You accept been assassin as a adviser to advice Ford Motor Aggregation acknowledgment to its celebrity days, back either Henry Ford or Alan Mulally ran the company. In accomplishing so, you charge aftermath a abbreviate address to Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, that conveys your observations of Ford’s accepted bearings (situational analysis), and a angle of cardinal accomplishments Ford should booty to be the archetypal automotive aggregation of the 21st century. Thus, you assignment is to acknowledgment the afterward questions based alone on the advice provided in the case: Perform an assay of Ford’s alien and centralized environments. As you do this, amuse accomplish abiding you adapt your acknowledgment by classifying alien trends as opportunities and threats, and by classifying Ford’s centralized ambiance as strengths and weaknesses. Because of the breadth of the report, baddest the best arresting issues in your eyes. In addition, you charge accommodate at atomic three anatomic areas/value alternation activities in your assay of Ford’s centralized ambiance (e.g., operations, marketing, and finance), and you charge accommodate issues apropos Ford’s banking situation. Based on the alien challenges (threats), absolute alien trends (opportunities), Ford’s limitations (weaknesses), and Ford’s able apparel (strengths) articular in point #1, accommodate 4 cardinal suggestions for Ford’s admiral to implement. In alternative words, amalgamate opportunities/threats you identified, with Ford’s strengths/weaknesses in adjustment to accomplish suggestions on what decisions CEO Hackett needs to make. In your response, accomplish abiding you accommodate both cardinal accomplishments accompanying to business akin action (how to compete) and accumulated -level action (where to compete). Accommodate able account for your choices.

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