Making Profits with a Twist – Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

This is a acceptable attitude to accept back alpha a business, because it promotes solid ethics that the business will be based on, alike afterwards it succeeds.  It additionally remembers the bodies in the community, the customers.  A aggregation will survive and advance if barter feel cared about and accustomed to the business.  Barter are the alimentation of the business, and it’s important to affliction about them in the store, and alfresco it. However, conflicts may arise.  A business may not accept abundant money to accumulate itself going, abundant beneath accord to the community.  A business that aback does not accord to the association could account criticism.  It can be difficult to accomplish any accumulation back a appropriate block of money is activity to the community.  A aggregation may booty on added than it can absolutely handle back it promises this.  Depending on the admeasurement of the community, bodies may feel they are added complex in the business than they are, consistent in the business not actuality taken seriously, and possibly failing. 4. How do the advantages and disadvantages of authorization analyze to alternative forms of business? A authorization is a abundant business for addition who wants to go into business for his/herself, does not accept the drive to body a business from blemish (as a authorization aggregation already has a acceptability and doesn’t charge to body one), and wants the banking abetment and aegis that comes with actuality a allotment of an already accustomed business.  The franchisee has accumulated support, abstracts and recipes (in the case of a restaurant) provided.  The alone affair the franchisee needs to do is the circadian managing, and authoritative some decisions about what articles to carry, pricing, etc. However, this additionally leads to a abridgement of freedom.  In a acceptable start-up business, a being does not accept any abetment besides his or her own money and possibly acceptability as a being in the community.  The aggregation is far added acceptable to abort (franchises usually don’t fail).  But, the being has the abandon to accomplish any business accommodation he or she chooses.  He or she can booty the business in a new direction, action or stop alms any articles or services, and do annihilation at all.  There is complete abandon for a sole proprietorship.  A affiliation shares the banking risk, and has some absolute on abandon (decisions fabricated appropriately amid all partners), but the business doesn’t access “ready made” like a authorization does. It ultimately depends on what acquaintance a being wants to accept – aegis in business, or abandon to do as she/he pleases. Works Cited McHugh, McHugh, and Nickels.  Understanding Business. Seventh edition.  New York: McGraw-Hill Company, 2004.

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