-Analyze the key administration abilities which you accept are the best important for a acknowledged accommodation and tourism administrator to possess. Provide specific examples to abutment your response. -Analyze the trends in administration and administration to actuate which ones will accept the best access on the HTM industry in the abutting 5-10 years. Explain your rationale. ** ANOTHER RESPOMSE   Looking at the administration abilities in affiliate 14 and accepting to accept which is best important was adamantine because they all are important and bare to be a acknowledged manager.  However, I accept adherence and enthusiasm. Loyalty is aboriginal to yourself, and again to your position.  If you are loyal to yourself you will safeguard that which you are assigned to do.  Adherence agency that you can be trusted to ensure account is done correctly, the checks and balances are done correctly.  You will not acquiesce advisers to ride the alarm or take your profits out the aback door, nor would you. In alternative words you would amusement the business as your own.  Enthusiasm, you accept to accept a affection for the position that you are in especially in the accommodation arena.  You accept to accord with bodies and issues from all directions.  Your activity will rub off on your employees, and can be apparent and acquainted by your administration and customers. You cannot accomplish a business auspiciously if you appear in boring attractive like you absolutely don't appetite to be there. It will reflect in your work. In the abutting 5 - 10 years I accept the trend in administration and administration that will accept the best access is up advanced face to face chump service.  I accept we charge to zoom advanced but, at the aforementioned time we charge to go aback to the way aback bodies accustomed account with a smile.  Computerization has taken the abode of that affable smile.  Administration has taken a added aback bench as far as ambidextrous with barter back best things can be done with the acute phones.  Working in retail and the aliment account industry I consistently apprehend barter say "can I allocution to someone" they appetite that affectionate accord that computerization 

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