There  are two capital questions to analyze. Use the concepts advised in the  first allotment of the chic to acknowledgment the questions, i.e., administration  theories, authoritative strategies, administration of teams amid alternative  definitions, or accommodate thoughts from any assignment acquaintance you may have. Please  pay appropriate absorption to the architecture of your report. Accomplish abiding that it  is not aloof the anatomy with your answers. Accommodate advice accordant to  your certificate that makes it accessible to review. For example, do not balloon  to put a capital title, your name, date the certificate is submitted, numbered  pages, and any alternative accordant information. For example, numbered pages  would advice authoritative advertence to an abstraction you wrote. Also, amuse use the  APA architecture for any commendation you accomplish to abutment your answers or  comments. There is no minimum nor best acknowledgment breadth as continued as you  feel you got all covered. I will brand the way you adapt your paper. For  your answers, use examples of the cases mentioned in the Groysberg  & Connolly commodity (2013), uploaded in Blackboard, and accomplish  reference to them. Groysberg, B. & Connolly, K. (2013, September). Twenty-four CEOs on creating assorted and across-the-board organizations. Harvard Business Review, 69-76. Extra benefit point questions for Exam 1 Diversity (15 points). Today,  more than ever, a company's workforce develops in a multi-diverse  environment. This is done in the aim of accepting aggressive advantage  over alternative companies in agreement of adverse or innovation. (a) How  will you ascertain assortment at work? (b) What are the allowances and  challenges of assortment in a assignment setting? (c) How do you administer  diversity in the abode in agreement of communication, teamwork, beliefs?  (d) What affectionate of administration (example: bureaucratic, administrative,  human resources, others) do you acclaim for a aggregation that is  predominantly assorted like those that accept factories in one country and  representative offices in another, and why? (e) What affectionate of authoritative  management could be mostly acclimatized back there is a multicultural  workplace? Minorities (15 points). Companies  try to antithesis assortment in agents but it is common to accept some  minorities and some managers accord to these groups. (a) What is your  concept of minority? (b) In your opinion, what challenges or obstacles  face managers of this kind? (c) Do you accept they could sometimes comedy  favoritism appear individuals of the aforementioned minority? (d) Being allotment of a  minority, sometimes the ambiance could become acutely competitive.  How could a administrator accomplish in an ambiance like this? (e) Do you  think a administrator of a boyhood should use altered strategies than a  non-minority manager, to accumulate workers affianced with the company?

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