae to called biographer with the acceptable bid 

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